The unpureness of Infernal Poetry

interview with Daniele, December 2005

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
IP was born in Ancona (ITA) in 1996 with another monicker (Necronomicon). After the first demo, in 1997 we changed our name into INFERNAL POETRY. Our first official releses are a sort of mix between American brutality and European melodies, but in our latest work BEHOLDING THE UNPURE (release by Fuel Records and distribuited in your country via Hardebaran/TFM) we tried to overcome the usual boundaries of death metal, looking for a weird and personal direction.

Any funny things to tell about your bandmembers?
Well, we have an actors, a writer and a painter! We also have a sound engeneer and a software researcher...we are quite eclectic!

Infernal Poetry can be explained different ways. What is the correct one?
Really don’t know!;)

Do you believe in death after life or life after death?
We believe in DEATH IN LIFE.

Who are you fav poetry writers? can you tell some poems out of head?
Despite of our monicker, I am not a “real poetry fan”..i prefer the way, I’ve just published my first one...but it’s in Italian!;)

Is writing a poem a form of art? Why?
Sure. Shaping words is one the finest form of art. Especially with languages like Italian, where you have many many hiding/double meanings in almost each word...

Is there a musical concept in the band?
Not exactly, but we are working (as you wrote on your review) on a sound that wrecks nerves...this will be our main goal on the next album!

What makes you better than Morbid Angel?
Well I really don’t know how compare Infernal Poetry and Morbid Angel, we have a very different approach on extreme music. Obviously bands coming from 90’s influenced us a lot, but we now we have our own path to follow.

Your artwork differs from the most death metal bands. Why?
It reflects our music. Weird and different from the mainstream.

Don't afraid people will judge it as not death metal and leave it untouched?
Absolutey NOT. We are stepping outside the classic death, but we will be extreme anyway. In a different way. Infernal Poetry is not for classic meal heads, no doubt. Infernal Poetry is for those who wants to hear something different (even if quite stressing!)

Image is important or not?
Sure. You don’t need to be evil at any cost, this is the old philosophy. We want to be...brazen!

Musically you get your inspirations from what? Don't afraid to copy your influencees?
We are looking in many directions...many many fields outside metal anyway. This is the key to create something different in the extreme area. I think that you will see the real INFERNAL POETRY on the album we are working on will be easiser to understand than Beholding the Unpure but more and more strange! Possible? Yes!

Can you explain what metal music is to a deaf person?
I can try to explain our way of making metal music...maybe a sort painting with strange colours that seem don’t match at fist...but after sometimes every piece find is own position, and the puzzle is complete... and disturbing!

How is stagelife for Infernal Poetry? What was your best show and why?
We toured a lot in the past years and we will tour in Europe again soon...we will be official support band for DISMEMBER TOUR 2006 in Belgium, Netrherlands, Germany, Switzerlnad and Italy...13 gigs from 14 to 16 febraury 2006. We are a live band first of all, live attitude is all when you are a small band. We toured with BEHEMOTH, DESTRUCTION, DISMEMBER, IMPIETY, ROTTING CHRIST and many others, and we had great responses from our shows.
So hope to see you on stage really soon!

Do you prefer studio or livework? Can you give a disadvantage for both?
Well, live and studio are completely different for a band...touring is very funny, especially when you tour with nice people, but long travels can be can be really stimulating but also very stressing, especially because we started to recrd pur albums on our recording studio...we directly follow each step: composing, recording, mixing and mastering....this is a great advantage for our way of writing music, since it allows us to experiment new solutions with no rush...

What are you going to do in 2006? And what are you hoping for?
We will promote Beholding the Unpure in Europe, we will tour again and again and we will keep on composing new tracks for the next album...and probably we will release a sort of EP or a split cd with some new songs, to celebrate our first decade of activity!

What is the goal for the band? Can you imagine to play in a band when you are 45?
Infernal Poetry is a band who wants research. That’s all. The more people will be listening to us, the more we will be glad of course. But the first thing is shaping new sounds. And...sure, I will play. Maybe not in a extreme band, but I will. Maybe rock’n roll or psychobilly...

Last rites?
Thanks for your space and time, visit and download songs and videoclips... and let us know your opinion. Stay Unpure!
Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 18, 2005

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