The violent sonic combination of Illogicist

Illogicist compile a violent sonic combination of technical ability, rhythmic asymetry, melodic sickness and lyrical frustration to reflect a dynamic and emotional vision of suffering and introspection. Illogicist's inner core, comprised of guitarist Luca Minieri and drummer Remy Curtaz, was formed in the Summer of 1997. Their immediate goal was to write material that reflected their musical direction, and find strong musicians to complete the line-up. Upon coming across bassist Roberto Zeppa, the trio began finalizing material for its debut release. Mere weeks before the studio sessions, former Nefarium guitarist Fabio Filippone is added to the ranks, completing the now-four-piece line-up. Polymorphism Of Death, recorded at One Voice Studio with Daniele Giordana, represents the first official output by Illogicist.

After the recording of POD, Roberto Zeppa and Fabio Filippone left the band for personal problems. Diego Ambrosi (guitar) and Emilio Dattolo (bass) join the band making a stronger line-up. New material is composed and after a long period of reharsal and some live gigs, Illogicist enters again in One Voice Studio at the end of October 2002, for the recording of a new mcd titled ’Dissonant Perspectives’, more violent and progressive then their first one.

After a strong promotion in the uderground scene, playing live in Italy and sending promo cds to many and many labels, Illogicist sign a deal for his debut full-lenght albums with the american label Crash Music Inc, ex Pavement Music. After he leaves the band for as while, Remy come back behind drums. New songs are composed and the band start recording the new stuff in november 2003 at Luca Minieri's own studio, called Dissonant Studio. The band fly to Helsinki in December, for mixing and mastering the album at legendary Finnvox Studios, with Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila. The album, titled ’Subjected’, will be released by Crash Music Inc. between March and May 2004.

interview with Luca on 12-09-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Illogicist is a death metal band from Italy, or as the media say, a “technical death metal” band. We are active since 1997 but the real work began in 2001 with the release of a self-produced MCD, “Polymorphism of Death”, followed in 2002 by the second MCD “Dissonant Perspectives”. Really well reviewed by the international metal press and that has helped us to sign a deal with the american label Crash Music Inc... “Subjected”, that was recorded in 2003 and released worldwide in 2004 is the first album and the last chapter for now...of Illogicist.

I think you can change your name to Illusionist cause the booklet says you recorded the disc in nov-dec 2004.
Ahah...yeah...Illusionist...this has been a mistake made working on the artwork...It’s my fault...because I was really involved in trying check everything in the booklet but i’ve not seen this typing error. Then probably our second album will be released before our first time line!

Does this mean you live in another timezone or polymorph dimension?
Yeah for sure...We live in a self-programmed time zone.Ofcourse, there is a different time dimension here in Italy, due to the big amount of pizza, spaghetti and in particular for the Vatican presence. The pope usually change the time settings everyday...and we have to respect their decisions...goddamn!

And why is BRUTALISM not mentioned in the thanxlist as I support you since 2002! (Read the intie with Luca from 2002)
Simply because we don’t consider support a little page and a short review on the net...we have not received any support from Brutalism a part from that, like many others webzines not included in the thankslist. We have mentioned only people or magazines that they’ve really helped us in an active way. I’m sorry for that, but there were not so many place for all the sites, people and magazines.

How tight is the bandexistence woven in your daily life?
I try to concentrate all my energies and time for the band, but sure we can’t live from Illogicist ahah...then we have our works, even if we try to dedicate all the time possible for the band, for rehearsing and for playing live. In particular in this period I’ve to answer many and many interviews, then my life is really involved with the band affairs.

You are also responsible for recordings and design. Are you also doing this for other bands? Do you get any help from other bands?
Yes, we have recorded Subjected in my own studio: I’ve engineered the recordings and the pre-mix editing and then we have been to Finnvox Studios for mixing the album with Mikko Karmila behind the console. I’ve done also the CD artwork as for the previous CD’s; yes, sometimes I make CD covers and artworks for other bands, like happened with the italian power metal band Beholder some time ago. About the, we didn’t get any help from other bands...All by ourselves & yeah, we are good guys!

What is the idea behind the artwork?
There is a concept of human self subjection; a human being taking conscience of his weakness, that tries to escape from itself, from his mind and his thoughts that could become dangerous for his own rationality. A little creature that tries to escape from his state of subjection, but at the same time possessed by the fear of irrationality present in our everyday life and world.

What will happen with Illogicist when Diego and Emilio kick you out of the band?
I will kill them at first, then...ahaha...mhhh..I don’t know...I don’t really think that this could happen, because I’m a dictator; all the other bandmates hate me, but I usually kick their asses if they don’t play what I tell them. They are SUBJECTED to my will..ahah..just joking.

What kind of kick do you get from the music? Album sales? Fans?
The real kick that we get form the music it’s mainly the music itself, we really like to play. Now...the possibility that Crash Music has given us with the release of our first album it’s a great thing for us. We have the possibility to make Illogicist more known in the metal scene and to communicate with our music to a bigger number of people. Album sales..ahah...I don’t think so....Fans are’s always wonderfull when a person says that he likes the songs you compose.

Think it can reach a kind of spiritual level? Maybe transcendental magick?
What?!! I think you are totally crazy...What did you smoke man? I need this! By the way I don’t think about any trascendental magic spiritual levels. We just like to play and we play not thinking to reach any level, only trying to communicate our feelings and emotions translating them from words to notes.

How fascinated are you with philosophy? Can you share the works of Giordaro with other people?
I like philosophy and i like reading books about these authors. I think it’s a good way to think about our life and to make our brain and mind well working. Philosophy is life and death at the same time...To be or not to be...Rationality and irrationality... Giordano Bruno was a philosopher and a polymath, executed by the Inquisition in 1600 because of his heterodox tendencies, his Copernicanism and his belief in the infinity of inhabited worlds. He was declared as a heretic and burned at the stack.

Are you also religious? Why do people believe in a so-called God?
I’m not religious, I don’t believe in any God and I think that religions are a scheme build by humans trying to escape their weakness, to escape their fears and to believe in something that could help them in difficult times or with difficult questions they are not able to answer.

If Christians say that after death everything will be better in heaven, why aren't they comitting suicide at once?
Because suicide is condemned by the church? I don’t really know...Maybe because they are not so sure about their feelings, or better because the life has to be lived in all the cases...before life..then death.

Why do people believe in a different god? There could only be one who created life?
I think because of the different cultures you can find in the world, different populations, different popular credences and so on. Like I don’t believe that life has been created by a God, I haven’t got these problems luckily! I believe in science theories...and here there aren’t any Gods.

Do you have plans for the future? What would you like to reach?
We are trying to promote the release of “Subjected” and we will try to start playing live since September, in Italy and abroad, to spread our music and the Illogicist words. We’d like to continue this way, starting writing new material soon, and why not...if the label could help us with a tour it will be wonderfull!

Any intelligent statement to make?
I think this is the most strange interview I’ve replied untill now...By the way, thanks for the possibility and for the place on BBRUTALISM site...and of course...for your support.

Last rites?
Cheers and drink up!