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Sublustris originated from the band Canister, which arose in November 95. Canister line-up originally was: drummer Ton de Haan, martijn Weeda on bass, Sebastiaan den Oudsten on guitar and Niels Jensen also on guitar.
February 96 the band knew some changes. Chiel Lozeman and Arjaan Kampman took hold of the microphones and Sebastiaan left the band. At this time the band's style was set, namely death metal. late April 96 drummer Ton buried his sticks, which resulted in a three months shut down. In August Chiel installed himself behind the drums and Arjaan now was the only vocalist. It was then when the band was given the name Sublustris, which means as much as twilight. A few months later GertJan Machiels joined the band as second guitar player.
With this complete line-up they started writing original, fast and brutal songs, which were performed on their 1st gig, on February 14 1997 in JC de Hortus (Harderwijk). Sublustris was received with enthusiasm. Martijn left the band in August 97, but came back in June of 98. Marc Brouwer had replaced him while he was away.
Sublustris entered a competition between 6 local bands and left the same night from Cultureel Centrum Stroud (Putten) as 1st place winners. This happened in October 97. Time passed with number of gigs and in October 98 Gert Lozeman replaced GertJan. In May and June of 99 Sublustris recorded 7 own songs and placed these songs on their demo CD, called “This is where they are stashed”. This demo CD was recorded and produced by Vincent Dijkers (Orphanage, Centurian, Sinister, Houwitser) together with Sublustris, at his QSA Studios in Utrecht. this heavy production was released on November 28 1999 and proves a force to be reckoned with!

The Line Up:
Arjaan Kampman: Vocals
Niels Jansen: Guitars
Gert Lozeman :Guitars
Chiel Lozeman :Drums
Jan van den Hoorn: Bass

interview with Jan bass player on 23-4-2001

Please introduce yourself and your part in the band?
My name is Jan bassplayer of SUBLUSTRIS

Why did you choose the name Sublustris?
Has it something to do with the music you are playing?
The nameSUBLUSTRIS was already there when I joint the band, it means such as twilight or lightflash.

The demo is from 1999. Did you record any new material?
Our own guitarplayer is on a 12 month’s trip to Thailand, somebody else is doing the job now till he’s back from his journey. But we already have new material for our second cd.

How drunk were you when the outro was recorded?
We used all that was ilegal.

Is there a label that is interested in your material to release it?
Not that we know, but we didn’t try very hard-this is only our first cd [demo]

Did you had any interesting gig?
We dit play with DEAD HEAD, CENTURIAN, PYEMIA, ART OF PREMANITION, EMBODIMENT, ROTTUS and a lot of other cool bands.

Why are there no guitar solos in your songs?
Its a kind of diferent than other bands do, we know but we like it that way---we have solo’s but not on the track’s of the cd, but in some old and NEW songs.

Is there a good scene in your area?
There are a few bands , but it`s not really a scene.

Where do you get inspiration out?
Were playing with our mind we don`t listen what other bands do.

What are your favorit bands?
Dream Theater, Soilwork, [ Terror 2000 ], The Forsaken.

Do you put ideas of them in your own music?
No not really , to be honest

What makes you throw up?
the VENGA boys and that kind of shit!!!

What can make you euforic?
When they finally ask us to play on Dynamo Open Air.

Your last rites?
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 23, 2001

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