Sceptic is proud of the Polish pope

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The band formed in 1994 as TORMENTOR with the line-up of Dariusz Styczen’ (g), Jacek Hiro (g) and Maciek Zie&Mac254;ba (dr). A year later the name was changed to SCEPTIC and some personnel changes occurred. Jacek Mroz&Mac250;ek became a new guitar player replacing Dariusz Styczen’ while the vocal position was taken by Arek Stawiarski. It was this line-up that recorded the band’s debut demo simply titled ”Demo 96” featuring the intro and 5 tracks. The follow-up to this tape was recorded in 1997, after Pawe? Kolasa (ATHROPIA RED SUN) joined the band on bass. ”Beyond Reality” comprised 8 cuts and garnered some serious underground following. Unfortunately, 1998 marked the rise of differences among the members and saw the emergence of the new line-up with Jacek Hiro (g), Kuba Kogut (dr), Marcin Urbas’ (voc) and Pawe? Kolasa (bg). The following 2-tracker featured what were perhaps the band’s most representative compositions, ”Die From Within” and ”Interior Of Life,” and proved to be the turning point in their career. Following a number of positive reviews in the underground press, SCEPTIC signed a contract with Massive Management.

In January 1999 the band recorded their debut album ’Blind Existence,’ which also featured the second guitarist, Czesiek Semla. SCEPTIC became one of the pretenders to the ’Best Debut of 1999’ title, topping many of the press annual charts. The fivesome also appeared and was well received at Thrash’em All Festival’99 and Mystic Festival’99. It wasn’t, however, until November 1999 that ”Blind Existence” saw the light of day thanks to Mystic Productions. Highly technical death metal and Marcin Urbas’’s sporting success made both the band and their music very popular, not only in the music circles. Also, good reception in the Western press, including 8.5 points out of 10 in the German Rock Hard, promised further career. All in all, the year 1999 was rounded with several concerts in Poland, a number of interviews and the title of the most promising new band.

February 2000 marked another round of line-up changed. The band re-acquired the old drummer Maciek Zie&Mac254;ba, but lost Marcin Urbas’, who was replaced by Micha? Senajko. SCEPTIC started writing the new material, but also performed at Thrash’em All Festival’2000 and during several underground events. On September 15 the band again entered the Studio Selani to record the second album tentatively called ’Lost Identity.’ Produced by Szymon Czech, the material contained 9 track, including the NOCTURNUS cover, ’Arctic Crypt.’ The video-clip to the ”Pathetic Being” track was also produced. Soon afterwards, the album title was changed to ”Pathetic Being” while the cover artwork was commissioned to and subsequently delivered by Jacek Wis’niewski (VADER, DECAPITATED, DIES IRAE, HADES). As the session concluded, Micha? Senajko left the band to be replaced by Micha? Skotniczny from CRIONICS.

In January 2001 the band signed to Empire Records which will release the album in Europe on 21 April 2001 and license it to Last Episode for Europe. Autumn will see its release in the USA and Canada through World War III. The negotiations for the Japanese and Asian version are under way.

SCEPTIC are one of the most promising young bands in Poland and not only. Their musicianship, experience, composing talents and characteristic soloing make their death metal stunningly refreshing and mind-expanding.

interview with the huitarist Jacek on 28-5-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My name is Jacek Hiro. I'm the guitarist for Sceptic. 21 years old, married, one child soon.

The band started as Tormentor. Was the name taken from the Destruction song?
I don't think so however I didn't think of this name so I may be wrong.

What kind of bands did you listen to in the beginning?
I started with the bands like Iron Maiden or Helloween then I started listening to heavier stuff Dismember, Entombed, Sodom to finally define precisely my musical taste to Death, Cynic, Pestilence, Nocturnus...

Why do you get your recorddeal worldwide after 7 years?
We always had a problem with finding the releaser for our music. I don't know why people like it but no one wants to release it. We were looking for a label to release our first album for almost a year!

Did you get the technical skills for the seven years practice?
No. Nine years. We all play our instruments for about nine years. I started playing the guitar when I was 12.

How is the scene in Poland?
We have a lot great bands just waiting to be noticed. Only in Kraków where I live there's at least 5 bands worth releasing. They have financial problems like every young band but it's much better than afew years ago when we were starting with Sceptic.

Do you feel any pride that the pope is Polish?
Yes. Although I'm not a catholic I do. He's one of the most important people in the world and he's Polish.

Do you think Death Metal is a way of life?
For some people but not for me. I'm a Death Metal fan, I've been listening to this music since I was 10 years old but I don't see the reason for addicting my whole life to it and wearing a leather jacket even when it's 25 degrees in the shadow. I won't kill a man for saying ’I don't like this music’ because everyone has right to have his own opinion.

With which band would you like to go on a world tour?
I don't know. Death maybe but there's a lot of bands I love and I would like to play with each one of them.

And if this is true what will happened with your jobs?
I don't work but the ones who do will have to decide what they want to do in their lives.There always comes the time when you have to make a choice. Make sure you'll make a right one.

Saw the Pestilence shirt in the clip. What are your favorit bands?
I like Pestilence, Death, Nocturnus, Atheist, Cynic, Sadist... I like everything played profesionally. I listen to Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Allan Holdsworth, Andreas Vollenveider.

Is your family happy with a death metaller?
I hope so. I try not to give them reasons to worry. The familly is the most important in life. These are the only people who love you no matter if you are a rock star or a begger. You have to apereciate it because when your familly turns back at you, you don't have anything left.

Are you sceptic for some topics?
Yes sometimes. But it's not my life philosophy. You'd probably have to think of something very stupid to make me say ’I won't belive it until I won't see it’.

Last rites
Greetings to all BRUTALISM readers. Check out ’Pathetic being’ you won't be disapointed.