The Brilliant Coldness out of the Ukraine

From the Baltic state of the Ukraine come Brillant Coldness. To my surprise they play brutal, technical death metal pretty much in the vein of Suffocation. After three years since their last release, Brillant Coldness finally relased their fourth album "Poisoned Reality". I had a email talk with Sergey.

Hello how are you today? hope everything is all good with you!
Hello, Paul! Thank you for interest to our band, everything is allright.

First why it took 4 yrs to release "Poisoned Reality"?
Actually it took 3 years, because album was finished in august of 2006 and released on Apollon Records 27-th of October of 2009. And the reason of such delay is troubles with our line-up soon after album was recorded. We strive to be not only a studio group. We need professional musiciants to play this music, and this is a real problem in our province town Lugansk. So we started promotion when our line-up was ready for promo tours.

What attracted the band to Apollon Records? What made the band decide to sign with them instead of other labels that were seeking the band out?
First of all Berend, director of Apollon Records, realy liked this album. And from the begining Apollon Records makes as much to promote this album as it possible. Apollon Records is label we trust.

Tell us about the death metal scene in the Ukraine. Being in America I usually don't hear about death metal bands from that region.
Death metal scene in Ukraine rests on the enthusiasm of musicians. All gigs, shows, open airs – it’s all mostly not a buisness. All bands from Ukraine releases mostly abroad. We don’t have enough developed scene here to have a lot of great death metal bands. But you can hear such as MENTAL DEMISE, BALFOR, DATURA, CASTRUM, FLESHGORE etc.

Can you tell the readers about the new release "Poisoned Reality" in your own opinion? You think it surpasses beyond eternity far as musicianship goes?
Yes of course. The great difference between “Beyond Eternity” and  “Poisoned Reality” in structure of music, sound, record quality, guitar solos, arrangements etc. “Poisoned Reality” is a new level in creative activity of BRILLIANT COLDNESS.

When I hear this album there's a lot of groove oriented type riffs. To me this is an album for people who are fans of Necrophagist and Suffocation.
Maybe you’re right. But we allways strive ourselves to be more original. We want to open new horizons of extreme metal. We have in this album some crossing in style similar to the necrophagist and suffocation, but also we have another ways of metal here.

What kind of impact U.S. death metal bands Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse on you when you started this band?
The mostly in begining of our band we have impact of Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Megadeth, Death, Incantation, Suffocation, Impetigo and etc. All those bands showed us the way where we can deliver in our creative activity. We took the best form them (for our taste) and made our own kind of music.

Is it hard for your band of your caliber to get a gig in the Baltic region (Lituana, Estonia and Ukraine)?
No, it is not so difficult as you think. Abroad Ukraine all difficulties are connected mostly with borders crossing.

How's the band's relationship with Apollon Records so far?
The best.

What are the details of deal that Apollon offered to the band when you got hooked up with them?
Sorry, but this is a commercial secret.

What are the bands plans as far as touring goes? Is there any gigs that the band got planned for this year.
The main goal for us now is making of new stuff. All gigs are not in priority.

You have any material ready for the next album?
Yes, we have 4 almost finished tracks.

Can you name some of songs the band is working on for the next album?
Here they are: Time is finished; Individual Hell; Moment Of Resistance; Further from Closebodied Coffin... etc.

Thanks brother! Keep warm, I know the winter in the East can be a beast. Is there anything you like to add?
Thank you so much for this interview. We wish to all metalheads over there in USA stay metal devoted yourselves and your music.
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Apr 7, 2010
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