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In January 1998 a cruel idea circled within the brain of singer and bass player Husky Vocalvomiter: ’I fuckingly also want a fuckingly hard heavy metal combo!!!’. So he persuaded the second Band member Devy and another guy from our hometown, called Mark the Shredder to join as guitar-player. So we guys needed only a drummer to be lucky and we found him in hospital with a mangled chondreum genui, but no nurse could stop Marty to make a first jamsession. Tides of Darkness was born. Marty recovered again fastly and we wrote our first few songs....Same summer we did four livegigs and in spring 1999 we recorded a few songs in our little homestudio with shity software and much fun. Last year we did some big steps forward concerning musical quality. T.o.D. is working at brandnew material...we’re more deathy and speedy now without losing harmonics... lets see where it all ends.

interview with Devy guitarist on 29-4-2001

Short introduction to ourselfes:
We’re just some heavy metal freaks, who like to play our instruments and we want to see how far we can get.

Why did they let you play in the band
It’s cause Husky and me are friends since I can think. Our music taste has some similarites. We searched our hometown for suitable drummers and guitareroz. So Mark and Mart joined

Did you get good reactions on the first demo?
some metalheads got it in their hands and they liked it! Some of them still tell us that they often listen to it. We earned some criticism about the sound quality, but we couldn’t do it better at that point of time. Now we have a remasterd Version, which is much better...

Did this one get you a record deal?
No. Noone who is somehow involved in professional music business got it in hand.

If not, is it difficult to finance the whole CD yourself?
It was a little bit. It is a real low budget production.We had to invest over 300US$, without knowing, if we will get it back somehow. And let me tell you: We did get it back :-)!

Have you done some live gigs with known bands?
No, never. Only underground connections.

Why should people come to see you?
I do not really know if we would visit a Tides concert, if we weren’t Tides ourselves. But our music is not very oriented on other bands or styles, which is seldom even in underground.

What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
Mart listens to stuff like: Type o Negative, Blind Guardian, Dream Theater,...
Max: Sepultura, Machine Head, Fear Factory,...
Devy: Same like Max + Deathmetal,...
Husky: Type O, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu,...

Where Do you get inspiration?
Anything, which is shocking to ones mind. This can be a fantasy thought, a TV-report or a incidence in real life.

Any interesting hobbies?
Husky is special in alkohol-issues and not learning lyrics by heart.

Do you have a dream in the future?
Make a recorddeal and earn at least so much money, that we can live without doin’ other jobs (dreams, dreams, tztztz...)

Last rites?
Sometimes all you can do is hate the world you live in. You look around and you see everything go wrong. In our country metal is not popular. All those fucking sprayerkids paint the walls with rap and technoshit. Eat ecstacy and talk bullshit. F U C K T H E M - A N D F U C K M T V!!!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 29, 2001
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