The ninth rising of Amon Amarth

Started out as the grindcore outfit Scum in the early 90's till vocalist Johan Hegg joined the band. Scum transitioned to Amon Amarth. Considered one of the best talented bands around, Amon Amarth plays melodic brutal viking death metal. With their ninth studio album "Surtur Rising" and an US tour on the horizon, Amon Amarth prove they can still deliver the best metal around since unleashed.I asked some questions to Frederik, the drummer.

Greetings brother. I hope everything is well with the band, the band I'm kinda dissapointed that you guys are not coming to Dallas (USA) this year?
We'll most likely play Dallas again before the year end.

I seen you a couple years in Dallas with Goatwhore, Lazarus AD, and Skeletonwitch for the first time. I got to say you guys didn't disappoint. I thought you gave an very excellent performance.

First, when is the projected release date for "Surtur Rising" in the US and Europe? If the album is already out, what has the reaction been so far?
March 29 for US, March 25-28 for Europe, haven't seen too many reactions yet but what I've seen have been mainly positive so far.

Amon Amarth been on Metal Blade Records since 1998, how's the relatoinship been with the label so far?
It's been very good.

Can you tell a little about the album "Surtur Rising"? And give a little explanation about Surtur?
"Surtur Rising" is all in all a classic Amon album. We have continued where "Twilight Of The Thunder God" ended, with an album filled with heavy death metal spiced up with a bunch of very melodic riffs. A few added elements like cellos and other instrument are visible in the back of the mix. The lyrics deals with norse mythology and vikings in general. Blood fire death all the way.

How would you compare this album to "Twilight Of The Thunder God" which is the first Amon Amarth album I bought which is a very excellent album?
Songs are better composed and more balanced on the new album, the production is more brutal and aggressive but at the same time clearer.

One thing I notice in your music is the twin guitar melodies that reminds so much of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest at times?
They are both bands we are influenced by since we all grew up listening to those bands.

How you like working with Jen Bogren? What was it about him as producer made the band decide to work with him? Was he also involved in the recording of "Twilight Of The Thunder God"?
We've worked with him for three albums straight now and the reason we keep returning is because of the awesome work he does and the dedication he has towards the band.

What attracted the band to record the album at Fascination Street instead of a place like Sunlight Studios?
Sunlight studio, if you mean Thomas Skogsberg's classic Stockholm studio, does not exist any more.

I like about some of the songs on the album especially the second track "Tock's Taunt - Loke's Treachry" that title really caught my attention?
Ok, thanks.

The band will be starting their US tour soon. I was hoping you the band will come to Dallas but you guys skipped us, LOL. Is there a possiblity of a Dallas date this summer?
Most likely late summer / early fall.

Is there any plans of doing a video promoting the album? What songt the band planning to do a video of?
We haven't decided this yet.

Is this album in a way a continuation of "Twilight Of The Thunder God"?
In a way, yes.

Have you read any reviews of "Surtur Rising"? What the reaction been from the US press so far?
Very few, but most of them have been positive so far.

How the current state of the Swedish metal scene so far? You feel the scene is getting stronger now?
The underground scene I think is not as strong as it used to be, but on the other hand some bands have bigger success now then what would've been possible a few years ago.

Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Mar 17, 2011

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