Nocturnal Fear and the obsession for weapons and death

Good afternoonI hope everything is good with you? At least you don't have to deal with this Texas heat?
Things are good for us right now, no we don't have the heat you got, but the problems Detroit has can't be fixed with an air conditioner.

August 30th is the planned release of the band's second Moribund release "Excessive Cruelty". Already feedback from the press so far?
No, this is our 3rd on Moribund. So far the press has been killer. This recording features an all new line up, expectations are high, if anyone doubts they are in for a rude awakening, this will rip your fucking head off. We powered up hell's foundry and poured out 50 minutes of molten METAL MAYHEM!

Which recording studio the band use for the recording of "Excessive Cruelty"?
We recorded at 37 studios with Matt Dalton.

I'm at the library listen to the album now. I can't help it but I think about the old days when bands like Kreator, Sodom and Destruction were on top of their game?
Thats the music I worship, have listened to my whole life and where my heads at. It is our foundation, what we will ALWAYS do. Just like HR GIGER isn't gonna change his style neither will I. Those bands, unlike most us bands, had a huge impact on my formative years. Their whole presentation was SO INTENSE. Lyrically, musically, image wise-fuckin leather, bullets, spikes and chains!
For most American thrashers "Reign In Blood" is their benchmark, I tell you, POINT BLANK "Persecution Mania", "Pleasure To Kill", "Infernal Overkill" any one of these individually will blow Slayer away. Collectively any one new to this music should start with these.

I read many articles in various magazines about the new wave of thrash seem like bands like Warbringer, Gamma Ray and Evile get all the glory. But on the other hand there's been bands like Sodom, Kreator and Overkill. Should they get the credit for keeping the older spirit alive?
People can be very shallow, for some guys it's cool to be trendy and keep up with flavor of the week bands. What do you expect, most of their fan base got into Metal 2 days ago, hell I bet even some of the guys in the bands themselves!

What I like about Nocturnal Fear, unlike most bands, you music really pays homage to the old masters. Being 45 and witnessing the rise of the first wave was  truly special for me.
Thanks, I was there too. I only listen to metal and we are the front runners of this style because we believe in staying true. It is our religion.

Is there any possibility of the band doing a USA tour and what are the chances of the band coming through Texas?
We for sure plan on more touring. We played Texas at least once, at the White Swan.

What bands, if you had a choice, would you tour with besides the obvious bands?
We would only play with true underground Metallers.

How about other bands like Dark Angel, Hallow's Eve and Nuclear Assault. They were pretty much part of the movement but they didn't much glory or hype like most bands?
With the exception of like Dark Angel and Possessed most USA bands went the silly route, like Slayer shorts and flip flops, LA Raiders Jersys, the list goes on and on.

Have people ever accused you and your band mates of being skinhead? I heard rumors about the band being racist?
It's true, we are racist. We hate White People.

Being the murder capital of the USA, how's the metal scene in Detroit these days?
You got us and Sauron.

Where's the primary source of inspiration when it comes to writing the music and lyrics?
Well we covered the music angle. Lyrically, war and violence.

You ever like watch the military channel or any of band members served in the military?
I myself am obsessed with weapons and death. No service for me, I'm paranoid schizophrenic.

For those to about to die I salute you. Any last commands?
Posers will be rounded up, sign forced confessions, dig their own graves, and be summarily executed. The knock in the middle of the night may be us.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger - NIETZSCHE
That which does kill us makes us immortal - SLAVEHUNTER

Look up to me, I'm a God.
Look down on me, I'm fool.
Look at me and I'm you.
Charles Manson