Prostitute Disfigurement is alive after the drumcomputer

Prostitute Disfigurement started spreading their horrifying deathmetal near the end of the year 2000. At that moment the band consisted of 3 members, a week before the recording of the first Cdemo guitarist Roel decided to join the band.
At that moment the band’s name still was Disfigure. The Cdemo was filled with brutal deathmetal, sick intro’s, a shocking cover and shocking lyrics (the bands trademark).
After the second liveshow the band is offered a record deal with Dismemberment Records. At that moment the band is already called Prostitute Disfigurement. In June 2001 the first full-length “Embalmed Madness” was recorded in only 3 days. Both releases were recorded with a drumcomputer.
It was released in october 2001, only 500 copies were pressed. The album was sold out within 3 months. Important metalzines such as Aardschok (NL) and Legacy (D) rated the CD high. Aardschok 85 out of 100 and Legacy 11 out of 15.
The gigs were also succesfull, especially Grind over Rotterdam part 5 where prostitute disfigurement played with bands such as Inhume and Regurgitate.
All the pieces came together when drummer Eric (ex-Destroyer 666, Inhume, Sinister) joined the band in the beginning of Januari 2002.
The last few months we did gigs with bands such as Centurian, Disavowed, Disgorge and Deeds of flesh. Right now we have finished 6 songs for our next album which is gonna be called “Deeds of Derangement”. Watch out for this killer Deathmetal release!

interview with Roel on 26-10-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Prostitute Disfigurement started out in 2000 as a four piece. Back then we still worked with a drumcomputer because we couldn’t find a drummer that can blast as hell. We recorded a demo pretty quick and after that we did our first show. At this show there was Jan from Dismemberment records who offered us a deal on the spot. We recorded embalmed madness, still with a drumcomputer. We did some shows but it didn’t feel right playing along with a drummachine. At a concert we met Eric who also played in Sinister and Destroyer 666. We asked him and he was interested. He stayed for half a year but it didn’t work out. Too many personal differences. So we asked him to leave. Right after that we got in contact with Tim, this was around the same time we got a deal with Morbid Records (Germany). He proved to be just right for the band. We finished writing the songs for Deeds of Derangement and we recorded it in february 2003. It got released in September and it’s going really well!

Second album out now and what do you think of it? Happy with the end result?
Yes I’m still happy with the endresult. I think it has a strong heavy and clear sound, not something you see with every deathmetal release. Also it has lots of variety within the songs so I don’t get bored listening to it.
Also the reviews are good so that makes us happy.
I think we proved with this one that we don’t just make noise but we can actually play.

What is the biggest change compared to the debut? What did you learn and from whom?
The biggest change is that we have a real human drummer on the album (Tim). And that has so many influence on the sound and how the songs are written. We have lots more possibilities with breaks and tempochanges so this makes the songs more interesting. Also we recorded in a professional studio (Excess Rotterdam) this time so we learned a lot about getting good sounds in the studio. Personally I learned a lot from Hans, who recorded the album. He showed me a lot about mixing and overdubbing etc which I really dig!

Still not having difficulties with the bandname? Why did you change it? What does your granny think of it?
No, I think the bandname actually gives us publicity. When you see it it stands out between other names, this means attention so that is good. We changed it because Disfigure was too anonymous. Also lots of our songs deal about the story of Jack the Ripper so there are some reasons.
Off course there will be people who complain about our name but these are probably also the ones who listen to Mariah Carry so who cares...
Both my grannies have been six feet under for quite some time so they don’t really have an opinion about it....

What is the most artistic molestation you can imagine?
Probably people who start a band and are not interested in learning to play their instruments.

Do you write the lyrics when you are sober or drunk? Where do you get inspiration from?
Actually Niels our singer writes the lyrics. I know he gets inspired from watching Horror/Splatter movies. It’s all stories, not something he did himself, so don’t seek too much in it. It just fits the style of music that we play.

How is the metal in Veldhoven? Or hoping you fall under the wings of Eindhoven metal city?
We don’t want to fall under either one of them. As far as I know there are no metalbands in Veldhoven at the moment and in Eindhoven there are a few. So I can’t really speak of a scene. I thought it was Eindhoven Rock City by the way?
Well..were not a band who plays 20 times a year in the neighbourhood. People can get very tired of that, I know. Right now were concentrating on Germany mostly. People really respond to our music there.

Frequently visited Dynamo Cafe? And how did you went back home?
Last time I checked it was just the basement floor with some sand lying around it. If you mean the Dynamoroadshow, yes I’ve been there. I don’t see many people who used to go to the cafe there. Also the cafe had some kind of atmosphere that you certainly can’t find in the Altstad so i’m afraid that were just going to have to wait what the new cafe is going to bring.

How is it to play on stage instead of jumping in front? Which one has the biggest advantage?
On stage is awesome! It’s getting better and better. Because we have some routine now we enjoy being on stage alot. We’re more relaxed than in the beginning. The biggest advantage is you have more space than the people in front of you. Also a backstage toilet does a lot for me!

Are there some things you don’t have to do before playing live?
Drink too much, you have to find that moment when you get a little influenced by the alcohol and still can play fast. Then we have a good show.

Do you have other hobbies outside music? Wanna tell or feeling ashamed?
No not really. If I look at my week it’s work and the time that’s left music. Maybe I’ll quit work and get another hobby, how’s that?

What is your favorit TV program? Or are you more a movies fan?
My favorite program? I like Seinfeld a lot, Married with Children, you don’t have to think about it you can just watch it. Overall it’s just crap that’s on the TV. I hate programs about Weddings, Birth etc, so that’s probably 90%. I like good horrormovies a lot but that speaks for itsself.

And what about computer games? Or Playstation? Or Xbox? Or jerking off?
My brother just bought an Xbox and I was really impressed. I’m going to check that out real soon!
That last game you mentioned isn’t familiar to me....

What can we expect in the nearby future from PD? Having any goals left?
Yeah we’re going to start writing songs for the new album pretty soon. I have no idea how that’s gonna turn out. Our goal is to do many interesting shows and maybe a tour. We also want to do openingshows for bands that we really like. We were booked to play with Pungent Stench in the Effenaar (Eindhoven) which is great but unfortunately the Effenaar wouldn’t let us play. They think our lyrics are too extreme.
Luckily Pungent Stench sing about flowers and worldpeace or else they would also be banned.....

Some insane thought you wanna share?
No, they shouldn’t be printed. There are safe in my head.

Last rites?
Thanks Twan for the interview, hope it wasn’t too dissapointing. And if it wasn’t dissapointing, go and check out Deeds of Derangement!!