Remzi Kelleci likes to keep his project going his way

Obszon Geschopof is an obscure, but very talented band created from the mind of Remzi Kelleci. Originally starting out as an industrial band, Kelleci evolved and added more and more elements to his band, such as thrash, death, and black metal while keeping things industrial. Always a man who ‘never creates the same album twice,’ his latest work ‘Symphony Of Decay,’ really sets a new standard for his work, and according to him, is only just the beginning of the new directions that Obszon is to go in. Remzi was kind enough to share his philosophy behind his music and his reasons to keeping Obszon a ‘one man’ project so his creative ideas can keep flowing the way he wants.

Hello from BRUTALISM. How are things going?
Fine, thanks

So yet we have another album out of the works, and it is just is wild and creative as your previous ones, if not moreso. Do you find being a ‘one man band’ a lot more free than having to work with three or four other people?
Actually I like the way I work. And I’ve worked like that for many years, so it’s become a habit. OG IS my life and it’s very personal and I think if I let somebody else compose in OG, then the sound won’t be the same anymore. So it won’t be OG anymore. That why I chose to be the only composer of the band and it’s definitive. Of course I will be OK if my guitarist, bassist or producer wants to add solo, harmony etc. on my tracks, but nothing more. It’s better to avoid the conflicts on whom composed what.

If you’re a one man band, how does you arrange live shows, or are you going to keep Obszon as just a studio band?
Yes OG is a live band . We are 4 on stage; the new line-up is: Christophe Hamelin / or Alley Hamilton for USA shows, Yann Irbah, Olivier Donze and me for others). Since 2006 we have toured everywhere in Europe and we will go to the USA in March 2011 . But my guitarist and bassist get involved in the studio too. During the recording sessions I don’t play guitar and bass. So they record the guitar and bass parts in the studio that I compose. But, above all my live musicians are my friends.

So what is the purpose behind ‘Symphony Of Decay?’ Any direct concept or do you still enjoy poking fun at death metal lyrics (at least that is the sense I get from looking them over)?
‘S.O.D’ is based on serial killers or stories influenced by old horror movies. More over OG bases it self on these themes, a little as the old Death metal bands did. The next album will be based on serial killers too.

There is a lot going on throughout the album, musically, and part of that is what makes it so great. There are so many genres packed in… but if you had to pick one over-encompassing style what would you consider it to be?
I think I would choose the term “Industrial Metal.”

Originally Obszon started out as an industrial metal band, but today it is considered thrash-industrial according to some categorists. Yet, it seems to lean more towards modern metal or melodic death industrial with ‘Symphony of Decay.’ What defines thrash industrial for you?
It depend on my albums. At the beginning it was rather dark electro, but since my last 2 albums ‘Erection Body Mutilated’ and ‘Symphony of Decay’ I think that I really found the sound which I wanted for OG since the beginning. There is an EBM (electro body music) industrial sound with big metal guitars and sometime a death metal side too . ‘Thrash industrial’ is the term we can give when the music is so violent as the term ‘industrial metal’ does not suit anymore. Especially when there are gusts of double bass kick and when the singer bawls

The album is all over the place, haha. There are metal tracks, ambient/ symphonic, and even what seems to be a brief humorous bit on “How To Become A Killer With A Granny Dress.” Do you find this variety here tasteful or just insane creativity?
It comes creatively, certainly, because I’m a big fan of horror movie since 4 years old. I do not think that we become fans of horror ‘accidentally’ many years later. It’s in us since our youngest age , whether we love it or not.

So what does ‘Symphony’ have that other Obszon albums don’t… or does it have more traces of the previous albums than most fans realize? How do you keep refraining from making the ‘same album twice?’
It’s the first time when I appealed to a producer of metal, but it’s really the most violent and metal album I have make. And I can already say you that the next album will be very metal of course, but with a lot of old school hip hop parts on many tracks. But there will be Industrial and EBM sounds too.

Is there any part of ‘Symphony’ that you feel deserves special mention track-wise, or is the whole album something special?
My favorite is certainly “Bloody Ice Scream.” Each of my songs has its color. I like the blue sky color of the fast drum and guitars. The industrials sounds and my singing which are of white color pierce the blue and everything explodes in the shape of small stars!

On one of the last tracks, you placed a Mushroomhead remix. On some tracks there is a distinct resemblance of your own music to the band. Are they a possible influence for you or friends, acquaintances, etc? Why let them have the honor of remixing one your tracks when they usually don’t do remixes… at least that I’m aware of?
In fact it’s Richard Thomas from Vetana / Mushroomhead who contacted me in first so that I made a remix for Ventana. I suggested to him he should make a remix in exchange since I was looking for a remixer for S.O.D. Indeed I like these 2 bands, but I’m much more influenced by Skrew because I’ve been a big fan since 1995. I knew that they were going to reform and I suggested if they could remix one of my tracks. They accepted since Adam Grossman from Skrew became a close friend of mine.

Obszon has been around for some time, long before the debut album was released. Over time do you think metal fans’ expectations have changed with each album, for better or worse?
As I said before my debuts was more electro-industrial. My former fans came from this scene. Now my fans come more from the metal scene ( Industrial metal, thrash, death, nu metal, etc… ) But I kept all the same ‘hardcore’ fan base which has supported me since the beginning.

How has metal changed for you from the time you first got into it compared to now? What are its greatest gains or possible failures?
I think that it was good before, good now and certainly good in the future. We are always nostalgic of a certain period. Especially in periods of crisis. I know I’m not the only one to feel it.

Where do you see the future going with metal? Digital music is taking over and the CD is slowly becoming obsolete like the tape did. On one hand music is easier to access by MP3, but at the same time easier to corrupt and lose without anything to back it up. In the end… do you think the technology that makes music so easy to access, mix, and create will eventually be its downfall?
The MP3 and Internet generally destroy bands, especially the small ones or those that are quite famous. People don’t buy CDS anymore. They download everything. But in a sense, it allows these bands to become known all around the world . So, digital music is good for fame, yes, but money, no.

What do you think of your fans? What’s the nicest/ craziest thing a fan has done that has really impacted you?
Fans are the most importante things for a band. Some of my hardcore fans became friends. Some people can imitate you by getting dressed as you, but the craziest reactions take place during shows.

Last question: Touring must be the other fun part of Obszon’s career. If you could have the ultimate tour line up of your choosing, who would you share the stage with?
There would be Kerry King from Slayer and Dimebag Darrel (RIP) of Pantera on guitars, André Skaug from Clawfinger on bass, Trent Reznor from NIN or Rhys Fulber of Frontline Assembly on the machines/ electronics, and I would put Phil Anselmo from Pantera in my place in the singing. If he can’t, I would want Rob Zombie or Corey Taylor of Slipknot.

Thanks for your time with BRUTALISM, Obszon! Best of luck with your metal endeavors in the future!
Thanks for you ;-)
Interviewer: devilmetal747
Feb 28, 2011

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