Symbolic and their specific vision on their music

Hello, guys! How's it going? Introduce yourself, please, and give us a short recap of the band's history, as usual.
We´re looking forward the upcoming release of SCARVEST and are curious about the reactions of zines, fans and others. Our members are Basti (vox), Andi (git), Stef (git.), Tobi (drums) and last but not least our new bassist Sebastian, who joined us a few weeks ago.
SYMBOLIC started in 2005. The only founding members who play in the current line- up, are Basti and Andi. After our first gigs, we managed to get an emerging fanbase in Ingolstadt and the surrounding areas. The next step was recording our first album ENIGMA (2006) and become Rockstars (smile…). Indeed ENIGMA was a huge experience for greenhorns like us, but. during this time we had several line up changes. Of course every change was a relapse for the evolution and working process of the band. Back in 2009 a stable line- up was found with Tobi and Stef. After writing our songs for SCARVEST we boarded the Flatliners Studio (Ingolstadt) in February 2010 and recorded the album within three weeks. The whole process finally lasted till July (Mix, Mastering, Cover, Layouts and so on). This time we decided to distribute the record via a label. So we applied us and got a record deal with Twilight Records.

The word Symbolic sounds bit too familiar to many metalheads out there. Was it inspired by the similarly titled album by Death or you had a different idea on your mind?
Actually it was a mix between being inspired by Chucks Music and looking for a bandname who contains one word and is easy to remember. At that time we didn´t notice that there are lots of Bands out there with the same name…

Tell us about your new album - Scarvest. What's the concept behind it, why is it called this way, how is it different from your debut album from your personal point of view? Who did the kick-ass artwork?
There is no masterplan behind SCARVEST. The lyrics reflect how we sense our society and life in general. The title SCARVEST is a aggregation about the lyrics and their tenor on this record. It means that life leaves its scars on your soul. Some of them may kill you, just like the guy on the cover…
The record was a big effort and advance in songwriting and recording. We learned from past faults and now we are more focused on accurate recording and writing interesting, but nevertheless catchy stuff.
Björn from Killustrations created our artwork and merch designs. He also made covers for Dew Scented, Aborted, Vomitory and many others. Our first thought as we´ve seen the artwork was ”Fuck, where the hell is that dude´s head?” We think that Björn did a bad ass job for us because he perflectly visualized the intention behind the album title SCARVEST.

How the production was different from the first album, which was self released, now that you're working with Twilight Vertrieb?
The recording process of SCARVEST was similar to ENIGMA – the same recording engineer and studio, but we´ve -  as above mentioned - grown up as musicians and had a specific vision of our music. Working with Twilight is a big progress for us: we get lots of reviews, interviews and advertisements in zines. With a self released record, you haven´t connections and opportunities like on a label – it´s just like nobody takes you serious.

Which bands did inspire you in the first place, who are you looking up to now?
The music taste of every single band member is brutally different. So it´s hard to drop names. But in general; everybody of us loves death metal and progressive music.

What can you tell us about the metal scene in Ingolstadt and in the region in general? Anything worth mentioning or checking out?
Unfortunately a lot of bands went their separate ways the last years. But you can check out some bad ass buddies of ours: Fatality Inc., At the Abyss and Rotting Empire.

Who's the driving force behind Symbolic? Is it a collective and open effort or there's a control-freak writing all the music and directing the band's every step?
Nope – there´s no control freak or something behind SYMBOLIC. The work is distributed in a democratic way. When we´re writing music or organize gigs,etc. everybody have to give his okay. So everybody can identify with the result.

What are you're planning at the moment now that you have Scarvest out? Touring, writing new music?
At the moment we´re planning the SCARVEST tour with our booking agency which will probably kick off in September 2011. The next point is to promote SCARVEST – Message to everybody: buy the record, so we can afford ourselves a golden toilet seat! And we only wrote one new song since the SCARVEST sessions, so it´s time for us to get up of our asses and do some new shit.

Where do you see your band in say 5 or 10 years? Any milestone accomplishments you're looking forward to fulfill?
Have I already mentioned that golden toilet seat for every band member? So I guess you can figure out by yourself what we want to accomplish in the next couple of years. And of course getting tons of    groupies, drugs and cadillacs…
But seriously: we want to be respected in the death metal scene as an independent and unique band.

What stuck in your playilist recently? Any new bands or albums you would want to suggest to your fans or maybe a guilty pleasure you're not so proud to have in your playlist?
There are so much LPs you can´t imagine, but here are a few amazing and underrated bands: Coroner, Anacrusis, Disillusion, Conducting from the grave, The Duskfall, Darkane, Dark Suns…

Any message to your fans out there and the metal community in general?
Keep your underwear clean or go commando and yell in german: Ja genau! Hey wie geht´s euch? (everyone who was at a SYMBOLIC show knows what this message is about…)

Thank you for your time and the answers you were so kind to provide!
Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 2, 2011

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