The spanish inquisition of Hrizg

Hrizg is an one man spanish inquisition from Cantabria. For many who don't know Hrizg is orcish for pain. Recently signed to Moribund Records this one man band is about to unleash its anthems of decrepitude cold, misanthropic black metal in the vein of Burzum and earlier Darkthrone. Spain is not known for exporting black metal but there are some bands worth checking out and Hrizg is one of them. Here's an interview with the man himself.

First I like to start off by saying congratulations for getting signed to Moribund Records. How long has this relationship been in the making?
Hails, thank you for your words. The contract is done for two releases. But it seems that we will continue the same path together in the coming releases. I really hope so, because Moribund Records is the best label for Hrizg.

I been listen to your upcoming release "Inferno", very old school can you tell a little about the album?
This stuff was recorded in 2010 with my own equipment, alone. I think it is more mature and technical. I don’t pretend to make the same music release after release. I try to find my own way.

Where was the album recorded at and how long did it take to record?
It was done in my own studio, by myself. I don’t remember well how many days I was recording it. I think around a week for the recording sessions and maybe other week for the mix and mastering. Everything was done quite fast.

Can you tell about the studio and the man who produced the album?
This is my own equipment and I am the one who produce all the Hrizg’s stuff till date. I use Yamaha Workstation, computers, Line 6 and tube preamps, shure/t-bone mics, and some more stuff to record my own music with a decent quality. I use to write, record, produce everything by myself, and I do all the designs so, Hrizg is the meaning of personality and individualism.

Did you have other musicians helping you out with the album or you did the whole thing by yourself?
No help. I just had some help on drums in two tracks of “Oaken Path of Grief”, my first album. I prefer to work alone in my own music for the moment.

Which bands you cite as an influence and why?
I enjoy early swedish/norwegian scene due to their coldness and mysticism, but I like southern Black Metal acts like early Moonspell, Rotting Christ, Varathron, early Nightfall, Septic Flesh or early Detestor too.

When is the expected release date for "Anthems Of Decrepitude" in the USA and Europe?
It was released around March, but I don’t remember well.

So what has the reaction been so far from the press? Have the reviews been good or bad so far?
I really don’t care about reactions. For “Anthems To Decrepitude” I saw very different reactions. From a masterpiece, to an album with some lack of atmosphere. As about “Inferno”, all I saw were very good reactions.
Anyway, I see that some webzines really don’t understand what Hrizg means musically, hehe... They look for the new reincarnation of Dimmu Borgir or something.

From what part of Spain is Hrizg coming and how's the scene down there?
I am from Cantabria, in the north side of Spain. Here the scene is very poor. There are many bands, but they are a bunch of bullshit. The bands I like could be Nazgul, Uruk-Hai, Bittencross, Heilnoz, Profundis Tenebrarum, Balmog, Foscor, Grimuack...

If you may, will you give the readers a brief summary of the songs on "Inferno" and what they mean to you?
I think, the best song in “Inferno” is this one called “Inferno IV – Ars Goetia”. This track is very hypnotic, technical and it has a great atmosphere and lyrics. This is a very strange song, by the way. The rest of the songs are under the standards of Black Metal, but this one is different. I tried a different kind of work, showing that I know something more than do Black Metal chords and fast drum attacks.

Besides your influences what are some of the other bands you listen to?
I like a lot of traditional Heavy Metal, like Manowar, Running Wild, Iron Maiden, Riot, Judas Priest… And dark and heavy Death Metal, like Morbid Angel, Immolation, Incantation, early My Dying Bride, early Paradise Lost (in fact, I love all their albums)

Out of curiosity, name some of the movies that influenced you dur
Conan the Barbarian, Excalibur, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Willow... anyway, some of them are films that influence me since I was very young.

What are the band future goals for 2011 and beyond?
I am writing some of the new stuff for my third album, but it is still too early to say something about it. I would record it in the last of this year and I would like to do some gigs just after of it’s release.
Thanks for your questions!
This is the Word of HRIZG
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Jul 23, 2011

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