Trivium has his funeral music chosen

Eloquence in Medieval idealism was defined through the Trivium. The three basic liberal arts of grammar, logic and rhetoric once combine to give grace and credibility to those who sought to rise above in society. Transcending this conceptual dynamic the trio from Florida are leading the modern charge and in turn redefine their own name in modern linguistics through music. By combining the elements of traditional American thrash and death metal with that of the now fledging European scene and the resurgence of metalcore, Trivium are the musical equivalent of modern eloquence. Do not be fooled however, as Trivium are anything but prim and proper. They possess an abrasive edge as a power trio, brimming with technical proficiency, turbulent dynamics, and a metallic prowess. Trivium are poised to forge their own place in the metal community and rise above the high expectations set on their self-titled demo with their debut offering on Lifeforce records entitled “Ember to Inferno.”

The refinement of their sound and focus of their writing sets a tone which more than encompasses the shades of meaning hinted at in the album title. The move like a musical leviathan from melody to abrasion as if sparks rise from a smolder to a flame. So be forewarned, if you are ready for an education in musical eloquence, metal style, Trivium will burn you three-fold in your metallic education.

This time heading into Audio Hammer Studios, masterminded by Jason, the wicked shredder, producer (God Forbid, Burning Inside, etc), and leader behind local tech-metal band Capharnaum and Crotchduster, the comedic death, techno, pop, country, rap band; Trivium finally has THE CD. Consisting of 7 tracks of unreal production quality, this quite possibly could be the turning point of Trivium. Next it's off to Morrisound studios for mastering and completion of the CD. So with that, copies of Trivium's Self Titled album were sent worldwide to labels, magazines, webzines, and bands... and someone came back with an answer... LifeForce Records.

In late spring 2003 the band went back to Audio Hammer Studios to record the 12-song album “Ember To Inferno“ you hold in your hands now.

interview with Matt on 24-10-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My name is Matt Heafy, I play lead guitars and perform lead vocals in Trivium. I'm currently a senior in high school, living in Orlando, Florida -17 years old.

How can you describe your music to non metal genre related listeners?
Trivium performs music that travels across technical, melodic, and rather hard music; catchy, screamy, singalong, and angry vocal styles.
Trivium is often compared to the likes of: In Flames, Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, The Haunted, Megadeth, Iced Earth, and many others.
The music has been dubbed (by friends, Dew Scented) as: Melodic Death Metalcore.

Do you listen to other kind of music too? Mention some favorites?
Oh yeah, other than metal/metalcore?... all types of stuff now: Ulver, Mogwai, AFI, The Mars Volta, Further Seems Forever, Boy Sets Fire, The Underwater, Anberlin, Armor For Sleep, Thursday, Thrice, Dashboard, Isis, 28 Days Later Soundtrack, etc...

You started with thrash music at school. Still listen to the old days music? What about the thrash bands nowadays?
Yes, we started very much like: Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Megadeth, Testament.
I actually, sadly, don't listen to those bands really anymore... but maybe it's a good thing- so I can discover new bands without being limited.
When it comes to Thrash nowadays, it's more modern thrash that I really enjoy- Darkane, Dew Scented, The Haunted!!!

Mention your fav tracks of Slayer, Dark Angel, Exodus, Destruction and Messiah?
Man... I either can't pick any favorites right now for some, or I wasn't too huge on some. I listened to quite a bit of Slayer and Destruction back in the day.

Seems things are coming in threefold (name, members etc). Also in your sexlife?
Well yeah, the name is three; members are now four!... sexlife... FIVE!!!!!! Hahahah, just kidding.

Describe how they make the songs. Is it standard like other bands do? How do you start? What is the contribution of each member?
All the material up until JUST recently (with new guitarist, Corey), I wrote all the music; arrangements were done by Travis and I.
In the song writing process, there is never a set idea to how a song should or will sound. I always just allowed the song to flow and create itself- never did we set out to have something be a shred solo, a breakdown, a catchy part, or a melodic thrash part.
In the beginning, it's usually a riff, or a couple of riffs- then I just think about the riff in my head, and like always- I can just hear the other parts naturally form themselves. It's cool the way this works.
The next step is Travis and I collaborating how it sounds with drum tracks...
But now it's different... Corey is writing amazing material, and so is Brent! (or bassist). So now we have 3 music creators in the band; we all collaborate and piece together, as well as have full songs created by each member.

