No laziness for Valdur

I'm listening to the "Raven Gods Amongst Us". It's quite different from the USBM going around these days. Seem like Valder and Lighting Swords Of Death are taking the filthy primitive approach?
If you are telling me that Valdur sounds a bit different, then this is good. It is not about taking some strange 'left-field' approach to metal… it is about respecting one's history and influences and then taking it further. It is also about committing to one's own identity and putting forth the effort. Laziness is for the weak! Hey!

Tell me a little about the band how Valder came into being and how long the band been around now?
It is a long story as to how Valdur has formed……and I must say that I do not wish to go into details now. The first demo recordings for Valdur were born around 2003 or so…..although there were ideas for this in the mid to late 90's. I have played in metl bands since the mid to late 80's. So it is hard to explain here. An early recording of the Thors Hammer song can be heard on the Valdur/Killgasm/Shitestrom 3 way split that was released this year (2010).

You also started Bloody Mountain Records. How did the idea of starting you own label come about?
Because I wanted to.

I think it's good that bands getting their own label going. It cuts out the middle and all the bullshit politics that come along with it.
The only significance of music is the creation and listening of it. Be it on tape, record, CD or the live experience. The business side of it is fucked and completely full of shit. That being said, I respect the moral businessman that can provide the right drug to the addict.

Valdur did some East Coast dates not too long ago. How them dates turn out for the band? When Valdur going to come to Texas?
Valdur has played Texas (in 2008 with Lightning Swords….) and then soon after the tour van broke down. A few days of getting fucked over by the dealership (fuck you assholes!!!!!) and a lot of beer and liquor, the tour continued. The East coast dates this summer was a lot of good shit. Except for the heat and humidity. Living at 8,000 feet in elevation, I am not used to heat and humidity.

When's the release date for "Raven Gods Amongst Us" and kind of distro deal you got worked for the release?
It was released this last July of 2010. There is no distro for it except for bloodymountainrecords. It is run out of the bloody mountain bunker where Valdur rehearses and sometimes records. At this point, no one has the courage to help distro Valdur because we don't play metal-core and we don't jump around like posers on stage.

I like this album a lot, it has a very European feel to it and it's a very brutal piece of work.
Well thank you for your attention and your compliment. It is very much appreciated. The main idea with metal music is to get better, more brutal, and to try harder on every release. If you do not do this, then there is a problem! And I do not mean more brutal by being more messy and shitty….although the chaos and 'dirt' is something that should remain in metal music! Yes! The European feel that you speak of is probably because Thor writes a lot of the riffs and he is from Norway.

Of all the bands Valdur listens too which artist influenced the band the most?
For me personally it is Mercyful Fate. A more recent band that I can think of is Azarath.

The bands I been really getting into the most is Watain and Lighting Swords Of Death. I had the pleasure to see both bands and I can feel the power and magic of their music. There's alot of bands don't have the passion and conviction that made black metal special.
If Valdur can create some magic for even one soul, then that is success. I have not seen Watain…and they are good, but to tell you the truth, I prefer Dissection….although I hope to see Watain some day. Living where we do, we are very isolated from the music culture…and culture in general, which I prefer. Lightning Swords are an amazing band and their magic and power are only getting stronger.

How about the bands on your label Bloody Mountain? What you look for in a band when you look to sign a band? With me it has passion, conviction and commitment to the cause.
I am sorry but I have no comment on this. Thanks.

What are the bands plans after the album is released? Any plans for shows on the West Coast and the Southwest?
Well, Valdur is stuck in mid-winter snow (it is only December and the first story windows are buried), but Valdur has a couple of shows in March and are working on a tour with Embers in the Spring in the south-west and a possible entire west coast and into Canada tour after that with a soon to be announced band.

What bands on the Bloody Mountain rooster that really got your attention and what other bands you looking to sign?
We shall see what the future holds. Anyone's interest is very much appreciated. Other than that, I will not say.