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interview with Mahavatar

Mahavatar an energy that needs nothing but itself to survive... physical as well as spiritual immortality... deathlessness.

In the summer of 1999, Jamaican guitarist Karla Williams joined Israeli vocalist Lizza Hayson, Polish drummer Peter Lobodzinski, and then bass player Benjamin Serf to form Mahavatar. Through their shared desire for freedom and mind exploration through music these four souls set out to create the sonic atmospheres that would speak to a new generation of listeners hungry for a sound that tapped into emotions not yet experienced. After several months of writing and rehearsing, Mahavatar went into Bomb Shelter Recordings, NYC to record what would become their most epic work... “The Time Has Come”. One hundred copies of Promo 2000 were printed and distributed amongst friends and industry... the reviews were very encouraging. It was obvious to the Mahavatar Clan that the people were open to receive the message of the revolution and their time had surely come. Shortly after the release of Promo 2000, bass player Benjamin Serf left the band. With the help of engineer/musician Gonen Ron and Bobby Hambel of Biohazard, the three remaining members of Mahavatar entered Bomb Shelter Recordings again to record Demo 2000, which features a re-recorded version of “The Time Has Come”, along with the songs “Open Your Minds”, “BH” and “The E Song”. Once again, the band printed up 100 copies, which were sent out to magazines, radio, and industry people around the world... the feedback, has been overwhelming.

In October 2000 a new soul joined the Mahavatar Clan hailing from NJ, Eddie Gasior brings his free-spirited bass playing to the mix, which will surely add to the Mahavatar sound in the future. As a result of this new addition Mahavatar have been playing out more frequently and have caused quite a stir within the New York City music scene in clubs like the world famous CBGB’s, Continental, Meow Mix and The Lion’s Den. Not only does the sound of Mahavatar appeal to those who are into heavy music. The young and old are taken in by the energy that is Mahavatar. Listeners of metal, punk, gothic, jazz, hard core, classical, blues, progressive, pop, industrial, alternative, country, and good old rock-n-roll love Mahavatar. The message is clear; Mahavatar appeal to all. Mahavatar possess a special chemistry that radiates to the crowd during live performances... Mahavatar live is the next step towards enlightenment.

Mahavatar lifts your spirits with the hope of a mind hypnotic vision towards revolution. To try to explain the sound of Mahavatar is like trying to explain the meaning of life... for in essence, the sound of Mahavatar is life itself. It is a journey that everyone can take, and once you open your mind to the message, a new energy is released. Through hypnotic, melodic, rhythmic, atmospheric, spiritual, ethnic, groove heavy, aggressive, dark, tribal, powerful, passionate, majestic, emotive soundscapes Mahavatar invites the listener... the revolution has begun... will you join them now?

interview with the band on 7-7-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself.
We are 4 souls who've come together to create a MIND HYPNOTIC VISION TOWARDS REVOLUTION...

Has the different nationalities something to deal with your desire for freedom of mind?
No, we feel everyone is searching for freedom of mind.

Why did you decided to play this kind of music?
We can't explain something that comes naturally to us... we create music and it takes a on a life of its own.

What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
Peter: I can listen to Tool everyday.
Lizza: Everything... Mahavatar.
Karla: Everything.
Eddie: Everything.

How did you get Bobby sofar to help you?
He's a friend of ours... he liked the music and we asked him to help out and he said, ’yes’.

Do you have a history in the NY metal scene?

What kind of resolution do you wanna start?
Spiritual Revolution.

What do you think of the new president?
We try not to think too much about him, but he's obviously a huge step backwards.

What would you do when you were president?
Legalize it!

Is the band your main working job?
Yes... No.

Ever been on probation?
Half and half...

What kind of people do you hope will pick up your music?
Everyone. Real people who appreciate different and new music. Open minded people who are sick of all the corporate, generic, cookie cutter music... people who understand.

Last rites?
Eddie: Burn me & spread my ashes over Iceland.
Peter:I want 3 necrophiliacs to make love to me after I'm dead.
Karla: Burn my remains and sweep me out into the ocean.
Lizza: I wan an apple before you execute me.

Hail to Twan and BRUTALISM... thank you for your support and patience... your efforts are truly inspiring. If anyone is interested in our message and music, we invite you to join us at:

Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 7, 2001

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