SpermBloodShit because it sounds cool

interview with spermbloodshit grindcore band from italy

Hell-o Alessio, welcome to BRUTALISM.com, how are you?
Hello Hijo Del Dolor, I’m great. It’s a pleasure for me!

Could you introduce SpermBloodShit to the people who are reading this interview?
SpermBloodShit is a grindcore band that was born in 2007 and since the beginning it released two full albums,  some different split 7” and CDs and various tribute and compilation CDs.

SpermBloodShit is a curious name for a band, why did you choose it?
It just came in my mind a few years ago: I liked it and I still do.

The members of the band are -or were- members of other bands like Bestial Devastation or Ass Gaping, SpermBloodShit have some influences of those bands or not?
I don’t know, probably yes, probably not. Bestial Devastation was my previous grindcore band (2002-2008) and I really enjoyed touring Europe and releasing many stuff. Ass Gaping is more based on pornogrind … Matteo (SpermBloodShit / ex-Tools Of Torture) plays with me in the band and our debut album will be released very soon by Hecatombe Records .
I also play in Guineapig, a new band made up of Ultimo Mondo Cannibale members in the vein of CBT. Our first debut will be out this Spring via Rotten Roll Rex.
At the end, even if all my bands play grindcore they all have their own style.

Some of your songs start with funny moments of South Park, why do you use it in your music?
I’m a huge fan of South Park! Cris (the previous drummer) and I started to put those samples as intro for the songs and after listening to them we really enjoyed the final result so we just kept them and we still continue to do it now!

When you search SpermBloodShit on the internet you can see in various webs this words "grindcore", "punk", "death metal"... how do you define your style?
I think that we’re a grindcore band manly but with punk (new stuff) and death metal (old stuff) parts sometimes.

What kind of things can we listen on your lyrics? What is your inspiration to write those lyrics?
It depends… mostly crazy stuff with a bit of gore/splatter humour...
For example, last Summer we recorded some tracks for two upcoming split 7” (w/ Smashing Dumplings and w/ Pulmonary Fibrosis). The tracks contained in the split with SD are funny  lyrics based on drugs (e.g. Mr. Krokodil Dundee, Wile E. Peyote) and the others are a concept about one Italian cult movie Fantozzi (I hope you understand what I’m talking about! HAHAHA!).

We saw in your Facebook page that you'll launch new works in 2014. What can we expect about those works? There will be some differences with your past works?
We really enjoyed the composition and the recording of our new stuff and we think it’s the best we have recorded with SpermBloodShit ever. It’s faster than the previous songs we created and we like to play them during our shows.

I like some italian bands like Rabid Dogs, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Blasphemer, Septycal Gorge, Putridity, Corpsefucking Art, Spermbloodshit, Cannibe, Orifice, Anonima Sequestri, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale or 2 Minuta Dreka, what do you think about the italian scene? Can you recommend us some italian bands?
There are some good acts in Italy: I really like Rabid Dogs, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Diorrhea, Zeit Geist (talking about grindcore and derivations) and Septycal Gorge, Putridity (talking about brutal/death).
Anyway I still think that Italy sucks about “Italian scene”. Sometimes there are good concerts but people don’t go to them or they just don’t support the underground. People prefer to pay 100 euros to see the same mainstream act, instead of 5 or 10 euros for foreign and/or local underground bands. It’s completely different in Czech Republic or Russia or probably in every state out of Italy… people there support bands like us and keep the underground ALIVE!

You are looking for labels that should be interested in co-releasing a split 7" with Pulmonary Fibrosis, how it's going?
Yes, the looking is almost over  but we still need someone more. If any labels are interested in this project contact us at: info@spermbloodshit.com

Your albums were released by Coyote Records, a Russian label that publish a lot of good works every year and worked with bands such as Ebanath, Tu Carne or Bowel Stew. It looks a great label, isn't it?
Coyote Records is a very good label! Last year we finally met the owner who invited us to play at Coyote Brutal Fest: Dmitry is a fuckin’ great guy!

Lately some bands like Obituary are using crowdfounding to release their works. Do you think that using the crowdfounding is a way to show to some labels that they must change some rules if they want to keep the bands in their list of signed bands or not?
Crowdfounding is a great tool, but for young and not-so-known bands, not for Obituary-like kind of bands. You can support a young band giving them money they need to make an album, supporting them in their growth process.

The EP "Gianni Morandi" was released by yourself only a few months before your last work "The Tourette's Syndrome" and two of the three songs included in the EP are  on the album too. Why you didn't release the other song in the album?
We wanted to release “Gianni Morandi EP” because we played some shows in that period with the new line-up and we wanted to introduce the band before the release of the new album. We preferred to have the Macabre cover as an exclusive track for the people who supported us buying that EP.

You said that the same day in wich SpermBloodShit was born, you composed six songs plus three covers and the next week you recorded the "Demo 2007", and it sounds incredible. Could you explain this?
Cris (ex-SpermBloodShit’s drummer) and I played many shows together with our own previous bands (Bestial Devastation and Bloodraised, both split-up). We started to know each other better and better and we decided to start a new project . I arrived with only one riff on the first rehearsal day and during that afternoon I created the rest just playing together. It was really cool! It was pretty the same for the composition of our first album “Polar Torsion Syndrome”… we did only a couple of rehearsals before recording all the album.

In April of 2013 you took part in the "Grinding for a cure Vol. I" (like bands as Agathocles, Phobia, Grunt or Impetigo), a benefit compilation towards the research funding for Alzheimer. Who are the people behind this idea? Could you tell us the ways to collaborate with them?
Dorian from Noisear is involved in together with other friends of him. It was a honor for us to take part in this great project and if you did anything you can still show your support: https://grindoplis420.bandcamp.com/album/grinding-for-a-cure-vol-i

You did some covers of bands as different as CBT, Last Days Of Humanity, Impetigo, Abscess, Regurgitate and you'll take part in the Dead Infection's tribute... Are those bands your main influences when you de-compose your songs or not?
Every time we do a cover it’s because we love that track, but not always because it’s our main influence.

You put your discography in digital download option for free, why do you decide to do that?
Because we want to spread our music everywhere and probably because we suck and nobody would pay for some shitty grindcore! If people prefer the physical copy, they can order our stuff using our store: www.spermbloodshit.bigcartel.com

It's a bad time to the music business... In your opinion what are mainly the problems for the bands, labels and promoters?
Bands have to deal most of the time with shitty promoters, shitty crowds and shitty labels.
Promoters have to deal with bands who believe they’re Motley Crue after 1 home-recording demo.
If you don’t attend underground shows and don’t support underground bands/labels, the underground won’t exist anymore.

Some European countries are involved in a big crisis, do you feel it in the number of people that go to your shows or buy your stuff?
There’s crisis, but it affects mostly the big events and shows, not ours which are usually free. And we have like 10 fans, so it can’t be worse! HAHAHA!

The spanish minister of culture said in an interview that due to the crisis the musicians must to earn less money. What do you think about this words? In Italy there are some stupid politicans like him or they really support the culture including the music?
All the politicians suck everywhere! And I think Italy’s got the worst ones and they don’t even know what “culture” is!

Do you like to say something before the end of this interview?
I really enjoyed the interview Hijo Del Dolor and many thanks for the opportunity you gave us! People like you keep the underground alive!
Keep supporting grindcore and SpermBloodShit, of course!
Thanks for your time and good luck Alessio.