The different direction of Tyr

What's the odds of an album by a viking metal band getting a number one spot on CMJ charts? Well it happened to Napalm recording artist Tyr. From the small, peaceful land of Faroe Island, stuck in between Norway, Ireland and Scotland. Armed with their new opus "The Lay Of Thrym", which is a story based on a king who dared to steal the hammer from Thor, full of rich melodies and classic metal influences. What set this apart from the other viking metal is the vocalist's clean vocals. Here's my interview Terji.

Congrats on getting the number one CMJ charts position. What's of that happening especially to a viking metal band like Tyr?
Thank you! Well nothing noticeable has happened yet, but we are happy that we have number 1 there.

Can you tell us about the new Tyr album "The Lay Of Thrym" and the story behind the title?
This album is our most forward album, not so progressive as previous. And that is the way we want to go. It's more easy listening and attracts more people's attention.
The short story is that Thrym was the king of the jotnar. In one legend, he stole Mjølnir, Thor's hammer.
Thor later killed Thrym by fooling him that he was a woman.

You also have an interesting song title called "Shadow Of The Swastika'. I know there will be people gonna take the title out of context. I feel that in all fairness that you give us a clear and understanding reason?
We had some debates back and forth within the band and with the manager if we should use that title or not. But we decided to go for it, cause the lyrics are pretty clear that we are anti-nazi and sick of people that are nazi's, fascists... etc.

How would you compare this album to the band's previous efforts?
This album is much more straight forward when the others are a bit more progressive. We want to try a different direction without losing our roots. So there will definitely still be traditional elements always.

In your own words, what makes Tyr different from the other viking metal bands?
We use clean vocals, don't use traditional instruments, especially since it's never been used in Faroe Islands. Plus we never wanted to be labeled as Viking Metal. It's something our record label put on us and it's just silly and we want out of it. Cause we simply play traditional metal as we see it. And we cannot be compared to other "viking" bands musically. So we always get put on bills where we don't belong.

I hear a lot of Iron Maiden influence in some of the riffing. How much of a influence have they been on Tyr?
Yes Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath have been the biggest influences so far I think. All of us are huge Iron Maiden fans. We all listen mostly to bands that are NWOBHM. I don't think any of us listen so any "viking" metal bands.

I like to know about your home turf. How far is the mainland Norway?
Faroe Islands is placed between Scotland, Iceland and Norway in the middle of nowhere. It's a very peaceful place with beautiful nature. But with too many christians that want to take control. But not on our watch! :)

Jacob Hansen again handled the production duties on this, how long has the band been working with him?
We have been working with him side Eric The Red album. Since that the only record we recorded is BTLOTNS in Faroe islands. But we prefer Jacob Hansen since we know him and he knows us and our sound.

Planning to do an USA tour and are there any dates for Dallas?
There is no planning for North America at the moment, but anything can happen. We always love going there, it's our favorite place to tour. So whenever a chance is there we are coming!

Well I got to go, the Texas heat can be really brutal at this time of year any last words?
Yes cheers and buy our albums, keep spreading the word about us so we can come back to visit the almighty USA!
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Aug 2, 2011

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