Pact with the occult

Many bands has used their music as a filter for their love of the occult and the dark arts. This USBM band Pact is one of them bands. Born in the eastern nether regions of PA of the year 2004. Hag went out and found three other brethren of the black arts decided to make primitive, brutal black metal to channel the dark spirits. Now signed to cult record label Moribund Pact is armed and ready to unleashed their own style of USBM to unexpecting public. With the release of moribund debut the dragon lineage of satan on the horizon. I talked with hag about the album and the love of the occult

Good evening, how are you doing on this Thanksgiving eve? I just got back from pigging out at my friends house.
Everything is well.

Right now I'm listening to your new album "Dragon Lineage To Satan". It's very brutal and straight forward US black metal album?
Yes we try to tap into the roots of the genre, adding a more chaotic energy to it focusing more on the message inherent in the music and the atmospheric. Being more straightforward allows the listener to reach altered states of consciousness.

Can you give us a brief history of the band and tell us about where the band originated from?
We started playing back in 2004. Back then we were exploring different sounds playing black metal as it has always been, the perfect vehicle for expressing various different viewpoints and experiences with the occult.

What were your influences when you decided to put this band together?
Prosperity in life and following ones true will. Using the creative genious,  destroying secular religion, and exalting oneself.

Which USBM had an impact on you when you first got into black metal and why?
I would have to say that a lot of the US bands I was not so keen on. A lot of musical impact came from Europe at the time. It has always been bands in my eyes that actually had a deeper understanding of the mysteries of creation and death, consciousness and philosophy.

Name some of the factors that led to the decision to go with Moribund Records and were there other labels in the running?
Yes there were others but with Moribunds rich history with satanism and the occult there was no other choice for us, it felt right for us to go with the label.

What I like about Moribund is that they are really a true underground label that really supports their band plus they have true talent on their roster.
Yes the label is excellent when it comes to supporting the different bands and there views allowing us all to have our voices heard across the globe. Bands like Dodsferd, Sargiest, Horna, and Behexen a lot of talented initiates are on this label.

What's your opinion of the USBM scene you feel the scene has changed much?
I feel that when it comes to the US black metal scene and black metal everywhere I feel it is appropriate to apply Sturgeons Law, derived from Theodore Sturgeon which states "90% of everything is crap." You have to sift through the dirt to find the precious stones.

When did the songwriting process started for the "Dragon Lineage Of Satan"?
I believe it was March 2010 that we started and February 2011 when we finished.

The band has any other material out before "Dragon Lineage Of Satan"?
Yes the labels were smaller we were doing Aiwass which has evolved into Pact, also we were doing Tunnels of Typhon.

Has the band played any live shows around your area and what is Moribund doing on their end as far as helping you on the touring end of it?
We haven't played any local shows, there are not many bands we would want to share the stage with around here. Alot of screamo, and hardcore bullshit is all that's here locally. As far as touring I'm sure Moribund will be a great help.

What studio you guys used for the recording of the album?
The studio is called Nuclear Funeral. It is the bands own studio here in PA.

Did the band did producing yourselves or you had to get outside help?
The mix was actually handled by all of us. T put a lot of work into it in his own personal time. He has a very keen ear for that sort of thing.

How long you and the other band members been studying the occult?
I have avidly studied and practiced many traditions over the past 13 years. Wretch & T have also sought after esoteric knowledge for many years.

What drew you to the occult and how much the occult influenced you musically?
For me, personally I was introduced to a different way of viewing things by my mother. When she died my brother and I began our journey to the path of initiation together with our friend T.

What are the band's goals for 2012?
Working on our new album and taking our ritual to the stage.