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Psycroptic was formed in 1999 from the ashes of three Tasmanian extreme metal bands. Psycroptic set out with the aim of combining all styles of metal ranging from Black, Death right through to Power Metal to create an original sound. With an average of 19 at the time of recording their debut CD sounds very professional and powerful.
Over the past 18 months, Psycroptic has been writing and refining their songs in preparation for the recording, as well as playing numerous local gigs including supports with well known Australian bands such as Dreadnaught, Atomizer and Alarum.

On friday 13th of October, with a low budget they entered the studio to record “Isle of Disenchantment”. Even with they low budget they recorded 10 songs, 9 of which they felt were worth of releasing.
Although the discussion about the format of their first release (CD or tape), the band felt that it was in their best interest to release a CD, in a effort to give the metal community an quality product worthy of purchase. After being chosen as an Arts Tasmania government grant recipient (the first extreme metal band in the state to get on), the band was able to raise the standard of there product even further making their debut release viably marketable.

The CD is really worth while listening and to purchase. Like it is said before they play extreme technical metal with different styles so it isn't boring for a moment. The sound is powerful and it hits you hard. Slow parts, fast pasts, growls, catchy groves etc. Man. what more do you want in a relase today. Go their website and download some songs to get an idea of what extreme Tasmanian metal is. And then get in contact with Dave to see how you gonna get this self released CD for only 10 USD.

interview with Dave the boring drummer on 29-06-2001

Please give us a short introduction of your self?
I'm Dave, the drummer from Psycroptic. I'm 21, and apart from playing in Psycroptic, I'm a marketing student.

Why do you play in a metal band?
Well, I've been into metal music since I was about 8 (the first tape I brought was ’Ride The Lighting’) so when I took up drums it was just natural for me to play this style of music. Its not the only style I practice but it is the one that interests me the most. I love metal, and it wouldn't feel right for mw if I didn't play in a metal band. I don't know how else to explain it.

Is there a metal culture in your area?
We live in Tasmania, which is the island at the bottom of Australia. Tasmania is a state of Australia. There is only 200,000 people in the city we live in (and 420,000 in the whole state) and not many people are into metal here, so no there isn't a metal culture as such. We know just about all the metallers in our city and we are friends with them, but that's as far as the culture goes. There a couple of other metal bands here (like MSI and Intense Hammer Rage), but the scene is not big at all. In other states of Australia its bigger.

How long can you blow on a didgeridoo?
I've never even used a didgeridoo....not many people can play them. Infact, I've only even seen 2 people in my life play a didgeridoo. You could probably play one better than I could. Haha, and no, I don't have a kangaroo as a pet - no one does in Australia. You only see one if you go out to the bush and wait a long time.

Why did you release a self financed CD? No labelinterest?
We wanted to show labels that we are serious about our music and we are will to put money behind ourselves. If you wont back yourself, then way would a record company? As of yet, we haven't had any serious label interest....I think we need to prove to companies that we are a viable band to sign. Another reason we did it ourselves is to get the name of Psycroptic out to the rest of the world instead of waiting years for a label to come along and give you money to record with. That just doesn't happen.

Any good reviews in mags outside Australia?
Yes, we had many great reviews outside Australia. We've had heaps more reviews internationally that in Australia. Australia hasn't' got many metal mags, and the ones we do have aren't very good (except some more underground ones which are killer!! People already know which ones are good). I've seen about 20 or 30 really excellent reviews, which has been great! We always appreciate the support people give us.

Is the title of the CD referring to Australia?
Haha, no. People usually think that we are referring to our state Tasmania because we live on an island, but no, its just about the lyrics in the title track of the CD. Sometimes I do think its written about this place, when a whole heap of bullshit happens.

Do you hate or love your country?
I love's a great place. It does have its flaws, but so does everywhere. A lot of people complain about living here, but those are the people that will just complain about anywhere they live. The only problem about living here is that touring is a huge problem, just because of the great distance from anywhere. Australia is fucken great!

Any musical education?
I had drum lessons for a couple of years, and guitar theory for about a year. I can read and write drum music and I have done a bit of drum teaching. I haven't had any further lessons since I was 16, but I'm thinking of getting a few 'advanced' type lessons in the future to expand my playing. That's about all of my music background.

Any education at all?
Haha, yes, how about 15 years of the fucken thing!! I went to school from kinder to grade 12, now I'm a third year marketing student and I work part time. Too much school!!

How do you train to get faster on your instrument?
The simple answer is by playing for as fast as I can for as long as I can. I've got a tape set up with a few different tempos, and I just play to this every day. It's about an hours worth of playing flat out (just to increase stamina) and then I practice other stuff for about an hour. I try to do this every day.

If you loose one arm will you continue to drum?
I don't even want to think about that..... its too horrible.

Any hobbies outside the music? not really. Just reading books (I'm up to book 3 in the Wheel of Time series), and hanging out with my girlfriend and other friends. I'm a pretty boring guy.

Do you have any kind of anxiety?
Not really...I get really nervous before a gig (which is not good), but apart from that I'm fine. I don't like being around many people either... or talking in front of people, but that it really.

Your favorite music to make love?

Are you happy with your past live?
Past live? Do you mean play life? I wouldn't know as I've never really talked to anyone about it. I'm not exactly sure what you mean with this question (sorry, I'm a dumb ass haha)

Any plans for the future?
Just to keep making music with Psycroptic and hopefully get a record deal at some point. Apart from that, just to keep advancing as a person by learning new things and expanding my horizons. Yeah, Psycroptic is my main musical goal at the moment, and hopefully I can play for many years to come.

Last rites?
Thanks for the interview Twan, it was different, and very cool. If people are interested in getting a copy of our full length disc ’The Isle Of Disenchantment’ they can send $10US (or equivalent) to Psycroptic, 70 Lochner st, West Hobart, Tas 7000, Australia. Our website is or email ok, stay metal and take care.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 29, 2001

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