Thulcandra is not afraid of critique

Founded by Obsurca mastermind Steffen Kummerer in 2003, Thulcandra put two releases "Perishness Around Us" in 04 and "Fallen Angel's Dominion" six years later. On Sept. 25th Thulcandra will release their third opus "Under The Frozen Sun" in the States on Napalm Records. Produced by Dark Fortress/Triptykon gutarist V. Santura "Under The Frozen Sun" will remind of the glory days of the blackened death of Dissection's "Somberlain" and "Storm Of The Light's Bane" era. With artwork done by no other than Kristian "Necrolord" Wahlin. For good measure the band also did an cover of Unaminated's "Life's Demise" as a way to pay homage to the masters Dissection, Unanimated and Necrophobic who brought the black/death to the masses. For fans of these bands will be satisfied by this release.

Guten Tag, how are you today?
Hello. I am doing fine.

To get me and some of the fans out there can you give a brief history of the band?
We founded the band back in 2003 with Jürgen Zintz and me, Steffen Kummerer, on guitars and main composers. Just one year later the first rehearsal demo "Persihness Around Us" was recorded in a small battered studio in Landshut, Germany. Unfortunately we never released it, as we where not satisfied with the quality and the final mix we got. A few months later Juergen decided to explore the space between a train and  the rails, so with his passing the whole band was on hold for many years. Actually there was no chance to go on with Thulcandra until I moved into another city and stubled arcoss our old rehearsal demos and the "Perishness Around Us" MCD. When I listened to the whole songs I felt that the whole thing was not closed as it should be. In 2008, I finally started to work on new material and re arranged some old riffs and tracks to form the basis of what is now "Fallen Angel's Dominion". When the grim twins Tobias & Sebastian Ludwig joined the fold, Thulcandra was reborn and the debut album was finished.

Thulcandra will be releasing their new album "Under The Frozen Sun" Sept. 30th in Europe and Oct. 4th in the USA. Is there any of anxienty concerning the release of the album as far wondering about the feedback from the fans?
We are all satisfied with the results. The artwork, production, photos & layout are exactly the way we wanted to have this release. With the songs and arrangements we are sure we made the right thing so noone of us is afraid of any critique. I haven't seen a review for the new album yet, so let's see how the feedback will become this time.

Is there any similarities between your other band Obscura and Thulcandra? And which one is your main band?
Obscura is playing up to 150 shows a year and we are touring worldwide while Thulcandra is the band some friends and me took back from the dead to write music in the early 90ies. I do not see any similarities between a progressive death metal band and an old school black death metal outfit besides me as a person playing in both of them.

You worked with V. Santura of Dark Fortress at Woodshed Studio, what are the advantages of having a musician working with you on this album?
With V.Santura I work since the very beginning of my career and he produced almost every release I ever did. On the other hand we've been the first band ever in the Woodshed Studios and helped with building up the whole business. We know what to expect from each other and work very productive and efficient on our timetables. He contributes a few arrangements and here and there an idea how we could make a certain song more dynamic in the end. I enjoy the positive mood in the studio and the fact that it is only 13 miles from my place.

When U heard the first track it remind me of Dissection's "Somberlain", which to me is the best Dissection album?
Dissection have recorded a few good albums in the past. Great that you enjoy our opening track 'In Blood And Fire'.

Seem like Germany is becoming the central metal power in Europe. In what ways you agree with that accessment?
There are many good underground bands coming up and with Obscura, Defeated Sanity, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction we have a few bands that are known worldwide. In other countys are good and fantastic bands as well, you can not compare that.

What's your opinion of the German metal scene? There have been good bands like Dark Fortress and your band putting out some good strong albums?
We have a couple of talented bands in Germany. The scene is caught by rip offs in the live sections, agencys that only offers pay to play for example. Those actions are poison for our vital scene and will kill the underground. Only a few good bands will survive, I am sure.

Have there been reviews from magazines concerning the new album yet?
No, I haven't seen any reviews yet. The album will be released in more than two months so there is plenty of time.

Me and Cruor (Endstille) were talking about the German horror scene. Alot of people don't know the first horror movie came out of Germany?
I don't know Cruror nor any horror movie from Germany.

Is there any talks of Thulcandra doing an USA tour?
We once got an offer to support Belphegor in 2010 but we had to deny it as the tour was scheduled too shortly for us. It is a hassle to get the proper visas to visit the USA. And of course a European band has to pay several thousand US$ to get into the land. Anyway I hope we can make it for "Under A Frozen Sun" over to North America. We have an American booking agency with The Pantheon Agency, so get in touch if you are interested.

I know you toured the USA when Obscura was supporting The Black Dahlia Murder. Sorry I missed the Dallas stop of the tour due to work. Can tell me about that experience of touring in the States?
With Obscura we toured the USA three times, with Cannibal Corpse, later The Black Dahila Murder and this year with Children Of Bodom. Touring in general differs pretty much from Europe to North America. In Europe you get a nightliner, good food from the venues, showers and see a different culture every day. In the USA the fans are more into the music and get crazy every night, but you see the same road every day, have the same bad fast food every day and the clubs are on a low standard if you not play in the bigger venues.

Danke for taking the time to do this interview. Is there anything you like to add?
Thank you for the interview. Give "Under A Frozen Sun" a listen and see you on tour.
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Sep 1, 2011

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