Thirst Of Revenge, ready for the Annihilation

Carlos Mejías is known to have been a member of the Human Mincer brutal band, which left after the album "Devoured Flesh" (Xtreem Music, 2005). Today, six years later and with a solo album on his back called "The Beginning of the End" (Pathologically Explicit Recordings, 2006), presents us with the EP "The instinct of evil is near", a preview of his second album is titled "Annihilation of races" and will be released by renowned U.S. label Comatose MUSIC. We get in touch with Carlos to ask about the expectations of this new album and their projects among other things.

Hell-o Carlos, many people in the scene knows you from your time as vocalist Human Mincer and now it begins to be known as a solo musician, what marked the change to compose and play with more people having to work alone?
How are you dude?, I'm delighted to regain contact with you again, I thought that you're lost in the catacombs of pain lol. Sincerely time as lead singer of my previous band was great, many experiences with my friends and good times of laughter on trips to concerts, but like everywhere in the end the thing began to twist, from problems within the band and other family that I had at that time was when I decided to leave the group well past all the storm that was gone after long months, I thought, really now I have the opportunity and all the free time to go gradually preparing a song composed entirely by me, and thus was, from that moment on I started with it fully in my free time, and what was for me a hobby, has now become something else, THIRST REVENGE OF and I are one thing, as the band was my own life.

Playing solo at first glance may seem a disadvantage by not having someone give you a hand but also be an advantage in the creative, and you did not change the concept or the sound for another or other members of the band did not like it. Being a "one man band" has more negative or positive things?
The disadvantage of the first and only I see, as many readers already know me and plays an instrument while singing, it is impossible for me, although I try. Everything is perfect, I make all tests I want when I want. I do not waste my money or my time if someone is not in the band. All the riffs and drums are made by me, how to introduce the voices ... well, at least for me much more positive, if not all.

In the process of composition, Do you ask people to give you their opinion about how it sounds and they think or hope to have it finished before showing it to someone?
Normally when I start writing something new and I have about 30 seconds or 1 minute of the song often taught to see how the listener, but only a minority of people and the closest, as my girlfriend Eva. When I'm composing I always ask to her how it looks or how it sounds.

How was the first album and what are your expectations for the new one?
The first album worked good, many people drew the attention and love it, which I love too. What instrumentation is concerned was good, not so much sound final despite being clear sound and perfect, could have sounded better but at that time I had not the qualities and the means at my disposal like I have now.

The new album sounds in the same way as "The beginning of the end" or you've taken a different approach or sound?
The new album is impressive, it has nothing to do with the first album, is an entirely more mature, is an evolution to another level. I would say it's the best job of my career.

How did the issue of editing the EP "The Instinct Of Evil Is Near" with the release date of the new job so close?
The idea came when I bought a Pod UX2 rehearsal studio in my house and to record the songs as the ending was composing, with better sound with that earlier essay, besides also be able to record the voices with the same team and even the bass guitar. Then I heard with my own ears that sounded much better than the studio recording disc, and I thought, damn it's time to make a MCD with 2 new songs and two completely restructured and a new air of the previous CD, and give a some life to the project before its release who knows when they would occur.

There is many "one man band" that plays an instrument and sing in concert while the rest of music is recorded. Others ask to other musicians to obtain their support only in concerts. How do you think that you can play with THIRST OF REVENGE in concerts?
If one day I play in concert (I see impossible at this moment), would be with real people. As I said before, play guitar or bass and singing is very difficult for me, if not, keep in mind that I would be giving concerts like all "one man bands" on the planet (greetings to all of them).

You put the voice to the bands MIND HOLOCAUST and ENGORGED WITH DECADENCE. These bands are projects in parallel to THIRST OF REVENGE or it's only a temporary support to them?
Precisely Mind Holocaust, after the live debut in the Brutologos Festival in Palencia on 21 May, I talked to my good friend and creator of MIND HOLOCAUST, Oscar Gomez, and I said to him that due to the current problem we have most of the Spanish could not continue giving concerts with his project, not as Engorged With Decadence, which is always and will be a studio project, and there will be no economic problem or issue.

How do you see the Spanish scene?, Do you believe that the support by people and national labels to the spanish bands is enough?
The Spanish scene depends on the day, what band plays and how much it costs the ticket. Lately, the economy and the work is very bad for all the persons, then you can imagine the influence in music of that those things. I see the labels as a lottery, you can play or not, it depends on your luck from being signed by a label. Sometimes you can show your work with a remarkable quality and don't have a contract with any label, then I see personally that always been a lottery.

Some years ago, we didn't have big festivals in Spain, and now we have festivals like EWOKING TXALAFEST, BRUTOLOGOS, MOVE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN and many more. Do you think will someday be possible to have big festivals like the Obscene Extreme or Mountains Of Death here in Spain?
Surely one day we will enjoy a festival in Spain the level of those who have spoken.

There are some bands who decide to put their music online for free, other bands who publish their albums in PRO-CDR and now more frequently the ones that put the songs on the Internet that can be downloaded for paying a low price. Do you think are a way to prevent piracy, that the bands are searching the convenience or lack of money causes them to seek alternatives to the standard edition of the albums?
Several things can influence it, but in my opinion is more the lack of money that otherwise.

Would you like to add something before to end the interview?
Thank you very much for this interview, and this message goes for all of you: be very careful because is possible that the new album of THIRST OF REVENGE will be edited in september through the U.S. label COMATOSE MUSIC. As a preview of it, you can take a look at their official website and if you want to contact me you can do it through Facebook at Greetings to all from Fuenlabrada (Madrid). Spain.
Interviewer: Hijo del Dolor
Jul 2, 2011

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