Sargeist and devotion to the Lord of All

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The last time I interviewed was for Let The Devil in, seem like a long time?
Might be indeed! Time is not more than a passing breath of decay anyhow...

Yesterday the band unleashed the fourth album feeding on crawling shadows are happy are you that the album is finally out?
Yes, definitely. It is by far the culmination of our creation both musically and through it's lyrical attributes.

Why such a long time period between album?
It happens when it happens, we do not put any unnecessary pressure to do something all the time. Only when stars are aligned in the most sinister ways we come forth.

With this you went for a much more raw feel than last album?
As can be witnessed. The overall vision for the album required a much darker presentation to underline the worship.

I been listening to Let The Devil, I think it's a great album cause this was first Sargiest album I owned?
Certainly, one step on our path of devotion to the Lord of All.

You pretty much wrote the music and lyrics for this album or was it a more of collective efforts by each band member?
As usual all the core elements were drawn from my wretched soul but every member of Sargeist had their part in it. Hoath Torog contributed with some lyrics and alterations while Vainaya also composed two of the album songs. You can all try to figure out which ones...

Sargeist been a fixture in the black metal scene for a long time how many line up changes the band been though?
No line-up changes. When we decided to play live we got Vainaya in the band and that's it. Everyone else who has been a part of Sargeist has been only session help, but as a band there has been on change at all.

Despite the changes the band manage to uphold the standards that been put before you?
Strong vision needs only strong vessels to carry out the message.

You have toured Europe, when the band is going to do some shows in the States?
That will happen in late June at Martyrdoom festival in NYC followed by a few select additional dates in Austin TX, Chicago IL and in Los Angeles CA. Be there if you care.

If my memory served me right Sargiest was on moribund records when let devil in was released when did you signed with W.T.C.?
We signed with W.T.C. when Moribund started showing less interest in keeping in touch really. 6 months without a reply to a normal e-mail is not how I would keep "in touch" with a band of any importance to the label... That is somewhat a shame because Moribund did always everything required in the past and had nothing bad to say, and still it's one of the best labels there are today.

You feel going with W.T.C was the right decision?
Yes, we have all the support over here in Europe which is needed. Even the recent European tour would not have worked out with WTC backing us up with full force.

Are please with the job W.T.C. doing with the band?

What the criteria W.T.C. met when you signed with them?
That is more of private matter.

You also involve in Behexen and Horna how you manage to prioritize your time between these bands?
Easily. All it takes is enough dedication to use time for it. Music is my passion and my life...

Shatraug, I would like to thank you for taking the time from your schedule to do this interview is there anything else you like to add?
Thanks for the interview! Make sure you feed your shadows...
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Apr 14, 2014

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