The morality, faith and spirituality of Primordial

Primordial is a band that just don't die or surrender. One listen to new album "Redemption at the Puritan's Hand" is proof of that never surrender attitude. Raised in the cold oppressive and depressive evirons of Ireland. AA raised on Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and the soon to be retired Judas Priest, Primordial mixes these influences of three masters and modified it in his own image. "Redemption at the Puritan's Hand" is my first time listening to Primordial, I was completely blown away by the range of Alan Anvill's vocals. Of all the vocalist out there, he stands out the most to me. At times his vocals remind me of a poor man's Bruce Dickinson.

Good evening AA how you doing? I'm hating this Texas heat, it been in the triple digits for twenty some odd days now.
Well we just had two days of 20 degree sun and thats about the first glimpse of summer we've had in about 2 months. we dont get summers anymore
its depressing enough here so send over some sun.

"Redemption at the Puritan's Hand" is the first Primordial album even though I read about the band in some ways. The music reminds me of Maiden but that's my opinion?
ell it's heavy metal with melodic overtones and mostly clean vocals. I can see the similarity. Like a darker rougher Maiden, sure I can live with that. And for the record I love the last few maiden albums also.

Are you please with the results of the album?
Sure. We had some problems as always and the winter was very harsh. I got quite ill and there were incredible arguments as always but when all the shouting was done. I think we made a strong album, a dark and challenging record that was not exactly what people thought it might be.

What kind of feedback you recieved from the press so far?
95% very positive. Like always to be honest. A couple of morons of course who dont understand why it doesnt sound like grindcore or whatever but by and large we always get excellent press. However the real positivity has come from fans. I think some expected us to go in a more empire falls chorus verse stadium rock kinda direction but we definitely did not do that. Some people might be perplexed on first listen but this one is going to take at least ten listens.

Why I said the album reminded me in some ways of Iron Maiden is because your vocals in a way sound like Bruce?
That's cool. Good compliment and fine by me. I've been very influenced by classic metal vocalists but also classic rock singers like Phil Mogg, Paul Rodgers, Phil Lynott, Dio, Noddy Holder etc. Anyone who has power, diction and sounds like they mean it. So many great vocalists from the 70s.

Did you have a guest singer on 'The Mouth Of Judas'?
The singer that lent a helping hand? Think you got the wrong song man? There's no sample in that one. There are two, a russian basso profondo orthodox priest and Aleister Crowley.

Seem like on this album the songs are more death orientated?
Well maybe the question should be a little more elaborate if you want a detailed answer? It's explained in the bio. I guess I'd just been dwelling a lot on mortality, faith, spirituality and death. Our relationship to all these things so this informed the lyrical slant, I think things came out a lot darker and more personal than on ttnd.

I grew up listening to Thin Lizzy not only Thin Lizzy sanged good rocknroll songs but also did alot of tragic irish folk songs and some of the songs on this album is dark and tragic?
Sure, Lizzy is a great band and definitely not given the respect they deserve in the modern metal scene. You can find some Lizzy for sure in Primordial. nNo grave deep enough sounds like Lizzy on crack if you break it down. No pun intended!

For years Ireland been suffering oppression and occupation at the hand of the british is some of primrdial is inspired by them experiences?
Not really. I mean of course there are moments here and there I deal with irish history but I've never directly written a track about the troubles. Too many other irish bands have done that. Oppression and occupation as themes I've written about but in such a way you should see your own country within them.

I like the album title alot. What was the inspiration behind the album title?
I always try and come up with titles that make people think. This one is no different. It's really about how those without faith also seek redemption within their lives and how they view those with faith.

You were involved in a Bathory tribute band and how was that experience for you?
Great. Bathory has been my biggest musical influence. The first band to show us all you could make culturally aware music on an epic scale. So it was nice to pay some respects to the greta man and some great music.

Thin Lizzy is part of the Judas Priest farewell tour in the USA. Maybe it's just wishful thinking but how cool would it be see Primordial as part of that package?
haha, ok well you pay the tour support and we'll be on there. Just gimme a call when it's organised.

How much an influence Priest and Maiden to you and your bandmates? Were you was surprised when you heard KK Downing left the band?
Yeah iI thought he might have stuck around one last summer. Didn't feel the same after all those years. KK and Glen Tipton with Rob in the middle rocking out is about as iconic as metal gets but the new kid did well when I saw them. I was always the big Priest fan in the band but we were all into Maiden. Maiden 80-88 is the greatest metal band of all time if you ask me. Enough said.

Is there any Priest album that really made you get into metal? Which Priest album you name as your favorite? Mine's has to be "Stained Class"?
Hard to say. The first one I bought was actually "Ram It Down" in 88. So "Painkiller" after was the one that levelled me but it's hard to call as there is such an incredible body of work there. Maybe I might have to pick "Screaming For Vengeance" after a lot of debate! Although "Sad Wings Of Destiny" is very special.

Primordial beeb grinding out for twenty years, what keeps Primordial going all these years?
Stubbornness. Is just an institution in our lives now. We don't socialized outside the band so we never really grew to hate each other or grow out of it. Also there has been growth for the last 5 or more years which makes it more rewarding. I coudlnt really tell you, we just never gave in.
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Aug 2, 2011

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