The grindcore machinery of Mixomatosis

Mixomatosis is a well known Spanish grindcore band that shared splits with bands as Tu Carne, Necrocanibalistic Vomitorium, Neuropathia, Bunder Nekromunda, Agathocles, Anus Tumor, Ultimo Mondo Canibale, Moñigo, Gored Face, Holocausto Canibal, 2 Minuta Dreka, Intestinal Disgorge, Flesh Grinder and many more. Twenty years after of its creation, the Colombian label Strangulation Records will launch a tribute to the band to celebrate it. Today we speak with Marc, a piece of the grindcore machinery and the visible head of Mixomatosis about the band, his side projects and other things.

Hello Marc, before the beginning of the interview, I would like to say to you thank you very much for your attention and welcome to BRUTALISM.
Hey Hijo del Dolor & BRUTALISM , thanks a lot for the fucking grind-support and  think in us.

Mixomatosis, Serrando Codos, Cannibal Motivation, PxUxSx, Turronizer, Gallumbo Grinder... Where do you extract the necessary time to continue with these bands and other projects besides your label, the collaborations and other histories?
I don’t have enough time to do all the things, I work always 8 or 12 hours every day, I work a lot of weekends, FUCK!, in addition, I live with my wife and my daughter (I'm a family man), but I love the grindcore and I spend all my free time with my bands, projects, my label and more things of the underground scene... (the grindcore scene is my fucking life), I don’t watch TV nor other shits, I don’t have Playstation…

We know that you have an incredible collection of music, what styles of music or bands do you listen to usually? What are the bands that influence you to compose your music or noise?
Yes, I’m a collector of LPs, 7”eps, all kind of vinyls, CDs, Tapes and rare and unpublished stuff. I listen to grindcore, goregrind, extreme hardcore, power violence, crust… those are the fucking styles that I like.
The bands I listen to are: El Kaso Urkijo, GUT,  Anal Cunt,  Sperminator, Haemorrhage, Machetazo, Difenacum, Intestinal Infectión (USA and GER),  Rompeprop, Rectal Smegma, Anal Penetration, Vaginal Penetration….., Pulmonary fibrosis, Inhume, Cliteater, 2 Minuta Dreka, LSD Mossel, Cacasonica, Genital Masticator, Clitgore, Tu Carne, Violent Headache, Psychotic Noise, The Cyclops, Incontinencia, Violent Headache, Inhumate, Tinnitus, RDB, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale,  Anal Masaker, holocaust in your Head, Germen, A.T.S.,  Ras, Denak, CBT, Mucupurulent, Carcass Grinder, Yacopsae, Dead Infection, Depecho Mode, Grunt,  Namek, Soldered Poon, Pesta Porcina, Final Exit, Magrudergrind, Wormrot, Rubufaso Mukufo, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC , Ruido de Rabia, Sabatta Rotta, Necrovomitpussy, Nauser, Playing Dead Men, Rabid Dogs, Woses, Mundo Cadaver (Brasil), Agathocles, SxFxCx (Peru), Arsedestroyer, Last Days Of Humanity, Arse, PxLxFx, Sore Throat…… and tons of bands in the underground.

My main influences are all old bands of  grindcore (1986-1990), goregrind and noisecore. You are the owner of Infecció Underground Productions label, how it started and which is the purpose of it's creation?, what are your immediate plans, editions and what things have you in your mind for the label?
I had a noisecore and grind label since 1992 to 1997 (more or less) called “Apreciando El Ruido Prods.” -only for tapes and merchandising-, but after this years, I change the name of the label to Infecció Underground Produccions and I start to make releases on CD, CD-r ,7”EP, and rare merchandising.
My micro Label is a fucking label dedicate to make underground and limited editions. In this moment, my new plans are the launch of Anal Cunt Live CD (or Pro CD-R) but I need other labels for the production of this release and I'm a co-producer of the 7” EP split with Final Cunt/Rageous Intent (they are members of Denak and Camara De Gas).

