Only the fans count for Bronx Casket Co.

It's been awhile since I heard any music of your so how things been going with the band so far?
Overkill has been really busy, so Bronx was put aside for a bit. Now thats it's been released the band is really into doing some shows and we hav ben looking for a good opportunity.

Bronx Casket Co. recently released their latest album "Antihero" how's this album differ from previous Bronx Casket Co.'s releases?
This new one is lot heavier than previous releases. A lot less gothic. It's just kind of the way this one progressed. The great thing about doing Bronx Casket Co. records is that the vibe can change with each release. I am doing the vocals on this so it seemed to be the more natural direction for it to take.

What the reaction been so far from the European and American press so far?
Honestly what the press thinks is of very little concern. The fans have been really positive so far though. Out on the road with Overkill I had kids coming up every day telling me they were diggin it and asking when we were coming on tour, so so far the responce has been really good.

How long the band been on E1? I know the band been on various labels in the past?
This is the first release for E1 and thy have been great. They did a tremendous job with Overkill and seem to really care about the band and the pople they work with and thats the type of companies I like to be involved with. So many times you are working with people you consider friends and then you have a side project and all of a sudden they are nowhere to be found and you find out OK ....we are not friends just working together. E1 was on board right away and I appreciated that.

I see you guys did Queen's classic love song "Death On Two Legs" why that song?
I love doing cover songs. It's just alot of fun. We did Free Bird on the last release. I usually am putting aside ideas for cover songs that would be interesting to do. I prefer more well known songs too. Maybe next time we'll do a goth version of "Stairway To Heaven"

When is the band planning to hit the highways of America in support of "Antihero"? Is there any hope of the band coming to Texas?
We are looking right now. Hopefully Summer/Fall we will have something together. All the guys are excited to get out and do shows.

From listening to the album the band reminds of Marllyn Manson except with balls lol?
Well, I don't know about that Manson has some pretty heavy shit, but there is some of that vibe I guess. Not all the songs hav that programming thing, some are just straight up 4 guys playing and bashing it out, others are more involved that way.

Can you tell me what to expect at a Bronx Casket Co. show?
I guess it kind of depends. If we were support chances are it would be a more stripped down kind of thing, but if we were doing headline show I am sure we would go all out and try and bring som surprises. It's hard to say exactly also because we have only done 3-4 shows we can find out together!
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Apr 12, 2011

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