Rompeprop is privileged to be so successful

Homebase of groovy gregrind formation ROMPEPROP , is Eindhoven , the Netherlands. Starting of as a threesome , Jores du treu ( drums ) , Dirty dr Dente ( guitar ) & Steven smegma ( gargling ) Wanted to create the kinda music they love most: Party groovin Goregrind ! With sick downtuned vomit vocals. Inspired by bands like Utopie , Gut , Impetigo , Heamorrhage , Cock and ball toreture & N.C.C. They had their 1st try out in 1999, but it realy started off after they found bassplayer Micheil The Menstrual Mummie at the Fuck The Commerce fest 2001. ROMPEPROP 1st gig was a fact in Sept of that same year at the famous Dynamo club , Eindhoven. After that show they ware able to sing a small recorddeal with DISMEMBERMENT Rec. The releas of MCD “Menstrual Stomphulk” ( feb 2002 ) was suprisingly successfull! It soldout in just 3 months! Overwhelmed with tons of mail their popularity increased tremendouslyin just one year, also because of theur crazy live appearance filled with lotsa fun & joy!! One year later ( march 2003 ) they released their 1st full length on bizarre leprous ( CZ ) . This album `hellcocks Pornflakes`caused their official breake trough. Other labels wanted to release the next one. Steven Smegma couldn’t combine his job any longer with the band & after having more and more health problemsbecause of that , he unfortunately had to quit the band, but not after doing the studio recordings of their 3rd cd: A split whit Tu Carne ( march 2004 ) The other 3 had to hit the rehearselroom again to take over stevens vocals, because they need to be ready to hit the stage as much as possible in 2004 and beyond! It turnt out in a big success playing as a threesome and they played some big fest in europe and in U.S.A. and end is not even near!!!! Political concers is for other bands ! These guy’s just love gore! Nothing more!

Feb 2002 MCD Menstrual Stomphulk (dism.rec)
March 2003 CD Hellcocks Pornflakes (Bizz . lep)
March 2004 Split cd with Tu Carne ; Just A Matter Of Splatter! (Bizz.lep )

interview with Dirty dr Dente on 3-7-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hey Twan! I’m Dr.Dente, Rompeprop’s guitarplayer and since a year also Rompeprop’s main vokillist.

A lot happened after our last intie. What is the most remarkable one? Why?
I think the biggest thing is that our vokillist Steven Smegma had to leave the band because of health problems and he couldn’t combine Rompeprop with his work (mostly in the weekends) anymore... Steven was a big influence for the band; it’s very sad he had to leave, but he had no choice. Ofcourse also for us this was a bad thing, but on the other hand also a good thing because now we were able to play shows outside of Holland, something we couldn’t do before because of Steven’s job in the weekends. And ofcourse we can split the beer backstage with 3 persons now hehe! Currently we are all doing vokills, so we use 3 pitchshifters to create the sound we always had & will have... And i must say it works great! We still get great response from goregrindfans. We played at the Maryland death fest in the U.S.A. and this year we are on the Obsene Extreme-bill, so i think we are doing a good job.

Did you notice the extra reactions and sales after the promotion on the BRUTALISM site?
Hell yeah! BRUTALISM was a great promotion for us so thanx for that!! Some people thought that it was our website hehe!!

How serious do you take the band?
I take the band very serious! We really want to create something with the 3 of us, so when you talk about musick and recording we go all the way, but live shows are still most fun for us!! That’s what it is all about! Having fun and meeting people, talking to fans, that’s the best part of it! I just hope that some people finally understand that when we make fun of something or someone, that YOU must not take it too serious... We are only there for having fun!! And –you guessed it- drinking beer!

If serial killer teens say they started after hearing Rompeprop, what would you say?
Hahaha that they are stupid, because we only sing about penetrating dolphins and checking pelicans between their legs and sucking on black ketchupped tampons!!!! So I would say fuck off, hope you will get the death penalty & till then listen to the lyrics and start sucking our delicious pussyjuice chup a chups! (it’s not for free, you must buy it & I don’t care how you will get money for it in deathrow!)

What do you have against dolphines?
Nothing, we just fuck them in the hole on their head..... what’s wrong with that?

How can we recon you in daily life? And where could we find you most of the time?
You can recon me as a pitch loving gore blasting porn hoempa torso pounding atari freak and you can find me in my bed, at a bar or hanging upsite down in front of a mirror screamig to a passing canoe.

According your last name your dad must be called Santa?
Yep that’s him!! You have discovered the secret!! Congratulations!!

