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So here we are with John, from ‘Mortal Torment’. But where the hell do I start with you man?. I mean... I am sure you are aware you got a mental problem. You’re definitely passing it through to the rest of the band. I’d rather skip obvious questions like ‘Why aren’t you still arrested’, ‘When did you break out of the mental institution’ and shit like that!... Umm.. I hear that the Swedish type, lately talks of 5 wackoz playing shitty tunes some weeks ago. Got something to say about that?
Fuck yeah man, that fest was a total blast!!! I know it sounds so cliche saying stuff like that but we really had such a good time over there. We were surprised to see people dancing to our shitty tunes. They must have been waaay too drunk to enjoy shit like ours but what the hell, that was GOOD! Joel, Johan and the rest of the sickoz are amazing persons and made our stay there a feast!

I read the writing on a shirt of yours, saying ‘Nice sexual tits’. Hell, I have seen you guys in live shows always talking of tits! What is it with you guys and tits? Is it some type of obsession you got? I mean are tits so inspirational in writing music, lyrics and stuff?
We always want to talk about what is essential in life. Our lyrics are about having a good life... and what can guarantee such a thing? Meat, tits, bacon, round asses and metal. It's really that simple! I have to give credit to our friend from Mexico (don't remember his name) about that tag line though. He is responsible for our "success". And for fuck's sake, who doesn't like tits? Even women love tits damn it! Suck'em, squeeze'em, love'em.

Your latest attempt on making our stomachs turn, is your 4way split cd with ‘Demoniacal Genuflection’, ‘Hatred’ and ‘Cenotaph’. What’s the feedback so far?
So far, so good to be honest, though it's not the amount of material to give people a solid impression on the band's new direction. I mean it's only 2 songs... We heard some good words around sure but the other bands in that cd make it memorable as fuck! Demoniacal Genuflection are beasts, Hatred devour you and Cenotaph kill it all with those 2 live songs that have the drums performed by Lille from Defeated Sanity. It's an honor sharing that split with all those dudes.

Besides eating pork chops and stakes at local gin mills, do you work on anything else after the split? I mean I know it is early enough, as the split cd is your official 2013 release, but who knows? Maybe the combination of tits and multiple morning erections are a reason for hyper creativity…
Aaaah morning erections.. those make me suffer sometimes. How can I piss when my dick is staring at me in the eyes?? Anyway, yeah, we have new shit in the making. Not for a 2013 release though, hopefully for sometime in 2014. 99% of the composition process is done and we're already rehearsing the songs. All I can say is that the new songs make my dick harder than ever! Cunt wait to play that shit live!
We are more creative than ever these days, hornier than ever as well. Bree!

Your first release with MT was the band’s first full length, ‘Resuscitation’ back in 2011. How has your contribution to the band changed from that full length to this split?
Well, we kinda took it to another level both music-wise and in terms of aesthetics. Our sole purpose when playing music is have a good time so we kinda boosted that part a bit more. I mean, who doesn't enjoy those Obscene Extreme videos? You must be a boring heap of flesh if you don't. That fest is a total party all the way, so from gig to gig we started talking steps into that humorous direction. As for the music part, one song was already written by Alex when I joined so we worked on it, later he wrote one more and there ya go. The direction of the newer songs is also different already!

A little something that no one can doubt, when the question comes to ‘Mortal Torment’ is the energy, the power, and the sheer stupidity that the band reeks when on stage! How much of this is true and how much is acting? I wouldn’t be church boyz’n all , just playin bad ass and crazy only to make millions of euros, would you?
I'm being perfectly honest when I say that all of this just pops out of me when I hit the stage. Nothing too special about it, I just like blasting shit around and make weird noises with my mouth. Acting? That would include me having something programmed or practiced before but there is no such thing. Even the shit we wear on stage is something we decide a few hours before we play the gig. Nothing predetermined there, like you said: sheer stupidity and the will to have a good time. My moto when it comes to go on stage and perform with your band: you only have 30-40 minutes to rock your guts out and it's back to reality. So, MAKE IT COUNT.

Your whole craziness on stage, make ones fantasy work when he thinks of you in studio recording shit. Is there a story of provoking stupidity from studio, you would like to share with the class?
I'm gonna let you down on this one.. when recording I want to be in a good shape so there's not(much) stupidity around at the time. Ha ha got ya! Fuck, this makes me sound boring but I don't have anything better to say.

Let’s talk a little marketing shall we? The new ‘Toy’ metallers lately use more and more, is ‘Kickstarter’. One of the top class death metal names that used it was ‘Obituary’. An example followed by many others. So how honest would you say a move like that is? How honest would you find a band asking (begging?) for funds to release an album?
Pffffff...don't know exactly what to say on this one. Surely Obituary doesn't seem like the band that would actually need funding to record an album. On the other hand it's not that they pointed a gun on their fans' heads and said: "pay me fucker!". Every dollar giver to them was given by people that actually wanted to do it, so it's fine by me. There's 2 sides to each story so apart from the "begging" part you have the fans that payed for it. Not sure If I'd do it though....

