The regicide fury of Praga

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interview Praga bandAs you can read in this interview or maybe you already know the band Praga, their are from Brazil and have a deep hate towards Christianity. Why? Read and you will find out.

Hello and welcome, Praga! Congratulations for the release of "Fúria Regicida". Please give us the bloody details of the release.
Thanks, Manos for your interview and Twan for the support in publishing it on, much appreciated. About our new album will be out on 20 of July 2021 released by the unholy Murder Records in cassette format in a limited edition of 150 copies hand-numbered, with a poster A4 and inlay with 8 pages A5 where you can find our info and lyrics that express all the hate to Christianity in our 10 hymns present on the upcoming album called “Fúria Regicida” that means regicidal fury.

When and where did you write, record and produce the album?
Four of the songs were previous released in 2013 in the demo called “Inquisição Negra” the black inquisition, and the other six were written and composed by all the band members from the years 2017 to 2019 and some of the songs were played live already in special gigs. All the records and post-production of the songs were made by the Grindhouse Studio, at Rio de Janeiro, and the cover art was made by the amazing Brazilian Tatiana T. Bellini with all the layout and promo videos by the insane Danihell Slaughter, from Murder Records.

Why did you prefer to use Portuguese in your lyrics instead of English?
We use it to give the band a unique identity, and to provide the Brazilians to has this desecrating hymns to be perfectly understood, and singing in Portuguese, make our message to spread easily at our country, every Abrahamic religion adepts at Brazil must understand perfectly our hate for their cult.

What is the message in your songs? Does "Fúria Regicida" have a special concept?
Our songs are related to the feeling of the non-submission to power, we do not accept the limitations that the religions make to humanity, religion such as another mechanism are only tools for the power maintenance and the spread of their limited ideology, imposing humanity to be humiliated by giving up of all our potential to acquire knowledge under our existence on the universe.
The “Fúria Regicida” that’s Portuguese for regicide fury and for us the concept of the new album means a direct attack on the Nazarene, as the representation of all Christianity such as all kinds of power that slaves humanity, says the message that humanity must rebel again all kinds of power.

What is your standard method to compose a song for Praga? How often do you rehearse?
The methods are that everybody has it freedom to create, and to express themselves as they want, we do create sometimes together at the studio, sometimes one member does anything at home and then bring the idea to the others, that together build it in a complete song, and its a work made by all of us. We usually have our rehearsals by two times a month plus the homework by each one of us.

What fascinated you in the left hand path and led you to play extreme speed/black metal?
We all are people who do not accept the idea of submission to this morality that comes from Christianity. We walk through the path of fighting against any kind of limitation to the existence of humanity as submitted to any power. The extreme metal is the representation of all this as it is a style that has no rules, no gods, and non-submission to nothing feeling always free to fight against all kinds of chains that guide human behavior.

Bands like Sarcofago, Venom, Bathory, Beherit and early Sodom seem to be infuences for Praga. How has each of them influenced you? Are there any other bands you respect often and listen to?
Each band's members have different types of influences, but all those you mention in your questions are a common influence for all of us. Many bands are a great influence for us, like Impaled Nazarene, Kreator, Hellhammer, Apokalyptic Raids, Thrashera, Vulcano, Grave Desecrator, Velho, Mystifier, and others.

Do you prefer raw and unpolished sound/production better than a clean production and why?
We think that each band has its own unique style, and the production must reflect that style. Praga is a band that makes raw, fast, and brutal metal, it’s made for being brutal and unpolished, so we have some care to make a great production, but we want to sound like a live concert at some underground metal maniac lair because this is our essence what we are just rotten human flesh...

Is speed/black metal for you only music or a way of life? Please explain.
Black metal is not the only music style that we listen to, for example, Bode de Sade and Surtur Impurus both played at Thrashera, which’s a thrash metal band. And all of us listen to all types of rock'n’roll music. We think that black metal is a kind of art that reflects the deepest hate for Christianity, so we embraced it to express this hate to the Abrahamic religions and all it chains, but our way of life includes many rock'n’roll lines if this is not religious or any kind of bullshit like that.

Do you feel better when you are in the studio or on stage playing live, and why?
Those are different types of feelings, to be at the studio provides a reflexive for creation, makes all the band members freely express their art. But, playing live it’s a sensation that transcends any other sensations, it’s very pleasant to have all that energy coming through people that are there consuming our art to feels what comes out from our minds.

What does the future hold for Praga? How do you plan it?
After the release of the Fúria Regicida album, we expect that we return to playing live concerts since our last live concerts were at São Paulo in 2019. We are planning to make some contacts after the release of the album, so we’ll need to make some concerts to spread all our hate, exposed in our new album.

Thank you for the interview! We wish you the best of luck for you album "Fúria Regicida" and for the future plans of Praga. The last words are yours.
We proudly thank you guys for the support, we really appreciate it!
We expect that people feel all the hate for the Nazarene that we put on this album! We really bide to be on stage, making noise, drinking, and blaspheming!
We send our regards to every headbanger in this rotten world that believes in a world without religion or chains!
Drink, fuck, use drugs and be wherever you want, and don't give a fuck because we are born to be free and powerful inhuman, and not a weak submissive humans!
Evil greetings from Brazil to all the demons in the underworld.