Ungodly, no problem with anti-christianity in Brazil

interview with the band on 02-08-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Daniel Oliveira (g) - In the middle of 2001 I had the idea to start a death/black metalband. The compositions basically were made by me and we improved fast & a lot since then. The line-up was being molded until where we are now. Arnald Asmoodeeus (vocals), Daniel Oliveira (guitars), Luciano Campos (guitars), Fernando Campos (bass), Alex Rocha (drums).

Why had you the idea to start a band? What made you decide?
Daniel - I never contented myself in only watching metalconcerts. I always felt that I would be they’re playing instead of only watching; it is something I cannot explain! Actually we always wanted to play man!!!

It took 3 years before you record the EP. Do you write 1 song a year? Why recorded only 3 songs?
Alex (drums) – We live in a country that isn’t very acceptable towards metalmusic and for obvious reasons it is very hard to find musicians who love to play this kind of sound. We already finished other songs ofcourse, but for an EP we thought that three songs were enough.

What kind of hate is boiling inside of you? Why?
Arnald Asmoodeeus (vocals) - I think that everyone who takes just one minute to think about their own lives, doesn’t accept the fact to be a slave of a God that preaches perfect, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. We hate this philosophy!!! Every worthy human being must live a life based on indulgences and not one of of abstinences!!!

Fernando Cliff (bass) – The hatred against all this Christian hypocrisy that predominates in the occidental culture and for many centuries comes alienating the people, dictating behaviour and conducting our lives, no matter how hard we do not agree with their ridiculous dogma’s.

With the antichristian attitude, don't you get problems in Brazil? Boycot etc?
Daniel – No!!!

Arnald- One of the principles of human’s evolution is the free will to think and to make what we find certain according our limits. Brazil is a democratic place for more than 15 years and we are free to speak what we think, without imprisoned fear of being assassinated by an oppressing regimen.

How does Brazilian society look against longhaired tattooed musicians?
Daniel - As any another person, we are no different of nobody.

Are you doing something to fight the poverty in Brazil? And what about the plundering of the rainforest?
Arnald - It’s very difficult to change a country where a considerable index of corruption exists. I think that the development will not be instantaneous & given in a long run, but Brazil already is distinguished in some sectors worldwide.

Daniel – We are not with no project against the poverty or something it type here, the Brazilian government already develops projects as worldwide known Hunger Zero (here it’s called “Fome Zero”). Stolen exist in any place of the world and Brazil is a very good country to live really, I can guarantee you that we are privileged people for living in a country as Brazil.

Does it help picking up girls when you play in a band?
Daniel – It does make a difference.

Are there many sexual infections you can get? Ever have one?
Jaime Amorim (manager) – Yes, evidently it exists. Any place in the world where people do not have hygiene and have a promiscuous way of life certainly these and other types of sicknesses will appear eventually. But I felt a certain lack of information in your question. Here in Brazil we have the best program of assistance to people that suffer with AIDS - recognized for the ONU. I never had any sexually transmissible illness. Hey man! It’s just to go in a pharmacy or supermarket and buy some condoms.

You are sponsored by Tinho Tattoo. Does this mean you get the ink for free? What kind of drawing is on your arm?
Daniel - Of certain form we try to help everyone that helps us, talking about Tinho, he always follows us in this journey. The Tinho’s trendmark isn’t in the CD booklet but in the official site of the band. I have tattooed a goat in my right arm with the world in decay around.

Do you have interest in body modification? What would you never do and why?
Daniel - No!!!

Are you part of some local metal scene or organization? Any help from other bands?
Daniel/ Arnald - We promote concerts with other bands like the gig with Krisiun and Headhunter D.C. in April 2004.

Fernando – Yep! Luciano Campos and me have another band called Insaintification (Thrash/Death). We are always supporting concerts and Brazilian magazines.

How is the promotion for Ungodly going at the moment? What would you like to reach with the band?
Daniel – At the moment we are sending promo-CD’s to radio-stations and magazines. Just working hard on bandpromotion. Hey, we wanna live by only making music in the near future!

Any important statement you want spew?
Daniel – No.

Last rites?
Arnald - We wish to thank this support!!! Keep on going in the darkness for the rest of your lives!!! Hail to the fucking Metal Scene !!!!!!

Daniel – I hope that the Dutch Metal scene grows more and more and in the future Ungodly should be there for a European tour!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Aug 2, 2004

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