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interview with Sign Of Hate

Band Formed in the last months of 1998, having as idealist members: Ismael Jr. (guitar) and Rodrigo Borges (Bass/Vocals) with just one purpose: Do Death Metal, Extreme and Brutal, always respecting the roots of that style, been influenced by the true Metal Essence. After so many searching of members for band proposal, Rodrigo Borges takes the Drums command and with lots of perseverance and determnination they keep assying, in spite of apparently difficulties for both of them. Some tries did not workout, some lines-up, oscilated on the Sign of Hate living, but that never was a excuse to give up. The Purpose, once determinated, by the remainders ones still lived on. Then, in the middle of 2000 Eclides Jr. (Átrpos - RIP) takes the bass/vocals position giving a stability to Sign of Hate and continuity on the band compositions with much clutch and Metal Devotion. Even that way, some problems and difficulties still remain, and in 2001, Márcio Túlio (Átropos - RIP), takes the vocalist place, and that way the Sign of Hate line-up was solidified. Accomplishing all efforts for Sign of Hate becomes recognized by its Metal and honesty before all persons who support the band, they begins to work tireleness on one of their objectives: “The Recording of Their First Demo” In 2002, Sign of Hate finally releases the first demo who cantains four songs of a Avenger and Brutal Death Metal, searching for, since now, release it and make shows to reveal all the Potentital and Fury, always longing for the Respect and Future Union with Real Admirers of Extreme Metal, The Eternal Underground Warriors.

interview with Márcio on 29-6-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
First of all I’d like to thank you for that interview, and all the readers out there, I hope you enjoy it!!! Well, what can I say? I’m the Sign of Hate vocalist, a Death Metal Band from Sergipe – Brazil, I’m 23 and a colleger, I like to be involved with Underground all and I’m a guy who likes alcoholic drinks, Fuckin’ Metal, pizza, barbecues and surely women!!

How do imagine the form of the sign of hate?
I imagine Sign of Hate as a brotherhood formed by four bastards who love Extreme Metal and always will play Brutal Death Metal to all fuckers out there, and be FOREVER UNDERGROUND!!

Why did you decide to play death metal and not gothic or so?
That’s simple, Death Metal ever meant a lot to me! When I start to listen to those bands I imagined one day I could be doing that too, now when I sing our songs I fell my blood boiling in my veins. Extreme Metal feeds our souls!!

Which bands make you decide to play death metal?
All bands who made part of my life when I was younger and all new bands who is rising up and destroying all the posers asses, bands that exalted or exalt that scene, old or new bands: Sarcófago, Benediction, Morbid Angel, Sinister, Incantation, Krisiun, Deicide, Abhorrence, Vital Remains Old Napalm Death, Carcass, Angel Corpse, Nile, Rebaelliun etc etc they’re too many!!

Is it easy to find members for the group? Is there an UG scene in your area?
No man It’s not easy, we don’t have a strong undergound scene, there are so many points, I tell you, many people give up cos our financial situation is a bitch. We’ve to survived every single day we don’t have job stability and in this middle time they give up and the scene is prejudiced but there are too many things besides those.

Can you easily obtain music of European bands? How do you know about new releases?
Nowadays we’ve got the internet. Our friend; Diabolical Producer and artworker Rodrigo IronMan gets everthing, he’s a motherfucker and our salvation. He gets since a split with Sinister and Monastery (fucking rare) and Dismember or Suffocation demos until bootlegs, and videos like Angel Corpse with Alex from Krisiun on vocals and even whole albums before they are released officially. He’s a fucker, isn’t he? Thank you Iron!!

I saw the guitarist wearing a shirt of Dutchers Sinister? Do you prefer European or US style?
I don’t have a preferance at all, if the band is brutal and I like It, There’s no problem, all place have good and bad bands, of course, U.S. has the strongest Death Metal scene but thereare lots of bands from Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and others countries that have the same brutality and violence, even bigger!!

Is it important to wear shirts of your fav bands? What is your fav shirt?
I Think So! I’ll never wear a shirt from a band I don’t like. Stratovarius od Edguy for example.

Do you wash your own clotches? Even iron them yourself?
No man, there’s a machine who does that and I don’t iron them, I’m too lazy!! Do you do those things? (Ofcourse I do this. It is not brutal to say so but you have to help in the household when you have two kids. Twan)

What are your fav bands? Maybe some bands outside the metal scene?
Well, my favorite ones are: Iron Maiden, Kreator, Slayer, Krisiun, Anathema (old and new) Carcass, old Sepultura, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Sarcófago, Sinister, Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Centurian, Enthroned, Immolation, Suffocation and all I mentioned before, etc, etc and thousands of band who exalt the extreme metal scene.

Do you get recognition from local fans or more outside Brazil?
Everyone had access to our demo and watched our shows liked. They give us lots of support, Thank you all!!

Think Brazil will win the World Cup Football?
I’m sure of that, we’ve got the best players, past and present, four world titles and the best player ever. We’re favorite, the germany team will feel the power from the for “Rs” of apocalypse: Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos. Brazil football is killer. We’re the best!! Do you have any doubt? And by the way where’s the Dutchers? See ya in 2006 Ha Ha!!

What are the a the main topics of your lyrics? Important where the lyrics deal with?
The Lyrics are important too but for me the music is more. All of us write them, they talking about our introspective hate, a form, a path to set our fury , ever trying to keep intact the metal essence, the evilness , horror, killing blasphemy ços we’ve to feel the lyrics dealing with the music, making a perfect combination, We have to write aggressive topics, that’s simple. Just see “Chemical Warfare” and “Kill Again”, feel that combination and you’ll know what I mean and we try to do.

What do you consider as a good and successful songs?
Well, the music who please us, true in your essence, there’s not a rule, we’ve got to feel it’

Do all members like a song before playing/recording it?
Yes! We all give opinions, that’s important for a band and fortunately we know what our music and Sign of Hate needs!!

Are there more songs ready than the ones on the MCD? Think you can evolve in the brutalness?
We’ve got more 4 songs and we’re playing at the moment a classic cover too – INRI from Sarcófaco, it’s brutal, deadly!!

Should girls shave their legs? And how far up?
Are you nuts? Of course girls should shave their legs. Do you like women with hairy legs? I don’t, it must be awful, you feel like you are touching men legs Argh!! For me girls must have hair in other place, hein? A mustache in a pussy is cool!!

Is it easy to promote your music in clubs in your area?
I think it’s not easy at all, the underground places are gone, we don’t have your pubs and clubs and the few ones that left, their owners want money, lots of money it’s very hard but I think it’s changing, we’ll fight for that.

Do you unite with other bands to get more gigs and in different areas?
That’s not quite easy, but we played months ago in a different state and always showing up the opportunities we’ll be there, we’re trying to make that interchange

Your change to say something I should have asked you about Sign Of Hate!
I think not, you were very complete, unusual and I liked a lot, I really did!!

Last rites?
I’d like to thank you Twan once again! You’re a fucking great. Sign of Hate will thank you ever count on us ever too ok? Thank you!! That’s vital for us! Hail you and BRUTALISM and all the readers out there I hope you enjoyed that, visit our home page – and listen to our demo, send us an e-mail, give us your true opinion. We also thank you all!!! Keep supporting extreme Metal, stay brutal underground and drunken!!!. Support the new brutal bands!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 29, 2002

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