What’s your stand in the whole downloading thing? If a chick with great tits told you, she has bought all the MT stuff, and though of them as the worst shit she ever bought, and a skinny, nasty ass dude told you that he downloaded your discography, and he had to tattoo the band’s logo on his dick,…which of the two would receive the fuck off sign?
Shit, this question must the coolest thing ever man!!!!! Very well put bro! I personally don't give a shit if you download or buy my music. At the end of the day both actions mean you actually cared enough to listen to my tunes so I'm satisfied with both. We're not the band that will not make any money from it so go ahead download the damn thing! I've even posted "illegal" download sites from the band's page on FB prompting people to download the album and if they like it they can buy it. Afterall, enriching your record collection is the best thing ever!

You are the one responsible for the band’s artwork! From album covers to T-shirts-to plastic tranny dolls and colorful vibrators. Rumors say that you happen to be an exceptional graphics designer, and that you’ve worked with many bands in the death metal scene and blah blah blah…Is any of that true?
Yeah, I'm the one doing MT's visual representations. I've had the honor to work for some sick bands too and that makes me very happy! Devourment and Prostitute Disfigurement are 2 examples that made me feel proud he he! But those are only rumors, the truth can be found on my FB page. Just look up: remedy art design and message me if you dig my shit.
Keep in mind: more MT merch stuff is on the way, stupider than ever!

So which one would you say is your brightest one. It can either be album cover or T-shirt. And of course, which one would you change if you had to work it over again? Is there an artist you look up to? You know..Someone who’s art you would kill to claim as yours?
Ahhh there are so many artists out there that make me wish I had half their talent. Mark Riddick, Richey Beckett, Travis Smith, Seth Siro, Pär Olofsson and so many others. Surely their styles vary but I'm open minded and I'd like to draw influence from all of'em.
As for my work, one of my most favorite works is for No Life Left, Procreate and surely Mortal Torment. There are also some pieces of work I'd change but I don't want to mention them. It's mostly art I did for bands that wouldn't let me have a say in the idea and wanted me to follow their concept strictly...

So tell me a little bit about the death metal scene in Greece. Pretty fucked up situation when it comes to politics (crisis and shit), but it seems like all this shitty conditions breed brutality! So many bands appear possessing high standards, and it makes one wonder, where were all those fuckers hiding?
Those fuckers were lurking in the shadows, waiting for fresh meat and the moment to burst out in flames. Yes, shit got seriously fucked up in Greece in the last 3-4 years but it seems as though that negative energy has been channeled into creating violent art. There are so many examples of kick ass acts I could get lost if I started naming them. It's also a fact, I enjoy going to local shows way more than bands from abroad. The level is sooooo higher now, in terms of musicianship, album releases, even stage presence. You people reading this should check out this page ( if you want to find out more when it comes to death metal or grindcore in the greek region.

You are currently under ‘Coyote records’. How happy are you from this collaboration so far? Do you see the band moving into a bigger label as the status grows, or are you satisfied with what ‘Coyote’ provides?
So far, so good with Coyote Records. We're satisfied so far but when the time comes for the new album we may through a few questions here and there, see what happens. I guess it's still too early though. Dimitri has been kind to us, I give him that!

All those activities surrounding a major amount of your free time and more than that. Can any of these be considered as a job? Could you live of your evolvement in music? Or do you have to work along?
There is no way money could come from something like this. I mean MT in particular, it's a hobby, something we love doing, something we spent our money on but without any response in terms of money/payment etc. I wouldn't want it to become a job to be honest. I prefer keeping it as a means to escape the daily routine and a way to rock my brains out whenever possible. Turning such a passionate thing into a boring job would kill it.

Let’s add a bit more manly spice to this whole interview…Tell me a little of your non musical free time activities...What would you list second, after music or designing in your list of free time shit! Don’t be afraid to talk openly…I promise we will not post this question if it is too gruesome. You can write anything. From public butt flashing to grannies to collecting dog poop…Anything goes!
Oh man....huge amounts of brutality coming your way: I usually do the ironing at home(happily married!), I clean my cat's shit, sometimes I do the dishes too. I'm the ALPHA male I'm telling ya! Aside those, I'm a huge horror movie nerd, I collect action figures, horror based graphic novels and last but not least I feed my record collection whenever I can. Oh I almost forgot, I also do vocals for Procreate and Pester The Pure.

Ok that was it man. You really suck and I think you should know that. Suck horse manure til death bro…Hahaha..No seriously thanks a ton for this interview hombre. Wish the best to you and the band…Final words are yours!
Thank YOU for pissing in my brain all this time. You surely made me feel warm(got it?). Cheers to BRUTALISM for being ever brutal, keep it up you sick fucks!

Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 2, 2013

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