Retch prefers McDonalds bathrooms

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Retch was formed in 2000 by ryan and justin, two guys sick of being in bands that were pumpin out weak shit, so they bought a drum machine and started working on new material. and here they are.

interview with the AA chairman Justin on 12-7-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
whats up, Twan! my name is justin and i'm an alcoholic.

Are you really an embalmer or just as a hobby?
me and ryan both went to mortuary science training, but we have not actually started our carrers due to full-time devotion to RETCH.

Who would you like to embalm?
jenna jameson

Do you masturbate in the mortuary?
i prefer McDonald's bathrooms

Why do you want to spread your sick creations around the world?
why limit our music to one area? this is the only music that has at least one band from every country and the underground should remain a close family.

Are you satisfied with the drumcomputer? Afraid to use it on stage?
we have grown to love the drum machine and have started playing shows with it, along with our new singer, Mike Eddy.

Why did you named your webaddress is not available?
some asshole is sitting on i would like to embalm him, now that you mention it. preferrably while he is still alive.

I liked the cover artwork. Why do you think it opens new frontiers?
i think it is the first gore-soaked computer generated cover. anyone interested in some sick fuckin' brutality should check out www.grandpa he's a cool guy and his prices are extremely reasonable.


What is your favorit albumcover artwork?
anything by wes benscoter. Embalmer's ’There was Blood Everywhere’ is fucking sick.

When you come up with the lyrics in what kind of mentally state are you?
the same state i'm in all the time. pure hatred for humanity.

What kind of movies do you watch?
horror and porn.

Any other interesting hobbies?

Ever been arrested by the cops?
no, the cop/citizen ratio out here allows you to get away with more shit.

What kind of pets do you have?
just two dead dogs.

Your favorit food? Do you cook yourself?
whiskey. meal in a cup.

Is your house earthquake free?
it's still standing right now. i'm just waiting for the big one, so i can go looting.

Any plans for releasing new material?
we're going to do a split with another drum machine band, Bludgeon from U.K. and then release the full length next year.

What is your goal with the band?
disgust as many people as possible and keep pumping out sick shit.

Why should people contact you for the MCD?
so i can pay my bills and they can get a nice little chunk of good quality deathgrind.

Last rites?
thanks for the interview, Twan! watch for RETCH coming to a town near you very soon. KEEP IT SICK!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 12, 2001
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