Putrefy is influenced by NWDM

interview with Conner done by Kolton, October 2005

Hey Connor, first could you give me a breif biography of the band Putrefy and how you guys came into forming such a brutal death\grind band.
Hey Kolton, the band has been going since `93 started by jason and split up in `95 and in that period released a demo- ’presumed dead’ in `93 and a split cd with Italian band ’altered vision’ in `95. It was then reformed in 2000 after jason got the hunger to play death metal again having had a period of playing in hardcore/metalcore bands. i joined late 2000 and we focused on the direction and path we are on now by writing more grooves/Blasts in the formula of internal bleeding/suffocation

What inspires you to play brutal death\grind, and what are your main influences?
The aggression of it all!!! thats what i love about it!!!! for us its all about grooves! we draw influences from the likes of MORTICIAN ,INTERNAL BLEEDING, DEHUMANIZED, SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS to name a few. were very influenced by NEW YORK DEATH METAL

Do you, or any of the other band members have any brutal side bands that I and the rest of the general public should know about?
No,were all solely dedicated to Putrefy, although Jason and myself have talked about doing side projects but we just dont have the time at all

Do you think that it's important to keep death\grind perverted and gore filled, are you serious about what you do with Putrefy, or do you consider it a hobby.
Nah not necessary it doesnt have to be, just as long as its real brutal!!!! Putrefy is my life for me, everything else just funds it! and i know for a fact the rest of the guys feel the same

Do you have any future releases in the works? If so, who will release it and where would it be availabe for purchasing?
Well were about to start recording our 2nd album which will be 10times heavier than the first one. the songs are alot more catchier, more stompin........ but when they go real fast and blast theyll make your head explode. were also recording some covers too for some future releases of bands such as HEMDALE, MORTICIAN and MASSACRE. As yet no one is planned to release it cause its kinda early days at the minute for it

Do you have any means to have a tour leaving Northern Ireland?
We always try and get away every year at least 3 times a year. In 2003 we played Obscene Extreme in Czech Republic along with Macabre, Dead Infection, Desecration to name a few, In 2004 we played the central illnois Deathfest in Chicago U.S.A with Incantation, brodequin, lividity, Putrid Pile, In 2005 we played the london deathfest with Cancer and gorerotted. i think this forthcoming year were gonna see about going back to czech republic and possibly doing some dates across Europe leading up to obscene extreme 2006. but we`ll see what happens. id really like to play Japan, the scene looks awesome there!!!

What do you think about people that leech off of downloading programs for example: soulseek, kazza. Do you, yourself use these programs?
Erm....... i think it has its pro's and con's.........firstly yes i do use them, but if i really like the album ill buy the original. i do believe these programs help expose people to really underground bands. i can honestly say that these programs have helped me discover and check out alot of bands but of course there is the flipside to that, that basically these programs rip off the music scene which i totally understand but if someone is dedicated enough and a fan of the band they will buy the original cd

What does your band Putrefy mean to you? Do you see a bright future and would you consider releasing anything on any of the smaller independent labels?
Putrefy means to me absolute punishing unrelenting brutality with slamming grooves. we wanna draw the listener in so that the can stomp around a moshpit and then when it goes real fast they cant headbang fast enough to the blastbeats. thats what we all love and focus on. yeah i see a bright future cause the songs we are writing are getting better and better but that comes naturally as a band develops ye know! well as i mentioned to you before were recording album number 2 real soon and were doing some covers and stuff so we`ll maybe do a split cd (anyone interested gimmie a shout!!) i love small independent labels because for us, we came for the underground, and we aint never ever gonna lose that, were always gonna stay in touch with that

With Putrefy being in the death\grind scene for so long, do you think that it's appropriate to change styles of the music for the listener?
It depends really i suppose, with us , it was a natural development because you can hear the old Putrefy stuff even in todays material. but for some bands im sure, especially in the early stages its maybe a good idea to stop and rethink out the blueprint and see where its all going. but generally its a natural change/progression for most bands and thats cool cause a band learns to write together more and more until it becomes a well oiled machine

What are some useful tips that you could give some upcoming gore\death bands with promoting and making their band be sucessful in the underground?
Just keep playing every gig possible and shove your music down their fuckin throats!!! never give up!! keep its sick, keep it brutal!!! and let them know all about it!!!!

What are the top 5 CD's that you play? Don't be shy.

all hail NYDM!!!!

Any last words, you would like to say?
Thanks for the interview Kolton and the cool review! glad you enjoyed it! For more info check out WWW.PUTREFY.CJB.NET or WWW.MYSPACE.COM/PUTREFY05