How you save your ideas? Tape everything even if it is not useful?
I usually write it all out in tabulature in school. I don't pay attention in classes, I just think about songs, tab them, and write lyrics.
Another option is recording it on my Boss BR-8 digital recorder; it's great for hearing how multiple parts sound together... with a shitty machine drum loop running!

Ever noticed that your ideas are already done by others? Which song would you wish had made?
Oh yeah... it's hard to do a Melodic Death style without ripping off the kings- In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, Arch Enemy, etc. Well... it's hard for all styles.
I wish I thought of the Reroute To Remain album, Clayman, Colony, Whoracle, Jester... etc... etc... etc... hahah.

Ever received some royalties from your music played on the radio?
Not yet! But maybe someday this will happen, and make everyone real happy- label, band, production company, fans.

You are playing in Holland. First time? What cliche ideas do you have of Holland?
No cliche's at all actually. This will be the entire bands first time in Europe- we are all totally pscyhed. We're leaving tomorrow (today is Tuesday). It is going to be amazing- Holland has given us some great press- interviews, reviews, etc.
We can't wait.

What souvenirs are you taking home from Holland?
In every country we visit, I hope to check out local markets and clothing stores- find some unique stuff. I will also definatley check out music stores and record stores; hopefully to find shirts and CD's of obscure and new bands.

Any favorit country you like to visit? To play some gigs or go on holiday?
I really want to goto Japan- I was born there, and I know there are some tremendous shows there (Beast Fest). I would love to do a fullout tour around Europe and Asia, and tour Japan. It seems like a perfect line up would be: In Flames, Arch Enemy, Children Of Bodom, and Trivium.

What is the most fun of the band? Just to write music? Play? Promotion?
Playing out is my favorite part. I love to see the reactions on peoples faces while we are performing... for many it has been surprising. I look forward to experiencing this feeling in other country's (such as Holland.)

Do you think your website helps with promotion? How do you use the new media in your bandpromotion? Any idea of how media will spread in the future?
Websites are the way to go. And if people need someone, go for Fredrik Kreem (In flames, Trivium, Heaven Shall Burn, Dimension Zero). The website is the very thing that gets Trivium to other countries faster than any other media.
I think for the fact that people (anywhere) can listen to our songs, see what we look like, read about us, and talk to us in a matter of milliseconds is astounding. I think the internet is what makes alot of bands have a chance.
I have no idea what the future will be like... faster computers?

Any interest in science, space, technique etc? Watch Discovery Channel or something like that?
Hmm... no, there isn't anything really in those areas that are catching my attention. Maybe I'll find something one of these days...
Well actually, psychology and genetics grab me. Being able to predict people's actions and ways just based on sciences is quite an intriguing concept; i'd like to learn more about this.

What were your fav lessons at school? Did you learn any profession? And what is your dreamjob outside music business?
It always changed. I remember enjoying when we read Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet... I really like Shakespeares stuff... but not enough to read on leisure time. Just in school it was alright.
My only dreamjob and dream is the music business. I can't think of a real job, hah.

How does your future look like in 5 years?
Bright. I hope that in 5 years, people in every country will know who we are, and recognize what we do. We really do work our hardest and want this more than anything... I hope that all the hard work will give us a good future.
By the way things are going now... things seem like they will be promising in the future.

Any important thing you wanna tell the world population?
Goto and listen to our shit! Realize this is what we are, what we work for, and we hope you all can enjoy. It is our lives and we are sharing it with the world.

Last rites?
At my funeral, play ’Goliaths Disarm Their Davids.’
Interviewer: twansibon
Oct 24, 2003

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