Perverse Suffering aim to demarcate the pathological society

interview perverse suffering, female death metal band

Hello ladies. Hope you’re doing alright. What is the story behind Perverse Suffering? Give us a short bio of the band as I am sure there are people who are not aware and would definitely be interested in the band!
Perverse Suffering were born about October 2010 in the city of Bucaramanga - Santander - Colombia, with the idea of creating the first female extreme metal group in the city and perhaps in northeast Colombia. Was initially founded by Jelizza Galvis (ex - vocals), Jennifer Ruiz (bass) and Angela Pabon (Drummer). Seeking to consolidate the claims of the band, Jelizza leaves the band and Karent Pinto replaced her as the new vocalist in January 2011, which possesses a guttural voice that focuses and delimits the current sound of the band. In March 2012 Perverse Suffering enters the recording studio in order to have a professional sample of their work, in May 2012 disclosed the first single from the band SINISTER MIND

So how about an album? The only recorded ever musical piece of you is a track called ‘Sinister minds’! What are the reasons; you still haven’t entered the studio to record a demo, an ep or even a full length?
Well there are a lot of reasons but the main is that in our city is very difficult to find women interested in metal, or even more difficult to find female musicians playing death metal. So it has been really hard to keep an alienation since the beginning of the band because our intention is to keep the female alienation. When we are ready to record, something happened and we couldn’t, but we decided to do it next year even if we had to use men.

Your song can be found in a compilation from Colombia called "Santander Burns In Flames". But not all the bands in the compilation are death metal. In fact the death metal bands of the compilation are the minority... Just two I think. So how is the death metal scene in Colombia?
In our country, especially in our city, death metal scene is not as big as trash metal or the Black metal scene. Only a few bands play death metal, so the "Santander Burns In Flames" just shows some of the most known metal bands in Santander. Our department, not only death metal bands but also other genders bands because of the variety of the scenes in Colombia.

I will try to make a guess here, and say that probably you got your name after the song of Cannibal Corpse. So I assume that Cannibal Corpse is one of the bands you consider as influence. What other bands would you say are responsible for how the music of Perverse Suffering sounds like? What bands would you list as your influences?
Our name was not taken from the Cannibal Corpse song. We chose that name just because it is related with our lyrics, but of course we list Cannibal Corpse as one of the most important bands considered for us as an influence. We also list Suffocation, and other death metal bands like Unleashed, Morbid Angel and Dismember.

Ok we get it. Your idea of death metal is that it should be as brutal as it gets. What about your lyrics? Is there a certain concept behind your songs, or just simple stories of daily brutality?
The Lyrics of Perverse Suffering aim to demarcate the pathological society we belong to, which constitutes brittle mental structures dissociated within their thoughts, feelings and language, offering a distorted reality for some, which by the effect of negation ends up being transformed or substituted.

How about live shows? Tell me a little about the situation in lives gigs in Colombia. Have you participated in any major event there?
Live shows in our country are very frequent. People here support national and international metal bands a lot. Sometimes it’s kind of difficult because the government doesn't provide places for the events but it doesn't matter where, people always assist to live gigs here.

We have participated in great local events, and also in other cities sharing scenery with excellent Colombian bands, last year we participated in one special festival called Abside Female Fest organized only for bands with female members, due to the fact that women in this country are getting more and more involved with metal with the pass of the time.

How hard is it? I mean the whole thing with death metal? Were there occasions were the male death metallers have underestimated you, only because you were girls? Have you ever come up with sexist behavior?
Of course it had been difficult, especially at the beginning. Male members of other bands didn't believe that we were able to produce death metal sounds. But once they listened to us, everything changed and we felt more accepted into the Colombian death metal scene. Nowadays male metallers support us as if we were male band and we also receive the support of women who felt very proud about us. That makes us feel really self-confident.

Death metal obviously is not your primary job..So what is your daily routine when not breaking the stage, or the studio? Would you wish someday, to have music as a profession or do you feel ok the way things are right now?
Our daily routine is rather ordinary.We have regular jobs, one as a psychologist and the other as a bartender, we spend a lot of time with our families and friends. We love music and it makes us happy all the time but we consider that our professions right now are already part of our life so we prefer the way things are right now.

What are the plans you have for Perverse Suffering? Where would you like to see the band standing in about 6 years from now?
Our main plan for the nearest future is to record our cd. We have worked hard in six personal songs and three cover songs, so we are planning to record it next year, and of course we would love to travel around our country and out of it, playing our brutal death music and demonstrating that women, are able to do good metal and enjoy it.

Ok now something different. I want your opinion on downloading. It is a really hot matter nowadays so I would like to know where do Perverse Suffering stand when it comes to downloading. Are you in favor or against it? Would you like to hear a fan telling you that he downloaded your stuff and thought it was awesome, or you would prefer someone buying all your stuff and telling you that it was shit?
We don't agree with downloading at all. We respect and value the bands hard work and all the process of recording. It is too much work. There is no justice on a “fan” who doesn´t care about all the effort that a band face to record their stuff. And we also strongly believe that colleting cds is one of the most important aspects for being considered a fan. Appreciate the art of the CD, take care of them, and preserve them. Etc.

Ok ladies… that was all from me! Thank you for this interview. Close it anyway you like!
Ok thank you so much Chris. We just want to say that we feel very proud for the opportunity of being able to contact with you and the metal scene from Greece. We wanna say with hearts full: Thank you for all your supporting with the band, and finally we would like to invite people who want to know more about us to visit and also in Greetings from Colombia!!! bye.