The Seventh Gate

The Seventh Gate are true pioneers of innovative sound in black metal, death metal, and grind. Combining backgrounds in multiple forms of heavy music, this Virginia based outfit dubs their uniquely brutal and chaotic sound as ’Satan Rock.’

Over the course of the past two years, The Seventh Gate have released 3 demos and one full length cd on their indepedent label - Satan Rock Records. Demo 1, entitled The Bane of Your Existence, released in January of 2001 featured five songs and paved the path for this new genre of heavy metal. Several months later, demo 2 was released, appropriately entitled Satan Rock which featured four songs. Come August of 2001 the debut full length, None So Bloody as the Kingdom of Christ, was released has been hailed by listeners worldwide as the newest sound in underground. In a recent review (Metal Dragon - Sweden), their sound was described as a ’cavalcade of abyssic black misanthropy accompanied with a bottomless pessimism,’ but points out that they cannot be compared to other acts: ’It's hard to claim that The Seventh Gate could be compared to any other metalband, but if you're into unconventional grind, crust, black and death metal you've got a whole lot to grasp on this piece of art.’

Since the release of None So Bloody... there have been a few line up changes. Shortly after the recording, Paul Littlefield was replaced by Mike Beer on the drums, and in April of 2002 Edson Guerro of the Brazilian band - Descerebration - joined as bassist. The Seventh Gate is currently writing new material for the full length follow up of None So Bloody... tentatively scheduled for a winter/spring release on Satan Rock Records. For a taste of what to expect on this upcoming release, be sure to pick up the newest demo, Cheap Sex and Painkillers - available Fall 2002.

interview with Steve on 9-9-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I scream a lot.

How evil are you? Difference between daily life and performing?
When I'm on stage, I'm me. The feeling of the music is absolutely pure for me, so when I'm performing, except to see the real deal.

Did you always wanted to be a rockstar? How does it feel eventually?
I've known since I was little that I wanted to play music for a living. I don't think I've quite achieved rock star status. When I can quit my job and still pay rent with a little left over, ask me again.

Why did you choose the 7th Gate as a name? What is wrong with the first six?
According to certain beliefs there are seven gates to hell. The first six got looked over, simply because they're the first six. The last gate to hell is more fitting, than the other six. You open the last one, there is no turning back.

What makes your sound unique? Don't you think everybody claims to be original?
I don't think everyone claims to be original. If they do, they're full of shit. Now it's very difficult to even be 100% original. Heavy music has been going for a long time now, and a lot has been pumped out. Everyone has their influences, but I do think that we offer a new twist on the genre that's worth checking out.

You call your music Satan Rock. Is referring to Satan in a positive or negative way?
Positive. You have your Christian Rock and now you have us - Satan Rock.

You release as an independent. What is the positive effect of this?
Control of our releases and merchandise.

Do you think you could make other kind of music like reggae or jazz?
Yeah, I'm into both. If the music has soul in it, it's damn good and it's got my attention. I'm currently working on some other projects, and their sounds very in genre widely.

Would there be metal music without guys like Elvis and Little Richard?
No, but in time someone else would have done what they did if they hadn't.

Did you notice something from the celebration of Elvis his death some days ago?
Didn't even know until today.

Why are there more songs on the album than the artwork tells?
That's just the way we choose to do it... no subliminal messages... promise...

Describe the new album that comes out nowadays? What are the differences with the debut?
Evovled sound, more chaotic, more variety, more of what you saw on the first plus some.

To what level do you wanna evolve with the band?
I want to keep it going as long as everyone can contribute their creativity and keep this monster alive.

Do you think that writing a good song is a force of divinity?

Think you are able to write the ultimate song? Doing what when you have? Stop?
I don't ever think it's possible to write an ultimate song as long as everybody is continously willing to keep making progress. As musicians you can you always find new ways to challange yourself.

Say something what makes people want to hear The Seventh Gate?
A bug fuzzy green and purple bear will eat you if you don't...

Last rites?
Thanks for the interview and thanks to everyone who supports us and check out for the latest...
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 9, 2002
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