Sludge! wants to be dead at 30

interview with Sludge

In 1997, four guys (Dan Snyder, Dave & Paul Orkin, & James Scarduzio) joined together to create the most brutal music that they possibly could with mixing hardcore, metal, & grinding terror to punish the mosh pits and pummel you into existence. Three years later down the line Sludge! is still together kicking it their own way and style without giving up to the radio friendly listeners. Three months after the band formed they went into the studio to record their very first demo entitled ’ New Jersey Hate Core ’ which contained four songs. After getting positive feedback on this demo from many distribution companies, labels, fanzines, & radio stations nationally & internationally. They decided in 1998 to record the second demo entitled ’ Alone & Twisted ’ which contained four more songs to give to everyone and show them that the music showed growth in the song lyrics, music, & song structure. This helped the band start talking to labels about getting a deal of some sort. Many shows were played at this time and traveling was starting to pick up as the band went down this route. As the band went on, they wanted to give one more thing to everyone to check out. A seven inch vinyl record featuring two new songs. This vinyl record was pressed on green wax and had only 300 pressings all hand numbered. This led them to start talking to Twist of Faith Records in Virginia Beach after playing a show there in April of 1999. November of 1999, the very first full length Sludge! CD came out entitled ’ Behavior Modification Theory ’ on Twist of Faith Records and has been getting rave reviews and constant airplay in countries around the world.
Sludge! makes no point in changing their sound to suit the corporate business at all. Take it or leave it, Sludge! is here to stay and torture every living soul that they can. Make note of this as there will be more to come in the near future.

interview with Dave the guitarman on 7-6-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Dave / Guitarist / Promotions / Booking / etc.

Is Dan related to Dee Snyder/Twisted Sister?
Nah.. but it would be nice to have Dee help us out. Twisted has been a band I have liked for many years now and it seems they are coming back stronger thean ever now.

Why did you choose the name Sludge!? Afraid to end there?
The name came about making jokes about the hc band Judge. Old school hardcore was not my thing at all. And what I wanted to play was that kind of Crowbar hardcore type sound. Didn't happen that way at all. Just came out to be more raw and natural feeling.

Any unespected reactions to the CD?
Yeah, reviews calling Sludge! Limp Bizquit, Korn, Rage Against the Machines rejects. Fuck them people.

Who do you hate most?
Christ I'd be here forever. Too many people to name.

Is it possible to make the music more punishing?
Yeah, wait til you hear the next release. 2 guitars, more punishing riffs. You will see...very cool stuff.

What can we expect at a live show?
Hopefully everyone being stoned at the same time. LOL. Real good heavy music. Lots of long hairs banging heads. That's always a good thing.

What was the coolest show you did?
Cumberland, MD & louisville, KY.

Who is taking home the groupies?
Well, I've been doing real good lately. 19 year old girls rule!

What musical education did you have?
Took music classes in high school for 4 years, took classical guitar lessons for 2 years.

What kind of music did your parents play at home?
My pops listens to a lot of the same stuff I do. He's a big King Diamond fan which is very cool. Mom listens to a lot of real bad music. Aerosmith, Neil Diamond.etc.

Did you wear a suit to your prom?

Any wishes for the future?
Hope to tour Europe and party many nights with Asian girls.

Last rites?
Hopefully I'll be dead by the age of 30.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 7, 2001

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