Vreid becomes stronger by doing the whole process themselves

Orginally started out as Windr till the death of their original founding members. Then Windr was reborn as Vreid. This black metal brigade made great great strides touring Europe and the US as one of the support band on the Pagenfest Tour. Vreid has return back to the front with their fifth album. Even though I never heard Vreid previous releases. I was quite impressed with blackened thrash. "V" has recieved various praises from various mags and zines from Europe and the US. Hopefully they will return to the US so I can redeem myself for missing out on seeing on their stop of the Pagenfest tour. Just like Alexander the Great Vreid is ready to conquer the european stages and beyond in support of this fine opus. Here's the the state of the Vreid address by commander in chief Hvall.

Vried just released "V" three weeks ago. I read the review in Metal Hammer, it was a very positive review.
Yeah, the reviews has been amazing this time. I got an overview with over 60 reviews where 7/10 was the poorest, so the average of the reviews is quite fantastic.

"V" was recorded at your home studio 1184 which worked to the band's advantage, because you didn't have to go to or pay for recording time?
It gives us better time ofcourse, and then there is time/room for experimenting. Also I think that the bands signature becomes stronger by doing the whole process ourselves.

"V" is the first Vried album I heard. It's quite different from Windr to Vried is lot more heavier than Windr?
Its definitively is something else. Vreid are heavier and more orientated towards the classic metal. With Vreid we have created a completely new artistic expression, yet the spirit remains the same.

When did the band started writing and putting the music together for "V"? How long did it take for everything to come together?
I started back in 2009. I worked on the songs for a year or so. Then I involved the whole band, and we spend approx 6 month working on the arrangements and recording the album.

How the band's relationship with Indie Recording compare to your previous label Tabu? How Vreid been on Tabu and Indie?
Indie is the same guys that ran Tabu while we were on Tabu. When they quit Tabu and started Indie, we moved along with em. Indie seems to be doing a great job, and has gotten an impressive rooster now.

The band's previous album "Krig" was based on the story of underground resistance to german occupation during WW2. Do "V" touch little more on the subject?
I have always been a history freak, and WW2 is the most recent war in Norway, so for me it was a natural topic to write about. The resistance build within the nation and was supported by the allied forces. I find their will to liberty very fascinating.

Vreid recently reunited with Storm after Ese left the band. How did that come about and is there any bad blood between the band Ese?
Not at all. I consider both of them among my closest friends. Ese felt that he could not contribute 100% to the band anymore, and decided to step back.

How much did Storm contribute as far as music and lyrics goes?
I write the music & lyrics in Vreid. Strom has worked a lot of the guitar arrangements and has definitive added a new dimension to our sound. His guitar skills are fantastic, and his chemistry with Sture is unique.

I like to know more about home studio 1184 have any band approach you about recording their album there?
We have done some productions before, but this is not something that has been given priority lately. I have some bands that wants to record their stuff though, so if I find some time I might do an album or 2 later this year.

You feel "V" is much heavier than the band's previous releases?
Maybe ? :-)