Ungodly wants to expose their ideas and creativity

interview with the Daniel by Rosberg Lima, April 2006

The metallic Bahia Scenery is in their best days, besides having great bands the level of each one of them it is growing in an excellent way. Ungodly, band that executes a Death Metal of total cohesion and a lot of resonant potency has just thrown your first full-length solemnity-entitled. The debut acquired an impressive final result, here is a group that will conquer many listeners with certainty all over the world. Accompany the interview below with these that promise be an exponent inside Death Metal.

Already does five years that Ungodly is in the active, in spite of little time the sonority reached by the band is of being frightened. Which the main ingredient so that the band continues strong with their initial ideals?
Firstly thank you very much Rosberg. I think the main ingredient is you to do everything with a lot of will, claw and dedication, we entered in that with the objective of just not to be one more in the middle of so many and yes to put the faces with everything and to struggle for our objective giving in what gives.

The name Ungodly translating means ’ ncredulous’, observing this name well was a very interesting choice. Can we attribute several meanings, but which the one what this name means for band and because the choice this name to entitle the group?
The incredulous name in which we used the can be attributed any type of conduct to remove the free arbitrate of the human being and in some way it ends up doing with that your life takes directions different from your true essence.

You beat front with the christianity, but now a lot of bands adopt that posture to call the attention of the media (I don't want to say that Ungodly makes the same thing), however we lived in one time that several groups land of ’evil’ for us to get to reach a great public. Which is the proposal of Ungodly and the one what you want to transmit to the public that I heard their music?
(laughters) Really, if we wanted to win money or being pop stars would not be in this boat, they put know than you are speaking. We came with the objective from to show our work for the world and to expose in them our ideas and creativity.

In your beginning the group was composed by the members Serafin Vila (vocal); Alex Rocha (Drums); Luciano (guitars); and Fernando (bass). All these that I mentioned now are not more part of the band, what did cause the exit this members?
Practically private reasons, the band began to demand more time and the musicians dedication and that caused the exits and changes in the line up. That is normal, i already hoped to happen this setback type with the band.

And in the famous ’dance of chairs’ they were recruited Arnald Asmoodeeus (vocal); Thiago Nogueira (drums); and Joel Moncorvo (bass). Daniel as leader of the band you are satisfied with this formation or her can still suffer changes?
I cannot say that won't suffer changes, the future nobody knows more now am very satisfied with the dedication and pledge of the same ones the accomplishment of this work.

At that time of release of your MCD Hate Celebration the first formation, the obtained result was still was good? Did MCD really have impact before the listeners and of the media?
Yes it was our beginning and could never say that was bad, the band was plenty green and even so we had a great repercussion with Mcd.

You came beside Destruction in a show in Brasília, many commented on that the band paid to present. All that ’told me said’ was very annoying for the group, which your opinion on this fact and on the people that made this accusation?
We don't give the low for what speak of us, we know what are and for that we came, who has mouth speaks that wants, now proof nobody has and very less courage of to arrive in the face and to speak.

I believe that that is envy, a lot of bands would like to be in your place in this show, but they didn't get. Then they attack how they can, they make untrue accusations everything to revile the image of the other ones. Do you agree?
It can also be considered, it is not of my gender to have this type of conduct of paying to play, to pay to play in mine to see is to write in the forehead: '' I am a prostitute '', And as already said who has mouth speaks that wants, i don't give the low.

We will talk about you first album that has just left the oven. Was the disk solemnity-entitled Ungodly, as it was all your recording process?
We spent about six months of studio and we counted with a great team, we grated a lot and we got to remove in this cd a sonority that left us very satisfied, gave a lot of pride to know that all our effort was rewarded.

Did you count with the Symphony Orchestra of Salvador, of who the idea was to do an intro The Ungodly Prayer together with them?
The idea mainly was mine, we didn't use savior's symphony orchestra exactly and yes a camera orchestra that counted on some musicians of the symphonic, the obtained result was surprising, I think all incorporated the idea, that did with that everything came out how we waited.

The resonant difference between the new album and MCD was astonishing. Without speaking in the technical quality that increased in an incredible way. Was this resonant evolution a providential thing or did it come naturally?
Came naturally, at that time of the MCD the band was very green, the time passed, the changes happened and consequently the evolution came naturally. There is still a lot to develop, that is fact.

Well, I had the opportunity to see in first hand completely the graphic work of the new disk, really the production was incredible. But will it be that it was not a little exaggerating? The work is very good, but the cost with certainty must have been very high, and this cost has to be reviewed for the final consumer, that ends for doing with that a lot of people stop acquiring the product. And in our country where the taxes are high (one more reason for the people to leave of buying) that can harm and a lot the band. Don't you agree?
Really the material was a little expensive, it can be that that disturbs a little the sales, more I don't think not to the point of to cause concern. The material came with a surprising quality and who buys he will know that the material is worth what if it is paid.

The layer of the album was very interesting, Jesus Christ manipulating the world. Who had the great idea? And the one what Ungodly wants to pass for the listeners through this layer?
I had is idea starting from the song Possesed By The Lies and I found interesting for in the layer Jesus manipulating the world done puppet, she transmits what you really see, the world being still manipulated by the christian alienation, thing that is not difficult to understand.

In the one what does concern the music who it's that makes the compositions? And does some exist inspiration source for that what composes the music or does it appear suddenly?
The inspiration is obviates that it exists, more I think the main ingredient is to do everything with a lot of will, claw and blood in the eye. Only like this you will always have your differential one.

In the album Ungodly does have a participation of the vocalist of the band Headhunter D.C., do I know that he is an icon of Brazilian and from Bahia Death Metal, but the one took what you to invite her him to participate in the disk?
It was natural, Sergio is a great friend of the band and mainly of Arnald, I had the idea of inviting him for doing a small participation and it was great, he gave a great support for band.

Among all of the music of the disk does exist some what you were more satisfied, in other words, did they like more?
We liked all, they put me particularly taste a lot of the music Ungodly, has a very strong meaning for me.

In relation to tour as it is the whole process? Did the band already get to mark shows for Brazil? Do I know that it is very early to ask, but do you have plans of playing out of Brazil?
That is one of the things that is leaving me sadder, have just canceled a tour in the northeast there are few days for financial reason. I see bands with more of 15 years and with an absurd musical quality to play for trifle of 300, 400 R$. That is a fact that leaves me very rioted. The producers are accustomed to pay practically anything has seen that a lot of bands and the easiness exist of a not to play and for other in the place it is immense. The difficult is that all that are in this boat are maniac and crazy of passion for the music and they end up accepting any thing for can be playing. Summarizing the great majority is in that practically for pure love, and they take advantage of this fact for us to explore. And I repeat, we didn't come in that to be more alone one in the middle of thousands and yes to show our face for world giving in what gives, they put everything has a limit, I don't want to be also 20 years receiving 400 R$ for playing.

Thanx for the interview, it was quite explanatory. I hope Ungodly has a promising career and get to reach their objectives. Leave tour message for all of Death Metallers readers of this interview...
Thank you for of BRUTALISM for they continue in that fight of the underground and that all publishes Brazilian continue believing and supporting the scene of this country. We see each other in some stage for oh.
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 15, 2006

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