Porky Vagina: when goregrind becomes Swine-Core

Porky Vagina is an unsigned Polish band that plays an incredible porno/gore grind with tons of humor. Their discography (four EPs and an album entitled "Bukkageddon") are self-released and ready to download from their web-page for free, but we are sure that soon they will be signed by a label. Meanwhile, we are talking about this and other questions with Bukkake John and Gangbang Warrior.

Hell-o friends, the first is to ask: Who are the members of the band, how it all began and why you chose the name PORKY VAGINA?
BJ - Greetz mate, it all started during Brutal Assault 2009 in the Czech Republic, me and Pig, drunk as hell and taking cover from the merciless August sun were talking about grind band that we’ve seen that day. The conversation ended up with the idea of forming a fun grind band, we just needed a catchy and genre-fitting name, so our friend came up with the name Porky Vagina, which was simply perfect. After coming back from the fest we recorded the songs for 'Wagina Maciory' in just two days, it was fast, but the songs and production are quite shitty from today’s point of view I think. Anyway, we played some gigs and recorded some more stuff during the next 1,5 year but we started to think that the band should consist of all living members not only us and the drum machine. So we started our search for bass player and drummer. In March 2011 we’ve finally found a fitting guy for the bass, baptizing him as Gangbang Warrior. Although we still search for a drummer who’d handle the high speed blasts.
GW – Let’s add that it was a “group thinking” thanks to which this nickname was produced.

How would you define your style and what themes speak your songs?
BJ - I think we fit somewhere in the gore/porn grind section, the music and lyrics are full of typical markers for this genre. There’s lots of low tuned guitars, fast blast and pig squeals/grunts in music itself and tons of porn, animal fucking or humor in the lyrics. GW – Lately the music was called by some fans “Swine-Core”.

Most of the bands choose English to write their songs, what is the reason to use your own language instead of English?
BJ - It’s so because the Polish language has many more foul words than any other hehe. For example there are about 200 vulgar words for 'penis'. I think that in the future we’ll do something in English, maybe on the next EP/LP, who knows.

You have done versions of COCK AND BALL TORTURE, DETHKLOK, EUROPE, MICHAEL JACKSON or television series like POWER RANGERS or BONANZA, what are your influences to compose your songs?
BJ - A big influence was the German band Excrementory Grindfuckers, we covered their covers of 'Final Grinddown' and 'I Like My Grindcore' but we did many others as you mentioned, Dethklok and CBT are great bands so we recorded a couple of their songs. As for our own TV or pop covers, people really dig them, grind mixed with cheesy melodies.

There are some bands whose albums are used to put under the glasses of beer in a bar because of its poor quality, and these bands have a record deal. The works of PORKY VAGINA are very good and brutal, and you don't have a contract with any label, what is the reason?
BJ - Because we’re ugly and suck goat balls. Heh, but seriously we never tried to contact any label, we wanted to do it all on our own. Just recently we’ve sent our last LP to some labels and we’ll see what happens.

Why have you put your work online rather than sell them as self-produced demos, albums or EPs?
BJ - Because it’s easier to promote things that are for free. People are more eager to grab it then.

You have gone from being two to three the band members, why not a drummer instead of a bass player? Do you think that you're going to incorporate someone else to the band in a near future?
BJ - 'Cause the bass parts are way easier than the drum parts heh. It’s difficult to find a drummer able to play at such fast tempos, but we’re still looking. Also we are thinking of having a second guitar player, I have more complex ideas now and with one guitar it would be impossible to play that stuff live, we even have a guy that we’re talking with to fill in on the second guitar.
GW – Also – there is much more space for us on the ‘stage’ when playing in small clubs, without drums – that’s comfortable, heh.

I see a lot of pictures of PORKY VAGINA playing in small places. For you, what are the main differences between playing in small clubs in front of a handful of fans / friends and festivals with an audience of hundreds of people?
BJ - We’d love to play bigger gigs, we just never had any opportunity to do so, if anyone would like us to play on a big fest or gig we’ll do it but for now we’re playing only in small places which fill our pig-hearts with grief. Maybe because it’s the lack of a living drummer that we aren’t invited to play with well-known bands or festivals, honestly I don’t have any idea. Or we’re just a too small name to be included in such event, I can only guess.
GW – I think that playing in smaller club is kind of better because you have much better contact with people – but hey, we will know for sure when/if we will play on some big festival. Another problem is that there are no such fests nowadays in Poland. Closest to us is Obscene Extreme in Czech Rep. and I don’t think that they invite everyone who wants to play there, hehe, maybe, someday...

Returning to the last question: in small places you can having a beer -or two, three, four...- with your friends while you are playing your mu-sick and in big festivals you can earn more money and play with well known bands. What do you prefer of both?
BJ - We never played a big show so it’s impossible to answer but as I said if we had a proposition to play with a big time band we would do it with a huge boner in our pants.
GW – Like you could get a boner, hehe. Hopefully promotion of the last LP will get us some gigs or even festival propositions.

What are your plans for the band? Are you thinking in seek a label to edit your future works?
BJ - Yeah, we’re currently looking for a label, time will show if anyone gets interested in that crap.

Poland is known in the metal world by well known bands like Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated or Yattering. Can you recommend some little-known Polish bands, besides PORKY VAGINA?
BJ - We have a great metal scene here in Poland, I’d recommend for example INFERNAL WAR, DEAD INFECTION, PROGHMA-C, SQUASH BOWELS just to name a few. There are many more and the list would be almost endless.
GW – One day, I heard a funny thing from some guy from US. He said – “Damn! It’s probably a law in Poland that you can’t play shitty metal!”. I would add to that list HATE, VESANIA, TRAUMA, AZARATH and many others.

You wish to add anything before to end the interview?
BJ - I’d say 'buy our stuff!' but it’s all free, so maybe next time hehe. For now, download it, enjoy, fuck your grandma and finger your guinea pig in its nostrils.
GW – Just remember to wrap it in some tape, so it won’t pop!

Thank you very much for answering our questions and good luck with the band.
BJ - Thanks!
GW – Thanks!
Interviewer: Hijo del Dolor
Sep 24, 2011
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