Walking Corpse wants to tear shit up

Hello All you Brutal Maniacs!! Here with me today is Jason from Walking Corpse!! Hello there and thank you for joining me today!
Hello! It's my damn pleasure!

Like wise, thanks for talking with me today. Please, introduce yourself and what it is you do in Walking Corpse!
I'm Jason, I cough and splurt down a microphone and call it vocals.

Now I was doing some snooping around on your myspace page and see that you guys are from Midlands U.K. Where is that exactly and what sort of trouble can we instigate there??
We got a pretty fucking badass scene to be fair. We have Napalm Death and Benediction to be proud of. Lurking deep in various scathole pubs across Birmingham you will find many a troubled death metal fan either attempting to meet Napalm Death (which it seems everyone in the Midlands has done!) or trying to find members for their own death metal band it seems we got a pretty good thriving scene going on here.

How long has Walking Corpse been around and who started what orgy to produce this facinating group that you love so endearingly?
Basically it started off as an idea for a side project by me in mid-2006. I was playing in a noise/grind band called Chemical Vomit at the time, and I wanted to get away from the novelty Anal Cunt style lyrics and noisegrind ’music’, so I started Walking Corpse by myself, I asked James Maitland of Corpsegorge if he'd like to join me and he gladly agreed. After a while I also quit Chemical Vomit to just persue Walking Corpse properly.

Now I understand that you guys have a new release thats coming out here in the very near future. Why dont you elaborate on that for us alittle bit. Thats a polite way of me telling you to sell this record like the whore it is(LMAO)!! Seriously though tell us about this slab of bestiality!!!
It's pure fucking death metal/grindcore. We have decided to extend our usual song length from like 30 second - 1 minute to shit like 5 minute long death metal / grindcore songs. Sticking to the same 'Walking Corpse sound' but still managing to pull off longer songs without getting fucking boring. This record is called Undead in the Suburbs and one listen will blow your fucking head off. Also in April/May next year we will be releasing our full-length which is as yet untitled.

What is the tenetive date of release if thats available yet?
28th December is the hopeful release date although it might be pushed to late January i hear.

Which label(s) are releasing this new brutal assualt on eardrums???
Copro Records in the UK / USA. Dry Dead Girl records everywhere else!

How did you hook up with them and how has your working relationship with these lables been so far?
Copro Records just happened really haha, It just seemed to have happened overnight. Its like we slept then woke up on Copro Records hahaha. and Dry Dead Girl Records, I have been good friends with the label manager Marek for about a year now and he was the first label we signed to, he also had my old band Chemical Vomit on. I've got good relationship with both labels so far, more so with Dry Dead Girl at the minute!!

Personally Jason, what pushed you to join a band in the 1st place. For me I can tell you it had nothing to do with hot chicks, great alchohol, fabulous sex, or anything like that...
The love of music, I knew I wanted to be in a band the second I first listened to Led Zeppelin many moons ago, but I first realised I wanted to be in a grindcore/death metal band when I saw Napalm Death a few years back, I mean i've always liked Grind/Death Metal but at that point is when I realised I wanted to be on that stage tearing shit up to 100 / 1000's of hungry grind-a-holics.

As far as writing goes, what inspires you guys and what topics are covered?
Well at first it was just fun and anything really (ie. Fuck NuMetal, being about hating nu-metal. Online Terrorism, being about a certain group of people on the internet that call themselves 'Anonymous'. Can't Be Arsed was written about our guitarist (then bassist)'s obsesion with the phrase Can't Be Arsed) but now we are going into the depths of B-Movie's and zombies and necrophilia and all kinds of sick shit. Music writing wise ideas just come to Jim (guitarist)'s head like every 2 seconds and 80% of the time they are excellent and end up being used. We are heading to the studio next month to record random songs that might end up on the full-length, might release another EP or not sure. We just got so many ideas.

Walking Corpse has already made on hell of an impact on the underground. While visiting your MySpace page I see that you guys have some kind words from some very respected entities in the underground. While listening to the tracks you have posted I can see why and I agree with all said. What was your first reaction when you heard all this for the first time?
I was shocked, I didn't believe it at first because these are some pretty big shots and pretty big influences on us. The biggest shock came when Akercocke (a huge inspiration on me personally) complimented us and especially complimented the vocals. It's great. Hopefully we'll have that impact on people some day. Infact actually, we have already inspired some people. We are in influences of a few bands just forming. Including a parody/comedy band called 'Enter Safari'.

In fact I see inspiration already hit some young unsuspecting death head...some one covered NuMetal??? Whats the story behind this?? I think it cool as fuck!
Well, Some kid called Nicken when Walking Corpse was just getting started was really into us so he one day just said to me ’Hey, check this out’ then linked me to a youtube video of him playing Fuck NuMetal which I thought was ace, so I just had to share it around. I think Nicken did a pretty good job. When we play Portugal next year he plans on coming all the way from Sweden to see us in Portugal!

