Thornafire, not for an old school worship, nor for ego

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The South American metal scene has spawned many of great bands. Starting with Sepultura in the late eighties and early nineties to Krisiun. One band that made a good impression on me was Chile's own Thornafire. Even though the band sings most of their in Spanish, you can't deny the technical brutality and finese musicianship. Already slated to support Master on their upcoming European tour. Thornafire is armed and ready to set the world on fire with new album which I can't pronounce right away. Here's my interview with Victor.

Hi Victor. Here's an interview from's Paul Lewis. Ola my brother how you doing so far?
Hi Paul, everything is really good, we are on the middle of the European tour promoting "Eclipse Nox Coagula"... lots of good experiences until today.

I'm listening to the new album Christain's vocals is amazing?
Yes, I choose the guy because his good vocals skills and because he carried me after an a hardcore bar session, when I was totally drunked.

How long you know Christain before he joined Thornafire?
Only 6 months before to record "Eclipse...", we were little frustrated, cause our singer from the past 10 yeast wanted to quit the band, at the end we are on tour and this guy is lot better than the poser ex-singer.

I have the band previous effort, I played the CD a lot, I was blown away by the brutality and the musicianship is really amazing!
Well, we search for progress into our music, not for an old school worship, nor for ego. Our last effort was made on these direction also.

Thornafire opened for Slayer on the World Painted Blood Tour. What kind of emotions you had at the when you first heard the news that Thornafire is going to be the support band for Slayer?
Well, for all of us, it was a great surprise and made us really working hard on the rehearsals. It was a huge honor that the Slayer crew choose us as the opener, even for me it was a historical chance.

It must been a great feeling not only to open for Slayer, it was also kinda of homecoming for Tom Araya who was born in Chile?
Well, the guy is not Chilean from the core, is totally North American, which not means something bad... he only doesn't live like us… doesn't have our sarcastic sense of humor, probably he is ugly as a hell like us, but he doesnt have huge links with Chile.

Can you describe the fan reactions when Tom hit the stage?
There was on total madness, been totally on a aggressive trance.

2010 Thornafire went on first on their first European tour. What was your most memorable moment from that tour?
Well, we met some real great people at that time, specially in Czech Republic, really great moments, may not like Mötley Crüe kind of party. Also I met my girlfriend in Germany, where I found an adorable and unique person, but this is too romantic for a metal magazine.

The band is planning to hit Europe again in support of "Eclipse Nox Coagula". Is there any place the band is planning to hit that they stop the first time around?
It's a long tour, two months (we are now on the middle of it) mostly on the eastern side of Germany, and some other countries like Romania and Lithuania. Very heavy program, but at the end it's Death Metal, far away to do this by a simple traveling or other situations... we expect to leave a good mark at the festivals and places where we will be playing.

One of your band members was also bandmate with Alvaro Lillo, at time before he moved to Sweden to join Watain?
Haha there has to be something wrong with it.. No, we don't have any link with a member of Thornafire with Alvaro.

Are there plans for the band to play in the States sometime this year?
Ho ho, after this tour, I guess that the next steep is travel to the States.... we will see how the things keep working for the band.