How did the band develop over the years? What did you do to achive?
I think we became more friends, at the same time we are a band and besides, i think you will hear it in our songs. They sound more mature (as far as you can speak of that) and the parts are fitting better than before. But our kinda musick isn’t there to develop, like some deathmetalband or something.We just love groovy gore & over the top topics, so we play groovy gore & write about crazy over the top stuff! Believe me, we laugh a lot! We will make sure that every record is a bit different, so we wont copy ourselves. As long as it stays gore-‘n-grind I am happy! Fuck yeah! WE WANT GORE!!! As for making songs nothing really changed since the beginning; we still use the same ingredients; fun and beer...

What is the biggest recognition you can get? Or ever wanna get?
I think we are on that point right now! We really didn’t expect it would go this fast! I mean we fuckin’ did shows in NY, we play the ‘Obscene Extreme’ fest, we did ‘No Fillers Just Killers’ in Germany with Libido Airbag, we go on tour in Brazil next January & when we get back, we immediately play the GORECITY-fest in the Effenaar (30 january 2005) with: CBT, NCC, Gronibard, SublimeCadavericDecomposition, Pigsty, Ahumado Granujo, Cerebral Turbulency, Disgorged Foetus, L.D.O.H. & Cliteater, we play at the Bloodshedfest in Weert in October with Rotting Sound & Cripple Bastards.... fuck! Our CD’s sell well, people keep asking for shirts & new material, labels beg to release our next album... Maybe it sounds as bit arrogant or a bit too much, but this is the fuckin’ truth! It is a dream come true to do so well in the grindcorescene!!! We just enjoying it as much as possible & meanwhile we are having a great time! We feel privileged to be so successful & therefore you can only be grateful to the grindfreaks that listen to our gore! Cheers you sick fucks!!! Hope you will stay as ugly as we do!

Do you rather play at festivals or local gigs? Give some pro and pres?
It would be better if you asked me this question one week later because than we played the biggest grindfest in Europe ObsceneExtreme fest, but sofar the clubgigs are great and the Maryland Deathfest was also awesome, so i can’t really say what i like more because we didn’t play too much big fests yet.... Only the VIRUSfest in Eindhoven hehe, and that was lots of fun!!

How do you arrange your gigs? Easy to get them?
Most of the time they send me a mail and just ask if we are interested, but so far it’s no so hard to get a cool gig... Luckily, because I hear that it can be totally different. I am so happy we have to deal with the grindcorescene; it is such a friendly & enthousiastic scene, compared to others. Fuck competition! We are proud to be goregrindheads & you should too!

Which posters were hanging in your bedroom 15 years ago? And which ones now?
I think it was Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Metallica, S.O.D.... At this moment I’m stil looking at Kreator’s Flag Of Hate, on my back it’s S.O.D. and Macabre, on my left it’s Mortician, Giger, D.R.I. and on my right it’s, Haemorrhage and lots of stuff from P.S.V. Eindhoven the soccer club.

Do you enjoy masturbation with Tigerbalsem on your dickhead?

What is your fav pornmovie? How many sparecopies do you have of it?
I think the best is ‘dirty Doctor Dente doing dirty doctor things’.... it’s my home movie and I have like 1039 copies of them (also for sale).

For what move will Rompeprop write the soundtrack?
I hope for : ‘As she licks my only ball’.

What kind of music do you play in your car? What car do you own?
Flesh Parade, Dahmer, Ingrowing, Lord Gore, Retch, Inhume, Bile, Mucus, Vader Abraham, Sandy, Prostethic Cunt, Blood Duster, Gronibard, de Zware Jongens, Hemdale, André van Duin’s greatest hits, Regurgitate, Libido Airbag, AnalBlast, Mortician, Koos Alberts (when he was still able to walk), Disgorge, Gorerotted, NCC, CBT, SMES., P.S.V.-clublied, Kots, Haemorrhage and a tape from ‘Flikflak-m’n wokkel tokt tralies’!! And I drive a bloodred Seat Toledo with a kinderüberrasschung-snail on my roof!! Hell yeah!!!

Is your type of car telling something about your sexual capacities?
I don’t no?!.. is it???

What is true about the rumor that you can suck a lollypop through your nose?
That’s a big fucking lie!!!! I hate it when people say that!! I hear it everywhere!! “he man aren’t you that guy who can.......”NO that’s not me asshole!!! I only can do it with my ear!!! Not with my nose!! How stupid is that!! Sucking a lollypop through your nose?!! You don’t do that!! It is just not decent!!!

Do you have an addiction?
Next to swimming in Neanderthalers and screaming at my canoe??....... no.

What can we do with stealing drugaddicts?
Scream to them that they must not be so selfish and give me some once in while!!!!!

Something shocking to confess?
When I was ten I stole a patch from Iron Maiden and told my mother I paid for it..... sorry mom!!

Last rites?
Thanx Twanneke, hope you do some good promotion again and thanx to the sick bastards that come to check out our shows, buy our stuf & drink our beer!!! You rule, except for the beer part!!!!! ROMPEPROP: ...if you drink beer it sounds even better....