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Reprobation was formed in south suburban Chicago by guitarist Rob Whitworth & drummer Mike Rees. Bassist Chuck Herrholz later joined and the band was eventually rounded out by vocalist Shawn Connors. With this lineup the band released the ’One Rotted Autopsy’ demo in September 1999. In May 2000 Shawn decided to switch to guitar & vocals and the band added new vocalist Mike Crothers, bringing the band a new dual vocal/dual guitar lineup. With the new lineup complete Reprobation's first official release “The Colour of Gore” was born.

interview by some Repro on 8-5-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Rob Whitworth-Guitar, Mike Rees-Drums, Chuck Herrholz-Bass, Shawn Connors-Guitar/Vocals, Mike Crothers-Vocals

Why do you ask the Abort demo back?
Because Terry played on it...if own it, you'll understand.

What do you say when I think you have one of the most unprofessional covers?
It is unprofessional.

Where do you get a reprobation from?
K-mart. Only when it's on sale.

What kind of music do you listen yourself?
James Brown, Charlie Daniels, Kansas, but not King Diamond.

Having problems being a metalhead in your town?
Yes, most of us grew up in the 'hood.

Are you active in the underground scene?
No, we don't like to work out.

Who would you like to fuck?
Christina Ricci, Jill Kelly

MacDonalds or Burger King?
Burger King

Where do you get inspiration from?
Being dragged to church as a kid, and Jill Kelly.

Any interesting hobbies that we should know?
Chuck killed his dog.

Why should people buy the MCD?
We're like God...we need money.

Why are there no guitarsolos on the MCD?
There is one in ’Rotted Meat.’

Last rites
Interviewer: twansibon
May 8, 2001

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