Triumfall spreads the words and works of Satan

From the war torn country of Serbia comes Triumfall. Hailing from a country with a history of civil strife. It's refreshing to read or hear music from other regions of the Balkans besides Greece. Triumfall plays fast aggressive black metal with a melodic atomspheric edge to the mix. That sometimes remind you of eariler Emperor. Recently signed with Infernus's Forces Of Satan Records. In partnership with Regain Records. Triumfall will soon unleash their self titled debut from what I heard so far I was very impressed. Definately a must for fans of early Emperor and Dissection.

Good evening from Texas how you guy's doing? when I heard your CD I was real impressed with the quality of sound and musicianship of the band very impressive work.

I don't really know much about the band can you in brief detail the history of Triumfall and how it all came together.
Triumfall was formed in mid 2006 by the members of now defunct Serbian Black Metal bands Introitus and Veles.

The band will be releasing your self titled debut on Regain when is released date for both Europe and the US?
Debut is not selftitled, it is entitled "Antithesis of All Flesh". First announced release date was 15. june 2009, but due to some dificulties it has been delayed. Official release date for Europe will be during this month, but we are not sure when is the official release date for U.S.

Regain Records is handling the distribution for Forces Of Satan Records or the two labels made a partnership with each other.
Well, as we know, it is something in between.

What impress the band to sign with Infernus' label Forces Of Satan Records. And how's the band relationship with the label?
Most of all diabolical attitude which is dominant in circle of Forces of Satan. Relationship is good.

When you met Infernus what was your impression of him? Not only that he is the guitarist for Gorgoroth but also has a label in your opinion what the benefits of signing to a label that's run by an artist like Infernus?
Impression was very positive. Infernus took a flight to Serbia so we could meet and make a contract. Also we could see that he was really interested in spreading the plague of Triumfall and doing the best thing for our diabolical formation.

Where the album recorded at is there any good recording studios in Serbia?
Album was recorded in Wildcat studio in Kragujevac. There are few more studios that are able to do good work in extreme music. the great advantage of studios in Serbia is that they are much cheaper than studios abroad.

For quite some time Serbia been involved in a civil war which was formerly Yugoslavia and how things changed since then?
There was a civil war, and some things have been changed since then, and some things not.

I quite surprised when I read the information that you guys are from Serbia cause the magazine I read never written about any of the bands from the Balkans region except from bands from Greece.
Well Greece has a metal scene, that's true. There are really good bands. We are glad that we defend the colours of our land.

You think once people hear your CD people would pay attention to the Balkan black metal scene? Once I heard your CD I became interested in checking out other bands from Serbia. It seem there's alot of hidden gems from there.
We don't really think it is important for us to people know from what area are we. Only thing that is important for us is to spread the words and works of Satan, the light which destroys but very few will recognize it as the essence of divine strenght and knowledge.

What other bands from Serbia worth checking out?
There is a band really worth of checking out, Dead Shell of Universe, whose member V also took part in "Antithesis of All Flesh" with clean voice performance on few tracks.

Has the band been doing any shows promoting the new opus? Is there any festival dates planned for Triumfall?
As we see Triumfall rather as a tool of our misanthropic idea than a live band we have no such plans at this moment.

Is there any tensions that still exist in Serbia and the surrounding region? I been reading alot of WW2 history books I know that Yugoslavia under German rule was quite brutal.
There are tensions and always will probably be, but Triumfall does not alternate any political ideas so we think it is not right question for this interwiev. Wars, genocides, deaths only manifests some meaningless pieces of what His devotee encounters on the path towards the only true light, rays of uncreation, Black Light.

Where do the band get inspiration from when writing the music and lyrics?
From our spiritual quintessence, which is rooted within the darkest corridors of the illuminating and rebellious path of Lucifer. Triumfall is not only opposed to a conformist human and it's obedient nature, but rather to the whole universal order created by the false light. Our Light lurks within the utter Darkness and the vast abyss of the subconsciousness. Satan is the primary force that stands behind us, spreads His words through Triumfall and transcends life and death.

Is there a possiblity of the band doing a US tour?
According to the answer above: Triumfall has not such plans.

What bands influence Triumfall? I do some shades of Emperor in your music but not enough to make the band Emperor clones?
Offcourse Emperor is one of our main influences, as albums of Dissection, Gorgoroth, Dodheimsgard, Darkthrone, Mayhem etc. Also many other bands and musicians from various genres but mostly with satanic attitude.

You have any new material written for the next album?
We have been working on the second album since december 2008. when was finished the recording of "Antithesis of All Flesh". Most of the tracks are already finished so we hope we will enter the studio in fall of 2010.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview it has been pleasure.
Thank you for your interest!
Unleash the hidden forces of primal Chaos that lurks within you!!!
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
May 13, 2010

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