Serpent don't want to play in Bon Jovi

interview with Serpent

In 2000 Tyr (guitar) and Sin (bass/vocals) formed SERPENT and along came Raven (background vocals). SERPENT is a Death/Black metal group out to set their own standard drawing influences from many different styles of the hardrock genré and a thouch of classical music.

interview with Sin at 21-7-2002

Please give a short introduction of yourself?
SIN half man half beast.

Why did you start the band? Played in other bands before?
Yes played another band with TYR. We made some songs that didn’t fit the band we played in and wanted to explore diffrent areas and take SERPENT were no band have gone before.

Think the bass is the laziest instrument to play in a band?
Not in a Death/Thrash band in Bon Jovi maybe.

What is the goal with Serpent? What do you wanna archive?
Make a Death/Thrash record that becomes a classic.

Describe the power of Serpent as your try to be original?
We don’t limit ourselves to sound like other Death/Thrash bands we take our influences fom many diffrent styles of the hardrock genre.

Why did you choose the name Serpent? Name it after the creature in the bible?
When you least expect it ....the SERPENT will strike.

Are you religious? Your attitude towards any kind of religion?
We belive in Odin.

How plays the drums on your songs? And on stage?
TYR and I program all the drums there will be a session drummer for tours and studio.

Did you have any gigs done already? What were the reactions?
No gigs yet !

What is the art of war? Did you joined your army?
I have been in the Navy and TYR in the Army.

Think the war subjects are a negative look into the future?
There have always been wars it’s in the human nature.

Do you think the lyrics are important? What do you do to get inspiration?
Lyrics are important to set the mood of the song and make people think. Insperation comes from books and documetaries.

Why do you have long hair? Afraid for the barber?
Like our mighty forefathers the Vikings had long hair and beard so do we. Why do you have short hair are you in the boy scouts?

How is the scene in your area? Enough chances to spread your music?
There are many talented and good bands in Sweden.But Metal get ignored in media and television.They only write about and show Swedish hip hop that is usually an imigrant from some Arabic country that raps and pretend to be from Bronx U.S.A. ít’s patetic.We live in capitol of Sweden and there are no good places for uppcomming metal bands to play live.No radio show NOTHING!!

Visit recordstores when you are in a different town?
Always check out thr record stores for collectibels.

Do you collect music yourself? What are the last three albums you bought?
King Diamond: Abigail part II, Arch Enemy: wages of sin , Manowar: Warriors of the world.

Why did you wanted a BRUTALISM shirt? And how did you find us?
We found your banner on a cool Swedish bands website. The shirt is a killer.

The plans for the future? Record new material? Looking for a label?
Currently writing new songs.

How would you like to see the band in three years?
Made a great record on a major record label.

What do you think of bands who still play after 15 years? And the reunions?
With some bands cool like the KIZZ tour in 96 and some disapointing like Iron Maiden ’brave new world’ the record,stage show, what was that? Still waiting for JUDAS PRIEST to reunite with Halford that would be killer.

What is always in your fridge the whole year?

Describe the best possible promotion for Serpent?
Spread our music.

Last rites?
To take our place next to Odin in Valhalla. Take care and stay true.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 21, 2002

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