The architect of Todesblei explains

TODESBLEI was founded as a solo project in the year 2000, by Andrea Baglioni (guitars). In the same year, the MCD ’Er wird Euch holen!’ was released. The feedback was very positive, so that Andi decided to form a band with a full line up.
After a long time of searching, Dusan Djokic (vocals) joined the band in July 2001. He took the vacant job of bass player/vocals. In November 2001, the drum problem was finally solved, when Daniel Lütolf (drums) completed the band. TODESBLEI played their first gig ever in May 2002.
The band started to compose new songs, different from the older ones, with the goal of releasing an album. The album was recorded on the own Repulsive – Studio. During the sessions, other new songs had to be created because the playing time was too short to fill up a full album, due to the high speed.
Dusan had a burden with his two jobs, so Luca Lukovic ( bass ) joined the band in September 2002. Dusan was now able to concentrate completely on the vocals. After that, the bass – and vocal parts, were rearranged and new recorded.
The album, called ’splittergranatendauerbombardement’, contains 14 songs of fast and brutal Death Metal. With the new album and line up, TODESBLEI goes on stage.

interview with Andrea on 08-07-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Andrea Baglioni, italo-swiss, age 35, married, 2 children, all guitars on Todesblei

What is the philosophy of Todesblei? The spiritual message?
There's no philosophy or message behind. We're different guys who try to do the same thing, hehehe. No, we love the sound we do, the feeling we create, the power we have and many more. We're real idealists and realists.
All what we do is for us. If people love our sound too, it's much better.

You play brutal death metal, aren't afraid you cause a lot of avalanches?
That's cool, hehehe. No, we haven't so much snow in our region and the mountains are far away. But that's a good idea. Let play Todesblei in the critical zones and we resolve the avalanche problem without bursts. I hope, when we play on Mountains of Death Open Air, that all the snow is gone.

Do you find hesitation when you say you are from Switzerland? People take you serious?
Why should I hesitate? We're from Switzerland and so it is. If people takes us serious or not, is their own problem. We are what we are. We do our own thing. I'm not a patriot or anything else: but what is so negative on Switzerland? I like it.

You sing in German. Why? lack of english? People can't hear the wordssung?
Oh, that's simple. 1. German is our mother-tongue, so we think in it. It's much easier to write lyrics and so we don't spend a lot of time to create them. 2. It hasn't many death metal bands which growl in german. So it's something new. That's all.

But we've a lot of problems with the german criticians, which understand what we say and so we offer them a good reason to be attacked.

People think that Dutch population walk with wooden shoes, grow weed and live in a windmill. What images do people have from Switzerland?
Many says, that Switzerland is the land of milk-cows, chocolate, cheese and swatch. Other says, it's the land of glacier and mountains. But one said to me, that Switzerland is paradise. Paradise???? No, no, itÕ's definitively not so, hehehe. One is sure, swiss are stupid workaholics.

Switzerland is a neutral country but what about the bankaccount of warcriminals?
All what I say, can be wrong, because I'm not up to date and not interested in this.

How much money do you have on your bankaccount?
Why? Do you need some? Unfortunately I need it, too. Try it in 234 years again, hehehe.

Do you think you can live of music? What is your daily job to provide the money?
No, I don't think so. We're not a commercial band and will it never be. We want to cover our charges. If we earn some money, we spend it in other things for Todesblei. So we had to go working. Dusan is a constructor, Dani works in a record shop and I'm an architect.

What will you do with your first million? Attending a lottery to gain it quicker?
Give me a million, then I will tell it to you, hehehe.

What is your education? You work in this section? Do you have a dream job as a kid?
I am an architect and work yet in this section. As kid I dreamed to be an indian, than a clown and many more, hehehe. But when it was serious to decide my job, I would learning by a chemist. Unfortunately it hadn't no free places for this job, so I decided me for the second opinion, architect.

Can you remember anything from your childhood? Where did you with playwith? What TV programs did you watch?
Oh, yes. I was a wild boy. Always accidents, blood flows, broken bones, a permanent guest in hospital. I played with all things which were dangerous. Two times I was near death. The guardian angel had a lot to do with me, hehehe. At the time it hadn't so many TV programs like today, but I always watched cartoons.

And what did you do as a teenager? Chasing girls? Skip schoolclasses?
No chase, no skip. I was a football player and lived only for it. Since my 6th year, I played in my hometown club in the highest categories, until Inter Mailand, during an international tournament, offers me a contract. But I was 13 year old and too young to went away from my parents. In this time I started to play guitar.

When did your musical interest start? Remember your first band that tickled our ears?
It was in the seventies. I always listen radio. All the greatest hits of this time. I don't remember the first band I heard, but the first Metal-LP I bought, was Iron Maidens Piece of Mind. In the beginning of the eighties contact me the metal virus and I bought a lot of records.

Do you have any musical heroes? Would you like to meet them in person if possible?
No heroes, no meetings, only influences. I've always gone my own way and I've done what I want. I play the sound which came out of my stomach. I feel free, when I do my own shoes. So I'm happy and I don't want more.

How is your attitude towards other bands if you play with them? Help them if needed?
Every band which invites us to play with, can be sure that we invite them too. For example: BRUTAL X-MAS, is organised by Todesblei for all our friends in metal. And this would be done every year. Of course, we hope that each band do that for us, too.

Can people bribe you with free beer to play a cover song?
Sure, also many blonds with two legs, hehehe.

No, so long I live, I'll never play cover songs. I hate them. We are enough creative to write our own songs. And the originals are always better.

What is the best snack that comes with beer? Why?
Oh, I'm the wrong man for this question, I don't drink beer. Dusan and Dani are beermaniacs. You should ask them.

If I drink a six pack what kind of visions do I see when listening to the record?
What kind of a question, hehehe. Cool! I must fill up somebody crazy to find it out. But try it yourself and tell me what you've seen.

Any suggestions what people should do get a copy of the record?
Oh, it's simple. Go to our website,, disc section, click on cover, order and send me an e-mail. There are all conditions, too. So you get a CD.

Other promotional words for Todesblei?
Todesblei or die. Splittergranatendauerbombardement. Contact us.

Last rites?
Thanks for the support and the cool review. Deadly greetings to all Die Hard maniacs and hope to see you on one of our gigs. Stay brutal.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 8, 2003

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