The happy man of Neolith

interview with Luke on 28-12-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi! My name is Luke, I’m the bass player of Neolith. I’m 25, married & a happy man! I’m crazy about music; playing and listening!!!

Is the band just a hobby or are you trying to make a living out of it?
Unfortunately it’s still a hobby and I’m afraid it will always be. We are not able to devote our life and work to play this kind of music, it’s impossible, especially in Poland. But we love it and that’s the most important!

Metal is a lifestyle. What is your definition of a metal lifestyle?
It’s not so easy to say, coz it mainly depends on one’s attitude towards this statement. For me, it’s just a usual way of life, like any other lifestyle. I’m a normal guy, besides the fact that I love music very much, especially metal music. I wear long hear and this is probably the only difference from other lifestyles.

To mutilate or to be mutilated?
According to Shakespeare, This is the question?! But, personally, I don’t know how to comment this.

What is your fav mutilation?
None of them is my favourite one.

Ever thought you would play this stuff when you were 10 years old?
Well, I suppose I wouldn’t be able to play my instrument as well then as I do nowadays. But who knows?...

Why is metal played since the 60/70s and not ages before?
Because there was, in fact, just no metal music. That is, there were many other kinds of ‘hard’ music and metal was formed under the influence of them and as the result of transformation of those kinds. That’s how I think about this.

Can people play metal when they have the musical skills but no metal interest?
Of course they can, but will it be honest? I can’t imagine what kind of music it would be. Perhaps metal, but definitely not the same as the one that plays sincere and honest metal. And I would undoubtedly prefer to listen to metal played by the second group of musicians.

What is your speciality:
- in cooking
- in sports
- in actiongames
-in sex
Cooking – well, nothing special, potato–cake, scrambled eggs, etc.
Sports- basketball, volleyball...
Actiongames – haven’t any favs, sorry.
Sex – what do you mean by this? Positions??

What punishment should one get for drunk driving?
If he/she killed somebody, there should be death penalty.

So you aren’t against the death penalty. Who should get one?
I’m not against it indeed, but only in justifiable cases, like murder.

Ever ate dogfood?
No, never ever.

What kind of car do you drive? Is your dream car an American one or European?
I drive an Italian car, Fiat. I don’t have my dream car yet, but I think it would be a European one.

How do you go to concerts? All together in a rent car? having roadies?
Yeah, we go together in one coach. No roadies with us? But even without them, we always have a lot of fun.

Isn't it stupid to spend all your royalties to alcohol and dope?
Oh, yes, it’s very stupid. Of course, it’s not bad if we drink something, but only from time to time, not all the time. As for drugs, I’m completely against.

What can we expect when experiencing your shows? What can we do when we are disappointed about the gig?
You can with no doubt expect a professional live performance. We always do our best to make our crowd satisfied. There is usually a great chemistry between us and the live audience at our shows. What if you were disappointed about the gig? Well, you won’t be, I promise.

Do you give discount to deaf persons? How will you check if they are real deaf?
We don’t give discounts to deaf people because none of the deafs has bought our stuff so far!

Do you have an alphabetical list of all your fans? Who is the most
remarkable one?
No, we don’t. That’s why I can’t tell you who is the most remarkable one.

Any suggestions for a nice evening?
Buy some beer or vodka and have fun with an interesting company!?

Last rites?
Thanks a lot for your questions and interest with Neolith. Greetings to all readers of BRUTALISM!!! Take care! Stay Immortal & Let’s Make Hell!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 28, 2004

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