Thorngoth break their shells of isolation

Black metal outfit Thorngoth have certainly learned a lot throughout the years. Originally starting out as ‘true’ black metal, the band slowly evolved over time for a better, well rounded sound and open mind… all the way up to the point that they created their first concept album ‘Leere,’ which has received positive reviews for the group and given them more exposure. Guitarist Sorath was kind enough to answer a few questions about the band’s past and explain their philosophies on metal itself.

Hello from BRUTALISM. What’s new for Thorngoth these days?
Hi there! We've finished the arranging of the songwriting for the fourth album a few weeks ago.
The actual recording will probably take place in September.

So recently you unleashed ‘Leere,’ a sort of concept album. Care to share with our readers the meaning behind the concept and how the music reflects that?
"Leere" is about the physical and emotional emptiness in all its forms. Though the music isn't pure depressive BM, it surely has a slight touch of this sub genre. But we rather focused on creating a balance of aggression, depression and even some easiness.

What does ‘Leere’ translate to, anyway?
It means ‘void’ or ‘emptiness’.

Are there any particular influences for Thorngoth’s sound that you’d like to name; either from the latest album or since the beginning of your musical career?
I think our influences are unconsciously. We’ve never tried to copy another band. But it’s impossible to avoid influences from other bands. When I was creating the music of “Leere”, I listened to Shining, Blot Mine, and Bethlehem, only to name just a few.
Nowadays I mainly listen to Enslaved, Nachtmystium, Solstafir,, Katatonia and some other bands that play this style of music.

Being pretty well versed in the metal world these days with a few releases before this last album, would you say that your music has been pretty consistent since your debut, or have you always kept trying to evolve your sound, either due to personal preferences or demands from critics/ fans?
We've never cared too much about what the critics wrote. With a change of the personal preferred music, the songwriting changes automatically simultaneous. Hence our own sound evolved in the course of time. We also tried to get better than before, because standstill is equal to death for a band, I think.

Do you have a pretty consistent ‘metal’ philosophy or has it changed with every album or as time passes on and you grow wiser in the music industry?
In our early days we produced our releases on purpose to sound quite dirty and with lack of bass, to get a "true" sound. That bored as after a period of time. At the latest since the recording of "Leere" we try to get the best sound as we can produce. Concerning our Internet activities, we also opened our mind. Originally, in an interview, that was hold in 2007, I said that there will never be a Thorngoth Myspace site!
But a fan of us created a fan-site on Myspace in 2008. Every visitor thought we were the ones behind this site. Even some gig offerings were mailed to this fan site, as I found out by hindsight.
Hence he more or less forced me to create a Myspace site on our own. Nowadays, I'm glad that we've opened up and had done this move, because otherwise it's really hard to play shows or simply get more attention.

Would you say being involved in the metal music industry for about five years now you’re no longer ‘pups’ to the game of ‘making good music?’ What advice can you give to our readers who may just be starting out in bands but are looking to merge that gap between personal demand and industry demand?
As long as your band isn't signed to a bigger label such like Nuclear Blast, it doesn't matter what the industry demands. By starting a band, always concentrate on your own preferences, or you will never be satisfied. To satisfy the demands of industry, try to produce your songs as best as possible.

I had an experience that pre-producing our own songs on a computer gives the possibility to rate them more objectively.

So what can fans expect in the near future for Thorngoth? Any tours planned or a new album coming up? Or is it time for a break to just recharge a bit rather than feel rushed?
We're supposedly will do a tour in late November of this year, but that is not for sure yet.
It will be confirmed early September. Our next album will be finished this year, I guess. But I don't know, when and by whom it will be released.

If you’ve done any touring before, what do you like best about it? Any particular bands you’ve toured with, or want to tour with, that you really admire or have had a good time with?
We merely do single shows, not tours. Mostly we enjoy the event itself. If we like the bands that are playing on the show, we are going to see them playing.

Speaking of fans again, obviously they are very important and a lot of what they say may make or break a decision when it comes to making future music. Has there been anything a fan has said or done that has really impacted the group and let you know you were going in the right (or maybe wrong) direction?
Thorngoth still aren't big enough that many fans would discuss our music. We are still rather an ‘underground band.’ Hence, there are nearly only the reviews that inform us what the metal-scene thinks about us. Concerning "Leere", there were mostly positive responses.
Opinions of other people should never be the reason to break up, however. Creating music is- at first- a thing that one does for oneself, I guess.

Any last words of wisdom for our readers before we part. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to answering the questions and letting our readers get to know some of the more personal side of Thorngoth.
Thanks for the interview! Await the next Thorngoth album to kick your ass!
Keep watching to our tour dates so you don't miss a Thorngoth gig!
Interviewer: devilmetal747
Aug 16, 2011
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