The spontaneous ideas of Accuser

German Thrash heavyweights Accuser have recently released a stunning album, ‘Dependant Domination’. This is a thrash effort that produces both modern production power and musical style, with relevance to the bands earlier material and experience. I got the opportunity to put some questions to Frank Thoms (vocals/rhythm guitar), this is what was said.

Hello, congratulations on ‘Dependent Domination’ it is truly a great album. What is your reaction to the positive reviews received?
Thank you! The record left a good impression in many magazines. We are very glad that the reviews were so positive.

What if anything have you done different in the recording process to that of your previous releases?
We checked out the sounds of the instruments very well. Spontaneous ideas in the recording process were immediately converted. After recording we left no stone unturned to figure out the best Mastersound for our record. Overall we tried to do our best.

The album sounds fresh but also experienced, is this something that you have worked hard to achieve or is it a natural combination of your musical experience over the years, in particular since “Agitation“?
After “Agitation” we start to work on new material. The difference in work was that we tuned the guitars back in D-tuning. We did that before in the earlier Accuser days. It was a feeling as usual and in a very short time we wrote a lot of material. So, the songs are young and fresh, resulting through old experiences 

In regards some comments I have read relating to the press saying that you are returning to your roots, I sometimes find that bands who follow this path can sometime stifle their creativity. What do you think makes Accusser and ‘Dependant Domination’ so different from this statement, after all, it is a really good, killer album, there is a vibrant powerful execution of metal, and it’s pretty perfect for 2012!
We are not trying to go back to our roots, we are looking forward. But we will never forget our roots. Every day you can listen to new bands, new sounds and very interesting things. The range of music is too big to play only the sound of the old days. For me it´s very important to figure out new things and trying to compress ideas in one powerful Thrashsong. Otherwise it makes a lot of fun to go on stage and play the old songs.

How long did the writing process take? Do you demo tracks or just go for the recording in the studio?
The writing process for the last album takes 4 or 5 months. I recorded every track as a demo track at home. After that we had enough time to listen to the songs a few times. Some changes, repairs and cuts before we go in the studio and that’s it. We had opened the fire 

When, where and with who did you record the album? You have in the past worked with some acclaimed industry leaders.
It was the first time that we worked with Martin Buchwalter (Perzonal War). The chemistry was right and we became a new friend and brother in the Accuser family. Together we focused the details of the songs and we figured out the best way for every single track. We had a lot of fun at work. In the past we had a big friendship with “Die Krupps”. Jürgen Engler, the leader of the band, was the member from our first label “Atom H”. The label signed “Protector”, “Rumble Militia” and “Accuser”. In the studio from Jürgen we recorded the album “Double Talk”. Right after that we worked on the album “Repent”. In that time we had the idea to make a song with “Die Krupps”. The song “Metal machine music” was the first cooperation song and we put it on the end of the album “Repent”.

Where does the artwork concept come from? And who was the artist?
Since the album “Agitation” we work with “Verena Achenbach”. She is a great artist and together we had worked out the concept. First we thought about how we can illustrate the content of a lyric. Verena present some suggestions or possibilities and together we decide us for one direction. Then Verena gives the final touch.

What is your favourite song from the album, and why? Do any have any special meaning?
Yes, my favourite is “Escape from the oath”, because it is the last written song for the album and I like to play it live. Every single song has a special meaning with different contents but every song on “Dependent Domination” combined one thing. They all have something to do with the DD-relation.

What do you think of the current thrash scene, are there any bands that you have taken particular note of, especially the younger generation coming through?
The current thrash scene is very interesting. The old bands like Onslaught, Exodus, Forbidden, Deicide, Death Angel and Machine Head bring out great releases based on experiences and the technical advantages of today. Great songs, good playing and amazing sounds. In the younger generation I found some good Thrashbands like Suicidal Angels or Lazarus A.D.. Today there are exists tons of brilliant bands but most of them are playing other directions of hard music. It´s not 100% Thrash. It´s  Metal, Deathmetal, Grindcore, Metalcore, Hardcore or a crossover of all or whatever ! If I like a band it doesn´t matter for me how the kind of music calls.

There was a 6 year break in between activity, even longer in between full length album releases, what were you up too? Did you feel the early millennium years were not right for Accuser to be a part of?
Since 2008 we work with the new Accuser line up. The band is perfect now for working out new stuff. It´s a mutual friendship that gives inspiration, stimulation and power. We have a lot of fun but we are openly critical, it’s good for creative working. Before 2008, we tried to start a reunion in 2001, but we had no ideas and no drive. Sometimes you have wait for the right time on the right place

You have a healthy schedule of tours coming up, some with Tankard and festival shows, are Tankard good friends?
We know Tankard a very long time but we have not so much contact if we stay at home. But if we meet at concerts it´s always very funny. Tankard are great guys.

Do you think there will be any further dates that may be included even some UK shows?
We hope so! We are ready!

Thank you so much for you time and once again, massive respect in regards ‘Dependant Domination’.
Thank you Paul for the interview. We really appreciate that! Cheers, Frank