You guys got some shows lined up I see. Anyone of these in particular that you are stoked about playing?
I'm really stoked about playing Grindfest in Portugal with General Surgery, Cripple Bastards and M.A.C. of Mad. I love those bands so playing with them and seeing them is going to be fucking intense. I'm also looking forward to the headline UK tour with our good pals Lordaeron and Palingenisis supporting, although we have had a bit of trouble with one promotor.

Holy shit!! Playing with General Surgery and Cripple Bastards. I am beside myself. That is going to be fucking sick!!
I'm so fucking stoked about it.

Somethings have circulated through the grape vine that Walking Corpse has had some issues with a promoter recently. Care to elaborate alittle bit?
Oh lord haha, We were booking our UK tour for May next year, and a promotor called 'SET TO PURN PROMOTIONS' or something like that said they'd put on a show on the East cost of England for us for the tour. They commit to us, then they send us a message saying that one of the bands on the tour actually slaughters animals in the name of satan, but that does not occur no band on this tour promotes any shit like that. I mean where the fuck did they hear it from haha. They couldn't even back it up with evidence they just fucked us over.

Slaughter of animals in the name of Satan. Who the fuck does that anymore???? Oh My God! Ok back in the day Deicide got into alot of trouble for tossing around animal parts on stage, but I doubt highly it was in the name of Satan! I am quite sure it was to piss people off or make them sick and the very least. Thats nuts!
We told the promotors basically that you don't go round saying youre going to book a gig on a tour if you aren't going to and come up with such bullshit excuses which aren't true. But we didn't say it as friendly as that.

OK, I am going to start a real shit storm here! It is ok to profess your religious beliefs on stage. Its ok to sing songs about mutilation and corpses coming back to life and raping the living or eating them. It is perfectly acceptable for film makers to release films like the Hills Have Eyes Pts 1 & 2, which were fucking briliant by the way! But your tour got cancelled because of a claim???? I am understanding that correctly or did I completly miss something?
You are understanding correctly, and not the whole tour just one show. If the whole tour got cancelled for that reason alot of promotors would be waking up to animal parts in their bed.

Well as soon as you guys are done choping up dogs and cats...Any Chance of a Euro/US tour? Or any combonation there of?
We are hopefully hitting the US sometime in the summer supporting a bigger band which I can't reveal yet but it'll be fucking brutal, but this is if it don't fall through but if this tour flops we'll do at least a few US shows definatly. and as for Euro, we'll be doing something around some festivals around August time, I'll be keeping you posted at www.myspace.com/corpsewalking

Sticking to that subject. I ask this question because no matter who I ask, I get the funniest responses and in the least get a good roaring bit of hysterical laughter for about 5 minutes. So here goes, ready?
I'm ready!

Your lables approach you about a world tour. They will book it, take care of everything. Transportation, shitty hotels if any at all. The whole papsmear right!!! The only question they have is ’Who do you want to tour with?’ its a guarenteed thing! You can tour with whoever the blue fuck you want! Who would it be. Jenna Jameson, The Suicide Girls, any of the Vivid Girls-none of those count! I guess that put you shit out of luck now didnt it?? (LMAO!!!)I see the words ’Ah Fuck’ radiate from your head!
Haha, we'd make the strangest tour ever with bands that don't match whatsoever just to piss other fanbases off. We'd have us touring with Bauhaus, Rompeprop and Amy Winehouse, now you don't see that shit.. ever! and yeah AH FUCK got in my head straight away haha! Just imagine it though. The differences in fanbases! Hahaha. Y'know what, Get someone to fucking book that shit up hahaha. It'd be cool for me as I am actually a fan of all artists haha (Yes, Even Amy Winehouse [major guilty pleasure hahaha])

Is there someone fucking crazy enough to do this?!? Please contact us if there is! Twan you have to cover the show in the Netherlands!! Oh My Fucking God!! (LMAO)! No dude, Amy is a great artist! Guilty as well
SOMEONE GET THE FUCK ON THIS TOUR IDEA. BAUHAUS/AMY WINEHOUSE/WALKING CORPSE/ROMPEPROP NOW, CONTACT THIS ZINE OR CONTACT WALKING CORPSE. SOMEONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT THIS ON NOW. Good man, I always get people questioning my love for Amy Winehouse's music it's like Accept the fact shes great or die.

Which brings another good question. What not so brutal stuff do you like? And just to prove its not for ridicule, I am a really fucking huge fan of: Lenny Kravits, Prince, Oasis, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles among a shit load others.
Ok this is a long fucking list haha Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, King Crimson, Shining(NORWAY), The Eagles, Christian Death, Sisters of Mercy, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Nurse With Wound, Dum Dum Dum, Led Zeppelin, Sopor Aeternus, Coheed and Cambria, Alice in Chains, Amy Winehouse and quite a lot more.

Jason you are actually the first person I have asked that in an interview...I have started a new line of questioning.

I think its great that you can be open about stuff like that because quite honestly I am sick and tired of Metal fans faking that they are all about Death Metal and never admitting that they like ’Angel’ from Aerosmith.
I dislike the fact everyone thinks they only need to listen to one genre of music. I also create experemental/old school industrial style music aswell as grind/death metal.

