No false sentiments for An Autumn For Crippled Children

Playing in various bands in their native country the Netherlands, MKM and his comrades decided to put a band together. Decided to name the band An Autumn For Crippled Children after hearing a song of the same name by UK band Ebony Lake. With share common taste in various musical styles which range from early nineties black metal and early death/doom stylings of Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride. This Dutch unit compose their own unique blend of depressive black and doom metal which is unmatched of any of their peers in this genre today. If you're a fan of earlier Katatonia, An Autumn For Crippled Children is for you. With a new album everything which was released today on the Italian label ATFM. The band has unleased another masterpiece of suicidal depressing blackened doom metal which they more than out matched and out did on their previous effort.

Hello I hope you're having a good week so far?
My week so far has been busy but good.

First I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview, I really appreciate it very much.
No problem, promotion is a neccesary part of being in a band.

Can we start out by giving the readers the history of the band and where's the band come from?
The name comes from a song by Ebony Lake. We changed one word in the title. EL know about it and feels honoured that we used their song title.
We all knew each other for a while now, and we all played in bands etc. Somewhere 2007, 2008 (?) or something we decided to play together because we all shared the same taste in music: nineties black metal and early doom/death metal.

The band will releasing "Everything" sometime in september in the USA. When is the actual release date for Europe and the USA?
Worldwide release date is 1st September.

How's everything different from the band previous works? I like the last album, I thought it was heavy but trippy.
I think the feeling is a little more realistic and 'grown up' and we really concentrated on writing songs, not just riff after riff. I think we succeeded. I also think everything on 'Everything' is more minimal and to the point, including the sleeve.

There been comparison to bands like Katatonia and Opeth. How do you feel when the press or fans try to say the band sounds like Opeth or Katatonia?
I think that's just lazy journalism. We sound nothing, and I mean really NOTHING like Opeth. Who ever wrote that is deaf to music or knows nothing about it. I can see some simularities to early Katatonia (the debut), but more in terms of atmosphere, not the music. Later Katatonia sounds more like a rock-band.

When did the recording process started for "Everything" and which studio did you used to record?
I think we started somewhere fall 2009 and finished sometime june 2010. We recorded it at our own studio.

How's your relationship with your label so far? What are some of the qualities you looked for when you signed with ATMF?
The relationship so far has been good. They do good work. When we signed, we were not looking for anything in a label. We were glad someone wanted to release our music. The contract looked good, so we singed.

Did you had any live performances so far? How hard is it to perform some of your songs live?
In the beginning, when we where called something else, we did a few gigs. Since the debut, the personal lives of us are so busy we didn't had the chance to play live. Usually we only rehearse to write songs or to record. Live playing is not a priority.

Is the band planning on doing any touring in support of everything?

What do you and your bandmates do in your spare time when you're not playing music or working your real jobs?
Hanging out, go to concerts, writing, travel, busy with family... the usual.

Do you feel that the songs on this album are more darker and depressing than the songs on the previous efforts?
Actually no, I almost feel the music turned out lighter, but more 'real'. No false sentiments. The subjects are still pretty heavy but the music is much more real.

Can you tell us what influences you the most and how do these influences affect the recording process and in your songwriting?
We all love the early nineties bands: Satyricon, Emperor, Burzum etc. and stuff like My Dying Bride, Anathema, Chorus Of Ruin etc.

Out of curiousity, what are your favorite movies what kind of movies you like watching?
I do not have a favorite movie, because I watch lots of movies; usually arthouse, horror, animation and sci-fi.

One last question, if someone wants to buy An Autumn For Crippled Children, can they buy them from the band directly or from your label?
Both, we got some cd's. If people want to order with the band mail us at:
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Sep 5, 2011

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