Do you believe that it is possible to live with the money that the bands earn with the extreme music or only certain styles have the above mentioned possibility, as for example the death metal or brutal death, the styles that practice the most well known bands, which is followed by a major number of fans?
Yes, I think that the big bands that plays death metal or brutal death can earn enough money to live by their music, but it’s too difficult living of the extreme music, mmmmmmmmmm I love the underground… “Remember” (Enemy Of Music Business)

Lately we are hearing many bands that returns to the thrash metal again, a style that step by hours casualties since disappeared (or changed to another style) some big bands, what do you think about it?
Yeah!! I like old bands of thrash metal like Tankard, Sepultura (old), Kreator,
Vio-Lence, Overkill, Anthrax… I think that this is very good notice the resurrection of the old thrash metal bands. (I’m still waiting the return of  Vio-Lence)

You are a member of Clotpump (a band who plays a style near to Soldered Poon) and PxUxSx. Both bands are composed by various members of different countries. Who are the members of both bands? And the most important thing, what do you do to work with the other members if they live in other countries?
Yes, Clotpump are Fra (Ultimo Mondo Cannibale) -guitar and bass from Italy-, works on the songs and send the shit to, Guyome (Pulmonary Fibrosis) -drums from France-, record the drums and backing vocals and then he send to me the shit to record the fucking vomits.
Clotpump works slowly, because all the members we are working in our respective bands.
PxUxSx are Gilles (Soldered Poon) vomits from Belgium , Tomie (Rompestomper) drums from Netherlands and me, guitar/bass from Castellvell del Camp (Tarragona/Catalonia), with this band we played two gigs for the moment, “Wank your brain out 2” (Belgium) and “Porno Gore Garri Extreme Fest” (Barcelona).
For me is not a problem to play with these bands, we record the stuff at our home and one of us mixed the songs.

You have collaborated with El Kaso Urkijo in some of their works and you have some project with some member of the band. Can you speak to us about this relation and if you have future plans for this side project?
Yes I made a collaboration with my friends of El Kaso Urkijo. Popeye is the noise-head of El Kaso Urkijo and he is a good maniac, this guy phoned me to collaborate with them in their fucking album entitled “La bañera fue su nicho” and to do something in the noise cover for the tribute to Mixomatosis, we were good times with “El padre Wisla”.
Well, I play guitars/vomits with Popeye drums/vomits in our own fucking Noisecore Band called Gallumbo GrindeR. We recorded songs for a 6 way split CD and live songs At the Porno Gore Garri Extreme Fest for a new 3 way split pro CD-R.

Mixomatosis plays since 1990, what has changed in the band and in the extreme scene during these two decades from the point of view of the band?
Yes, we say: Mixomatosis, since 1990,  20 years of Grinding. The old times were difficult due to the little money and we were very young. Many things are changed in Mixomatosis since then, actually only Lozano “Death” and me of the old lineup take part in the actual lineup of the band.
The old times gave us good experiences and now we have more experience, but now there's new technologies and more shits for help the bands, recordings, artworks, contacts, distributions and more ….

The Colombian label Strangulation Records says that they want to do a tribute compilation to Mixomatosis with a lot of bands making covers of your songs. What do you think about it?. Do you know what's the situation of this compilation?
Yes, Strangulation rec. From Colombia began the tribute to Mixomatosis but this were stopped for the Label, this guy told me that he will return with the CD very soon.
The idea is good, but in this moment the label is working very slowly.
Some Spanish bands recorded their covers for this compilation and they sent me the songs: El Kaso Urkijo, Moñigo, Pozilga, Empanadilla De Pus…

We saw some videos of Mixomatosis playing new stuff and we know that you are recording something new… What can we expect and when??
Yeah!!! In this moment Mixomatosis have a new lineup, and we are composing stuff for a possible new fucking MCD, in principle we will record it for 2012. In the last 2 years, we were recording songs for some splits and tribute compilations.
Mixomatosis in 2011 Are: Lozano “Death” -Guitar/Bass- and Marc “Pozilgano” -Drums and Vomits-

Do you want to say something else before the end the interview?
For merchandise, trades, gigs and more shits, you can contact us through our fucking MySpace or FaceBook

Thank you very much Marc and good luck with your projects.
Thanks you very much for this fucking interview and good support.
Underground and DIY rules.
Take care sick-os.