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interview Animalesco, O Método

Hello and welcome! At first, please introduce Animalesco, O Método to the readers by giving us the band's line-up, a short bio and your discography info.
Hello dear Manos and followers of BRUTALISM! Animalesco, O Método was formed in 2011 by me as a personal project and the idea was to make a fast and aggressive Crust with Metal influences. We recorded 3 demos and 1 split before this full length record that was released in 2021. In 2015/16 we had the opportunity to play live and we did some gigs with bands like Cripple Bastards and Sinister, among others.
The line ups through out the years were somehow volatile, but in this record we managed to have Moska and Pedra on vocals, Miguel in all instruments and Jacinto on guitars.
Animalesco, O Método releases:
2013 - Demo
2014 - Demo
2017 - Demo
2019 - Split CD with Netos do Velho and Sbocco Nichilista
2021 - Animalesco, O Método (S/T)

Congratulations for releasing your S/T album. Please let us know all the "making of" and release details.
Thanks for the kind words! Well, the compositions started in the beginning of 2019 and it took like 3 months to assemble everything. By the end of that year, I think we had everything recorded, and most of the artwork was done as well. In mid 2020 we started to mix with the great Alex Tom, from the great bands Colosso and Axia, and it took like 6 months, back and forth trying to achieve the perfect equilibrium.
By the end of 2020, with everything done, we started to look for labels to release the album, and very quickly we made a deal with Raging Planet and Murder Records. Then it was just a matter of setting the details of the release and it finally came out on 1st of May.

I found Crust/Punk, old school Death Metal and few Grindcore parts in your album. Entombed's "Wolverine Blues", Sepultura's "Chaos A.D." and Extreme Noise Terror's "Being and Nothing" crossed my head. How would you describe your music?
All the bands you mentioned are great references for me, but coincidentally I took other albums for inspiration. It was more the "Clandestine", "Schizophrenia" and "Holocaust In Your Head" stuff that was in my mind. Our music I would say its a mix between fast and aggressive Crust, Death Metal and even Thrash Metal, even though in my mind I consider the project as a Crust band.

On "Sepulcro O Meu Templo" some death/doom elements appear in your music. Is doom metal another influence for you or only a sub-influence coming from the early Entombed and Asphyx doom/death type of riffs?
Although I love Doom Metal, specially the 90s UK bands, in this particular case it was more like an Entombed + Gorefest vibe that I added to the song and record. I tried to mix these kind of stuff to give more dynamics and feelings to the music, and give some freshness to the songs.

What is the current situation in the Portuguese underground? Do you feel part of the scene? Which bands from Portugal should we check out?
Well, I think that Portugal has great bands and structures, although sometimes there aren't many people in underground gigs. Honestly, because we are too metal for punks and too punk for metalheads, we don't fit in a particular scene here, but is not a problem for me.
From Portugal I would say Thormenthor, Grog, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Ask , Alcoholocaust, Hoofmark, Archaic Tomb, Pyre.sect, Midnight Priest, Perpetratör and so on. Also, I like lots of Black Metal bands that we have, such as Irae, Infernüs, Candelabrum, Lux Ferre, Hate Propaganda, Voëmmr, Wømb and so on.

You use your mother language, Portuguese, in your lyrics. Why did you make this choice instead of using English?
In my mind I always wanted to work in Portuguese language, because I can express in a better way all the feelings that I have, and transpose it to the lyrics. The turning point was when I bought the "Stigmata" CD from the Swedish Crust band Skitsystem. Their lyrics were mainly in Swedish and the topics were way too dark and obscure than the traditionally Crust subjects. It was the boost that I needed to do what I already had in my mind. For me it's very natural, although it needs more attention, do write in our mother language.

What is an Animalesco, O Método live show like? Do you plan to hit the stage again soon, now that the pandemic seems to slow down?
We only did 5 or 6 shows in these already 10 years of existence. I believe that was a great massive wall of sound that was out of the speakers. I don't have any plans of playing live, and it has nothing to do with pandemic issues. The thing is that it's very hard to find musicians that fit in this band, whether within the music aspect or on a personal connection. The door is not completely closed but I have no plans regarding that matter.

Why did you choose to use double vocals on Animalesco, O Método?
Mostly because the classic crust bands used to do have it: Extreme Noise Terror, Disrupt, Simbiose, 3 Way Cum, etc. I think it fits perfectly in this kind of music and it gives more dynamics and an aggressive feeling within the wall of sound proposed. I think that the dual attack of Moska and Pedra in this record was perfect, the two voices matched perfectly, although they are quite different.

Please make a top-5 of your all time favorite records.
It is very difficult for me because I listen to so many bands in so different styles. But without thinking too much, and giving an opportunity to recent albums that i really liked, I would say:
- Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
- Slayer - South Of Heaven
- Entombed - Clandestine
- Tribulation - Where The Gloom Becomes Sound
- Evoke - Seeds Of Death

I wish you the best of luck brothers! Please keep it underground and extreme!
Manos, thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity to show our band and ideas to all BRUTALISM followers.
You can contact the band through Facebook, e-mail or Bandcamp