I just thought about that and envisioning that can be really funny as well. See some big fucking dude in a Deicide tee shirt singing those lyrics to that song in the car!! LMAO
Hahahaha! I can imagine that aswell

’Im alone. Yet I dont know if I can face the night...’ LMAO..Im fucking with you, oh shit.....
Hahahahaha. People should send videos of them singing that song.

I think this will go down as the most un-professional interview ever on BRUTALISM. Twan I pray that you are laughing when you read this..
Or maybe even the history of interviews.
(Twan: this is second intie that waste my precious server space, haha. I think the intie I did with Dave of Lividity is THE best intie that is ever made in history. Period!)

Look at it this way, its the Howard Stern effect. People want to see what we say next. LMAO!!
Oh fuck yeah.

Ok serious question. yeah like Ive set that trend in this interview...
Hahaha, go on

There seems to be alot of seperation in Metal. In reality its always been that way. The Punk kids hated the Metal heads at one point, thus and so. Now theres this split with Emo Kids (What ever that is) and Hardcore, and Death Metal. Personally I think its really silly, because I love all of it! How do you view this really ridiculous quarel? Wasnt the purpose of the music to rebel against normality, not to set justifying trends of it?
Well, I think music is music, and you should like what you like and dress what you like and make whatever music you like. I'm sick of people using the term 'emo', it's just bullshit. It seems the people going over the top about 'emo' are just as bad as the 'emo kids' themselves.

Didnt we used to call them Goth?
Aye, indeed. It's silly.

Alright...now that we have got that out of the way, we can be immature again..

The UK is responsible for some of the most innovative and timeless music ever. Led Zepp, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, I can go on for days. Give us a few bands or artists from the UK that you feel deserve some recognition.
Lordaeron - www.myspace.com/kingdomoflordaeron
Amputated - www.myspace.com/amputateduk
Desecration - www.myspace.com/desecrationuk
Visions Through Hate - www.myspace.com/visionsthroughhate

Ok, really serious, and bummer question. Just like a man to kill the mood right? This has really been a tragic year for all of us in the underground. Wayne Knupp passed away earlier this year, and now Vitek from Decapitated has left us as well. Any really cool stories you would like to share about any of these fallen heros or words of encouragment?
I was really shocked to hear about Vitek's passing, I was quite sad. I had the privledge of hanging with the guy backstage at a Decapitated show in 2006 and we had a great time and we all partied into the early hours of the morning. His drumming was exceptional and 23 is no age to go. R.I.P Vitek. Get well soon Covan. Also Wayne Knupp's passing shocked me, I dont have any stories involving Wayne Knupp but it's still pretty damn shocking when the metal community loses someone like Wayne Knupp, R.I.P bro.

Looking down the road, when you can no longer go gutteral and testicals hang to your ankles, what is it you want to do with your life if you can not perform any longer? Anyother life long ambition you have?
Well, I'd just do the production/mixing side of music then. As also I'm very much interested in the production side of music aswell.

Out of the slew of bands that have come and gone and left there scar on music. Whats the one band you want to see get back together?
Bring back Autopsy!!!

I asked Paul (Master) This question and for some reason I have evaded it for the past couple of interviews, so you're victim #2. There are ’Super Groups’ being formed! For me bands like Hell Yeah, Bloodbath, Devine Heresy, go well beyond bad ass!!!! If you had the chance to put together a ’Super Group’, who would you inlist?? Living Or Dead-fire away brother!!
David Vincent (Morbid Angel) - Vocals / Bass | Jason Mendonca (Akercocke) - Vocals / Guitar | Chuck S. (Death, Control Denied) - Vocals / Guitar | David Gray (Akercocke, The Berzerker) - Drums. Chuck, stop being dead and come tear shit up with David, Jason and David.

Well as your luck would have it.. I have run out of really ignorant question. I hope you have enjoyed talking to me for a spell, a lesser man would have told me to fuck off 2 hours ago! I Salute You Sir!!
I really enjoyed this interview, hats off to you! Thank you very much.

So in the immortal words of my Boss Twan, who I am sure is going to fire me upon reading this. I beg you Twan have mercy on my poor soul! Last Rites? (Twan: you are getting 1 more chance...)
Thanks for all you crazy fuckers for supporting us, thank you to all the zines, thanks for all you crazy fuckers that keep the underground scene alive. Stay brutal and get working on that Bauhaus / Amy Winehouse / Walking Corpse / Rompeprop tour, maybe get The Smiths on that shit too!

Thank You for putting up with me, I really appriciate it. Best of luck to you and to the rest of Walking Corpse! Keep In Touch, I will most definatley do the same Jason.
I will definatly keep in touch! Thank you for putting up with me also. Thanks for the support I really appriciate it.

For all things Walking Corpse make sure you check out the guys official MySpace page and get your pre-order of ’Undead In The Suburbs’. Hopefully out in time for a stocking stuffer for the metal head in your family! From all of us here at BRUTALISM, best wishes to all for Happy Holidays and a truely Brutal New Year! Thanks for hanging out with Jason, Twan and Myself!! BRUTALISM-THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE!

Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 26, 2007

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