The Company, their name doesn’t restrict their music

It was worth waiting! A modern Thrash-Core-Hammer is right now looking for enemies of equal rank as well as metalheads and moving moshpit-friends. Because the smasher ’Senses’ starts with the question: ’Are you ready?’

interview with Hamid on 22-5-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
5 idiots, 8 years of honest music, same passion and love

Why choose the name The Company? Do it out of love or see it as business?
The name THE COMPANY offers different varieties in meaning. First of all it’s an economical enterprise and on the other hand it’s a synonym for the mafia, which is also considered as a family. In addition, this name doesn’t restrict our music. If we play Jazz one day, we don’t have to change our name!

Why did you sign as a German band to Japanese label?
It’s well known that the Japanese love German metal and so they gave us the best offer.

How would you describe your music compared to the previous 2 albums?
By changing the guitarists it has become obvious that our music had to change. Doug, of course, was influenced by the typical Bay Area Thrash of the eighties. And he was one of their innovaters. Markus and Hamid are much younger, have a totally different musical background and new ideas. But we are still a Thrash-Metal band, only more modern.

What is the mean reason to evolve musically? Is it necessary?
No but isn’t it a natural development?

Why did you use all the fucking nervous keyboard intros?
It’s no keyboard, it was an old Commodore 64 Computer and they are not only intros, you can hear them throughout every song and it’s like an additional instrument, which is not typical of metal. It gives our music new dimensions concerning melodies. It’s so to say, creative aggression!

Can you send me a CD without the keyboard parts?
If you promise to give us good promotion, no problem! :-)

With the album I got a sunglasses to fit the criminal concept. Is it criminal to wear sunglasses?
No, but it’s criminal to wear stolen sunglasses.

Are you attracted to criminal stories of past persons? Do you have interest in history?
I’m sorry, neither nor!

Why did you put the dog on the cover? Is it from one of the bandmembers?
The album is called ’Awaking under Dogs’. This either means something like waking up among dogs or on the other hand underdogs with a new spirit of life. Both is true for us, we were fucked up by many ’important’ people. That brought us down ! But now THE COMPANY, the Underdogs are back to kick ass! The dog on the album cover is a symbol for our purpose. It’s Ingo’s (bassist) dog but he died two weeks ago (when he saw his picture on the CD)

Are you sexually attracted to some kind of animal species?
Oh well, our drummer Lala has a something like a farm at home and I’m not sure of what’s going on there.

Why did you cover the Dead Or Alive song? Your choice or from the label company?
It was our own idea because we all love the original! We are all very proud of this version and believe it or not, we have only received very positive reactions to it!

What about the ideo to make a cover album of only disco songs in a metal outfit?
Didn’t Atrocity do something similar? This wouldn’t make us happy!

Are the lyrics important to you? Where get inspiration from and how many time spent to write them?
They were all written by Guido, our vocalist. They reflect his emotions and experiences. It didn’t take long to compose them because he has a great urge to communicate. But anyway, lyrics are not important to us. There are certainly bands who know better how to write sophisticated metal literature.

Dare taking risks in your life like bungee jumping, jumping out of planes, powerboot racing etc?
We do it in all of our concerts!!!

Do you have a life insurance? And who will get it?
We don’t have money to pay for it!

How did people react on your gigs to promote the new album?
They all wanted to see Ingo’s (bassist) dick! So you can imagine the enthusiasm among the people.

Are there bands you would like to join the stage with?
Slayer, Pantera and Stuck Mojo

What were the best gigs you have played? Have it on video?
It was the opening gig for Iced Earth and Nevermore. They wanted us to play the whole tour but the record company had no money. Unfortunately, we don’t have it on video!

Your chance to promote the new album?
I don’t want to exaggerate but I think it’s one of the most innovative Metal CDs at present!

Last rites?
Support the Underground, there are very good bands, just give’em a chance!

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Interviewer: twansibon
May 22, 2002
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